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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a video or some advice on applying a stencil that goes all the way around the arm and connects. I am interested in tattooing a patterned sleeve (it is basically 3d honeycomb shape) but have not figured out how to successfully wrap the stencil around the client's arm and have it connect. I tried just the stencil, then I tried cutting it into pieces and matching them up. I would really like to see it done if anyone knows of a video. Thanks all!
  2. Just keep in mind that it is tough to evaluate you as an artist with pigskin. But, here are a few things I see. First of all, It looks to me like you have a solid understanding of what shade should look like (the far right hand corner -that petal with the ridge running through the center and the lip on the left corner shows me this). This understanding will help if you decide to pursue tattoos. You will still need to improve and learn about tattoo shading, but I can see you have your mind wrapped around shading for the most part. Now onto the constructive criticism. This is pretty typical for a first time tattooer. The main issue that pops out at me is that your lines are not very consistent. By this, I mean that some lines are thick and solid while other lines are scraggly and some are gone completely. For the darkest part of the rose (where youve used black) there should be more contrast between the bulb of the rose and the petal. Bottom line: Pretty normal for a first timer - keep practicing.
  3. Willy Wonka

    First Tatoo

    I will also chime in here. I agree with what David has said with maybe a small bit of wiggle room about the experience of the artist. If the artist is working in a shop, they are probably going to do a good job with script. With that being said, even a single line on your body will be better with a more experienced artist. Script is considered one of the easier tattoos to make (I still enjoy the) so you have a bit more options than you would if you wanted something like a portrait. As far as credentials, just don't go to someone who works from home. Check out their website and scroll through their previous work and looks especially for script to see how theyve done. I wouldn't worry too much about flinching or shaking as long as youre not jiggling around constantly - that gets annoying. But I expect most clients to react to a bunch of needles stabbing them repeatedly. A good artist knows how to compensate for movement. I would go with shoulder rather than wrist if you are concerned about pain. That being said, everyone is different. Eat a good healthy meal and get solid night of sleep before your tattoo. I've found that being hungry and tired makes getting a tattoo hurt a lot more.
  4. Willy Wonka

    How Is Drawing Different From Tattoo Design?

    Will do - Thanks Thanks! I am pretty decent at drawing (not at the top of my game yet, but I enjoy it and I dont mind putting in the time to perfect it) Awesome thanks for the really detailed answered. I will definetely learn as much as I can from my mentor. I am most interested in realistic work. Ultra realistic tattoos basically give me boner. I dont mind the other more common stuff either though. Thanks again! Shading! okay. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I am working on drawing as much as I can and I was curious how are drawings different from tattoo desigs. I always see comments about "lines" needing to be thick? Can you guys give me some really specific answers as to what I should focus on with my drawings? And how drawings are different from tattoos? I will start training under a tattoo artist this summer and I would like to just get in the right mindset before I head off.
  6. Im still out in the land of donkey shit and camel spiders, (now that would make an interesting tattoo) but I will be home (U.S.) soon.
  7. Aha! Now that I have your attention (stop swearing at me) I am looking for a good liner and a good shader. I do not have access to a mentorship, but I am actively searching. I would never touch human skin until I am well trained. I think I asked about machines before, but I didnt get quite enough input. I am hoping to pay between 150-200 (Maximum) for each machine. If there is a good builder around the forums that is interested (and has an impeccable reputation) I am interested in talking to him/her Alternatively, if you guys know of an online shop that has decent prices and good sturdy machines, feel free to reccomend them. Thanks all Willy
  8. Willy Wonka

    Recommended Materials To Draw With ?

    Another question if anyone pops back in here. Can you talk about how tattoo artists (or at least the folks on here) use tracing paper? Why is that? Thank you again.
  9. Willy Wonka

    Recommended Materials To Draw With ?

    Thanks, this is what i wanted to know.
  10. What do you suggest that I use to practice drawing. I see lots of people use prismacolor markers. Is this the best to practice with? What sort of paper would you suggest? Thanks all
  11. Willy Wonka

    Reccomended Machine

    Hello all, I hope this post is allowed. I introduced myself in the intro forum but just a quick run down. I was signed up for a training course this summer, but ended up in a wheelchair instead (temporarily!) so i have postponed it. In the meantime I am hoping to get as much practice as posisble. I have lots of leave and downtime right now. I am in the middle east and will be home next month. I would really like to pick out a good machine (maybe two) and a ton of practice skin. I absolutely have zero intention of touching a human being with my machine until i have been trained. So Are you allowed to reccomend a decent machine or two. I know this might be low ballig it, but I would like to keep it under 500 USD. Under 300 would be even better. I looked at some kits, but from what i understand that would be a big mistake. Thank you all so much.
  12. Hey everyone. Thanks for the advice, I suppose i will need to build a 'kit' from scratch then. Ha, no, english is not a second language for me. I got the membership straightenend out so I thik I will head on over to the good stuff and start reading. Thanks for the warm welcome. See you around.
  13. Hey folks. I am new here, and instead of lurking, I figured I would post. I booked a brief training course for this summer but fate had other plans. I am now in a wheelchair (but hopefully only for a few more months) and the course was in non rollin' area. Anyway, I am not sure why I am telling this whole story but I am pretty bored so there's that. I tried to buy a membership but I dont have a paypal and then I tried to get a paypal and it didnt work (it kept bringing me to the same page over and over) so here I am typing up this bad boy. I also got an error messege when I tried to upload a profile pic. I still plan on doing my training but in the meantime I am drawing alot and trying to learn more about machines. When I think about it, being a tattoo artist is one of the few fields of work where a wheelchair should be fine. I also checked out the faq's in hopes of getting a solid reccomendation for my first machine and possibly even a kit (i know kits are looked down on but they make sense to me) I have abslutely zero intention of practicing on anything but practice skin. I am currently located in the middle east (aka hot as balls land) and will be coming back home next month. Then I will probably be back here again. It would be great if i could get some supplies figured out before i get back here. Any one have suggestions? If not, no worries. I look forward to figuring out how to become a member and learning as much as possible before my course starts. Sweet dreams everyone.