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  1. rle82

    Gday From Melbourne

    Just wanted to say hi and welcome back.
  2. Here's hoping the issues can be resolved... This is the only site I know of that openly talks about tattoo techniques without the standard reply of "go get an apprenticeship" or "ask your mentor".
  3. rle82

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Both of these are repaints, trying to get more practice with FW inks... i`m pleased with the skull.... feel free to rip em apart and give feedback and pointers, i`m here to learn
  4. rle82

    Purchasing Membership

    It's more for access to the archives and woodshed topics... I'm new to the game and want to read up and learn as much as I can.
  5. rle82

    Purchasing Membership

    Same issue as OP, any help appreciated.
  6. rle82

    Hello Everybody

    Yeah, i`m not clicking that link... Just a suggestion, but could you maybe post pics into the topic rather than a web address?
  7. rle82

    Hey Hey Hey

    Throw up some stuff, look forward to seeing it... i`m a huge fan of trad designs.
  8. I kinda want the tigers head bigger.. but since you`re not gonna change anything my post is redundant.
  9. rle82

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    I guess this will go in here, i`m new to drawing/watercolor, i know there are a few mistakes in the piece but i hope to learn from them....
  10. rle82

    Some Might Be Interested ......

    Cant get enough of this guy. Thanks for sharing.
  11. rle82

    Traditional Panther

    I have a few issues with this... the big one being the head, why does the panther have a mane?? the head is all wrong it looks more panther/werewolf second i think the whole body/legs should be a bit thicker.** i`m just nit-picking now but the outside of tail looks a little rough - smooth curves here Other than that the colour/shading is spot on. **p.s that`s just my personal view and art is subjective.....
  12. rle82

    Gold Effect

    This any good to you? http://coreldesigner.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/get-the-midas-touch-create-a-gold-text-effect/
  13. rle82

    Deadlift A Horse

    It might have been a Turkish Get Up (tgu) I have no crit on the design, i like it.
  14. rle82

    Couple Of Recent Ones

    Then i retract my last post
  15. rle82

    Couple Of Recent Ones

    double post