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  1. Greywash inks to try out.

    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
  2. Some recent work

    I haven't been posting much since my first apprenticeship(which is when i signed up) Due to that going to hell which i expected. Then i learned how to pierce for a little over a year. Worked a normal job for a year to save to move to wisconsin. And these are various photos throughout my apprenticeship here so far. No particular order. Ill post more as I do more. All feed back welcome, Thanks for looking.
  3. Some recent work

  4. Hello introducing myself

    So how long have you been tattooing? 2 years? You seem to do good with fine line and black work for the most part. But struggle with more basic designs maybe try to go out of your comfort zone more it can only help you improve. I seem to do okay when itss more complex and small simple things slightly stress me out more for some reason.
  5. Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist….We’ll See

    Your airbrush stuff looks pretty dope. Do you draw also?
  6. Some recent work

    Some more recent ones from snapchat.
  7. Some recent work

    Thanks for the advice! no one's ever explained traditional to me like that. I always felt like it was too much. Appreciate it!
  8. Some recent work

    Some Files were to large. Ill upload at another time.
  9. Some recent work

  10. Some recent work

  11. Hello :) New here :D

  12. this for real??

    From what I've gathered the app is supposed to generate the soundwave image as soon as you upload w.e sound you want it to be. Then it scans from same app to play the noise. Which is essence is a neat idea until the app goes out of business and it never works again among other issues. They're better off just keeping the sound online lol. It reminded me of the one with the QR code awhile ago which I thought was way cooler(The one attached) but equally dumb to get a tattoo of.
  13. Tattoo I Did Yesterday

    Betty boop tattoo I did yesterday. Feed back appreciated. Still learning.
  14. Tattoo I Did Yesterday

  15. Tattoo I Did Yesterday

    >.> won't attach the file
  16. Noob Here

    Why hello there! I'm new to the site, stumbled across it two days ago and I haven't been able to get off of it since. Great investment I think in signing up for a membership. Especially being an apprentice, I'm hoping that it'll help me immensely. Little about myself, I am 20 years young. Female aspiring tattoo artist. I have been interested in being an artist since I was able to pick up a pencil basically. My great grandmother and mom were both artist so sitting down and finding someone to show me new drawing techniques or painting was never an issue. And helped keep the fire burning for my creative urges. Elementary and middle school just made it even better, a whole class deidcated to art was the main reason I even bothered to go later in life. I started submitting art to our little paper back then and everytime mine was published it just made it even more exhilirating to create something new. High school was no different, if not worse in encouraging my desire to be an artist. One, two, three classes if I could pull it off a year were art. I had even started signing away my lunch and study hall time for extra classes. From photography to clay to oil to just a pencil and paper I was hooked. And once I got to high school my art teachers and friends always told me my style of art preference would be wonderful for tattooing. And since my uncle is an artist himself just helped me to make the push to really get into it after hanging around the shop with him. I considered art schools right before graduating but unfortunatly they are far to expensive, and I'm more of a jump right in vs testing the waters kinda girl. So I started working right after high school, saved up for machines, supplies, books, flash, dvds you name it. Even saved for awhile to do permanent makeup in hopes of being able to find an apprenticship easier. Anyways two years later I finally got everything in order. I've been apprenticing since September. Tattooing since July. I've been studying piercing tattooing and permeant makeup the last two years. I would have started my apprenticship sooner, but ya know 18 on your own got bills to pay and such. I currently move to florida from chicago area (illinois) about 6 months ago give or take. Thankfully to my uncle I happened to fall into my apprenticship so you could say. Trying to look for a better mentor here pretty soon sadly. Idk what else to say really lol. So hopefully I'll get to know some of you, learn from all of you and hopefully do great work in the next few years! Nice to meet you all, (:
  17. Make Your Own Stencil Stuff

    I was curious if anyone has made their own Stencil stuff, a couple of other artist I know prefer to do it this way vs buying the bottles. From what I've seen some of theirs is equal to if not better. I've been trying to decide if I should buy or try my own formula. Any suggestions, concerns, etc. ?
  18. Link To Some Of My Work

    Here's a link to some of my work. Please don't be too harsh, I know my work is not the best ever and I have a lot of improvements to make. But I've only been tattooing since about July 2012. Constructive criticism is always welcome though. The tattoos aren't very recent work but they're what I have available on camera at the moment. Excuse the quality they're from my boyfriends phone since my camera is M.I.A. Artwork is well over six months, some high school some in past year or so minus the flash sheets I have up which are about 3/4 months old. Ill post some more as soon as I can. http://www.flickr.com/photos/91187185@N07/
  19. Link To Some Of My Work

    I try to draw everyday, my mentor doesn't even want me to except the two pieces of flash he's made me do. I agree with you all though deffinetly need more time on paper. Much much more time.
  20. Make Your Own Stencil Stuff

    I plan on buying a bottle, was just curious on everyone preference. And opinion, thanks for the input.
  21. Link To Some Of My Work

    Those two were before my apprenticeship, sadly at home work. The color was at the shop for my first one.
  22. Make Your Own Stencil Stuff

    You wouldn't! And I just stuck it on myself to test. Didn't wanna shave my arm n get crazy man Hair arms. So application was indeed incorrectly done. lol. And I plan on trying that out prob order some after the holidays. Just kids playing around with it, way better than just a speed stick though
  23. Make Your Own Stencil Stuff

    link to pics of how the stencil stuff turned out and looks, wipes away I let sit on my skin for 5 minutes, wiped with green soap, then germx. Then used the actual stencil stuff to try to remove again.
  24. Noob Here

    I attempted to but my files are too big, i will try to put them on photobucket or something tomorrow and have them up on monday. sorry it's taking so long, the only time i use a comp is on my phone or is my mentor lets me use it lol.
  25. Make Your Own Stencil Stuff

    Lmfao you guys crack me up