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  1. MichelleDK

    I'm Back Too..

    Thank you so much guys! Really appreciate the kind words
  2. MichelleDK


    And with a couple of close ups
  3. MichelleDK


    Since I started tattooing I haven't been drawing a lot - but I really want to get back into drawing.. So I needed to do something fun, yet relaxing.. And to me that means lots of details.. One thing I have improved a lot because of my tattooing, is my speed and ability to concentrate for a long time. So, 2 days and about 15 hours later, this was done.
  4. MichelleDK

    Second Work [Owl] - Wip

    If I were you I'd definitely start with small, simple tattoos - learn how to do a decent good outline and good shading, before jumping into these big pieces..
  5. MichelleDK

    Favourites From 2015

    Wow monk - love your work! Especially your color work!! But the b&g is awesome too!
  6. MichelleDK

    Havent Been Here For A While

    Looks really good Swan - I can definitely tell that you've improved a lot!
  7. MichelleDK

    Sabstar Portfolio Thread

    This is really good! Love your style and your tattoos are really good - wouldn't have guessed that you haven't been tattooing more than about half a year! Keep up the good work and keep posting your art and tattoos
  8. MichelleDK

    I'm Back Too..

  9. MichelleDK

    I'm Back Too..

    I love doing colors, but still struggle a lot with it sometimes.
  10. MichelleDK

    I'm Back Too..

    First portrait of a family member
  11. MichelleDK

    I'm Back Too..

    I really love this forum, and want to start using it again - so many tips and good artists in here I've been tattooing for almost 1,5 year now and I'm so in love with my job! But sometimes I just find it hard to keep improving on my own (because at the moment we're only two tattoo artists at the shop and we're about the same level). I'm lucky though, because the shop regularly have some amazing guest artists, so every chance I have, I try to learn from them Anyway, good advices are more than welcome - here are some of my recent work. One healed lion (with small touch up) and a bunch of fresh tattoos. I really want to start getting my customers to send me healed photos of their tattoos, because I think they often heal too light (I'm working on making my tattoos darker).
  12. MichelleDK

    Daily Tattoos!

    Was at my first convention this weekend and did this tattoo
  13. MichelleDK

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Adm: love the whale drawing - look forward to see it finished! I did a drawing of a tattoo machine - wanted to try something new, so did it on coloured paper and used a white gel pen for highlights.
  14. MichelleDK

    Daily Tattoos!

    amazing work, Monk!
  15. MichelleDK

    Daily Tattoos!

    Thank you guys! Iodised: Really cool cover up you did! Rem: Nice to see you've started tattooing - look forward to see the first ones on skin Swanhater: Looks really cool! Nice designs! Yesterday I tattooed my first eye (really been looking forward to that) and today I tattooed my second portrait-ish tattoo. Tried to remember the advices I got from some of the guys in here - but think I could still have gone a bit darker with the shading probably.. But I DID try not to be afraid of using black