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  1. Few More Pictures

    thanks letaali
  2. Few More Pictures

    few more pictures for critiquing hannya was done with bomber grey and washes from fusion. Dragon all fusion washes,as is the girl and rose. the last piece was a cover up part healed part fresh
  3. Bezs Dvd

    has anyone used the design through chaos dvd brought out by bez if you have is it worth purchasing and is it easy to use
  4. Skull On Chest

    haha im thick just got it haha
  5. What Did I Do Wrong..?

    we have all been there it gets easier inkslingers right that stretch is so important the tighter you get that skin the easier and smoother your lines will be i have been tattooing awhile now and i still struggle with lines sometimes if your riding the tube and get your hand speed right with your stretch you will see the difference
  6. What Did I Do Wrong..?

    what machine you using rotary or coil how far was you needle out was you running off the tube or the needle sometimes when you are nervous as we all are when we are learning and have our mentor watching us we tend to rush our lines thats sometimes the reason for the thin lines this might be the case if you were lining with a 9 liner the reason i asked about machines is i find lining with a rotary my lines seem thinner eg a 7 liner looks like I'm using a 4 liner hope this makes sense
  7. Skulls

    thanks ink slinger i have used fusion greys for the last 12 months so its just getting out the safety net of pre mixed washes going to use it talons again tomorrow with less drops i think
  8. Red Koi

    totally agree mate do looked rush could of been a bit smoother not to happy with the lines think looking at it i could of used more line weight but lesson learnt for next time
  9. Skull On Chest

    thanks ink slinger sorry about photo being the wrong way up haha
  10. Skulls

    Thanks inkslinger yes i agree with you about darks being patchy it was the first time using talons ink and making my own greys with it. It was on my mate for free so i could gauge the ink to see if i liked it i am doing another piece on him tomorrow and going to try less drops in each pot as i found the 8/4/2 in each pot heals darker than my fusion set if you have any advice using talons it would be greatly appreciated )))
  11. Skulls

    thanks for looking i will post original picture later yes its two skulls michelle haha its a picture done by jason butcher bear in mind i have not tried to copy his directly i would fall way short he's amazing so i did my own take on it the tattoo itself hasn't been photoshopped
  12. Skull On Chest

    coloured skull
  13. Red Koi

    koi done in 6 hours could do with some lines strengthening any advice critique would be welcomed
  14. Skulls

    first time using talons ink normally use fusion grey washes... first post go easy haha
  15. New Here

    hello new to the forum,and looking forward to meeting some new friends Ok abit about myself i went to college for 3 years studying art and design always wanted to be a tattoo artist took me awhile as im now 43 haha. remember my first tattoo i did it myself with indian ink love heart on my ankle not a good idea but its still there. Got my first professionally done tattoo when i was 18 and the rest is history. 7 years ago i started my apprentship whilst holding down a full time job it was hard going but it was my dream and 2 years ago i opened my own studio so happy days anyways wont bore you any longer hopefully get bro chat to a few of you whilst on here