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  1. Vampiricjoker

    Applying to new shops

    Great idea! Thank you.
  2. Vampiricjoker

    Applying to new shops

    Hello everyone, So the shop I am currently at I have been at for about three years. I loved working here in the beginning and redid my apprenticeship with them. I've improved but my mentor is never there anymore and I'm very discouraged. But unfortunately he is one of the owners and his partner also has been falling off lately. Its turning into a shit show. I'm generally just trying to keep getting better and build a portfolio. But at this point im just waiting to see if they get it together or if it will crash and burn. Now to my question. How the fuck do I apply for a new shop. I want to move out of state I've been putting a portfolio of my work together as best I can. Trying to put a wanna do book together as well before I go with various styles etc. But can anyone give me some advice on what I can do to help the process. Or present my self more professionally. Or advice on where to look like check their Facebook pages. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Vampiricjoker

    Greywash inks to try out.

    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
  4. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

  5. Vampiricjoker

    Hello introducing myself

    So how long have you been tattooing? 2 years? You seem to do good with fine line and black work for the most part. But struggle with more basic designs maybe try to go out of your comfort zone more it can only help you improve. I seem to do okay when itss more complex and small simple things slightly stress me out more for some reason.
  6. Vampiricjoker

    Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist….We’ll See

    Your airbrush stuff looks pretty dope. Do you draw also?
  7. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

    Some more recent ones from snapchat.
  8. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

    Thanks for the advice! no one's ever explained traditional to me like that. I always felt like it was too much. Appreciate it!
  9. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

    Some Files were to large. Ill upload at another time.
  10. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

  11. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

  12. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

    I haven't been posting much since my first apprenticeship(which is when i signed up) Due to that going to hell which i expected. Then i learned how to pierce for a little over a year. Worked a normal job for a year to save to move to wisconsin. And these are various photos throughout my apprenticeship here so far. No particular order. Ill post more as I do more. All feed back welcome, Thanks for looking.
  13. Vampiricjoker

    Hello :) New here :D

  14. Vampiricjoker

    this for real??

    From what I've gathered the app is supposed to generate the soundwave image as soon as you upload w.e sound you want it to be. Then it scans from same app to play the noise. Which is essence is a neat idea until the app goes out of business and it never works again among other issues. They're better off just keeping the sound online lol. It reminded me of the one with the QR code awhile ago which I thought was way cooler(The one attached) but equally dumb to get a tattoo of.
  15. Vampiricjoker

    Tattoo I Did Yesterday