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  1. Rem

    Weeping Lady

    looks cool, the style is awesome and the colours are nice and bright.
  2. it gets you used to handling the machine (its weight, the vibrations, etc). in my opinion that's whats it good for. as for it being close to skin? your leg is perfect to get that feeling sorted the rubber stuff not so much.
  3. Rem

    A Handful Of Things I've Started Recently

    loving the Calvin and Hobbs piece
  4. Rem

    Daily Tattoos!

    Stray Cats band logo on another artist at the shop.
  5. Rem

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    quick sketch, not keen on the hands but i'll figure it out eventually.
  6. Rem

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Bored at the end of the day so banged this out.
  7. Rem

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Wish I had some tips for you man, I suck at lettering what i posted is the result of sitting my ass down for 2 days straight and experimenting/trying to figure things out.
  8. Rem

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    My half of a split sheet with another artist at the studio, pretty pleased with how it came out.
  9. Rem

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    im loving how you drew this man. awesome. its not showing the image but I was referring to the skull with dislocated jaw
  10. Rem

    Daily Tattoos!

    3 oranges later this is where im at.