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  1. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Back at it again after an unfortunate hiatus, got sick and swamped with paperwork. I swear being a mmj patient in Finland is such bullshit, and I have an actual presciption for it. Got myself a new tablet though, so I did something semi-realistic for the first time in 5 years. Any tips and crits apprciated, I still have a few days to finish this as I draw some more mandalas. Feeling super insecure, as I've not drawn animals all that much. I wonder if anyone even reads my thread, haha :D.
  2. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Wow it's been over a year since I posted :D. I just remembered that I haven't posted any work here although I'm semi-active on instagram now that I finally got my shit togheter. Trying to do design 1-2 pieces a day for my portfolio atm and it's been going fairly well, although I still have to line and paint most of the stuff on actual sheets. Here's some highlights from the past month from my IG feed. I'll try to post here more often as well, although I try to spend as little time as possible on the internet. .
  3. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    More black! I really dig the skull, although a few things look weird on closer inspection, like the lower jaw and eyesockets. Don't have any advice on that though, the angle on the jaw is tough and the upper part of the skull might need adjusting all around, so hopefully someone with sharper eyes can chime in on that.
  4. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Can't edit my pevious post anymore, so I'll just double post this one time. It seems prismacolor also makes hard pastels too, they have more range than I thought they had. Too bad I can't just walk into a store and buy them since it would make comparing them to the usual hard pastels I use easier. I dunno if it's worth it to buy them online if the pigment/application difference isn't that huge, but it's nice to have options.
  5. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Yeah I need to look into their range when I get a little more money, it's not easy being unemployed, haha. I used to love the basic prismacolors 10 years ago when I was going to art school, but now they have all kinds of cool stuff like the softcore pencils which seem to be super pigmented too. But yeah, hard pastels also look like oil pastels a lot but they aren't greasy, which is why they should theoretically work well with pencils. The prismacolor pen stix are just the softcore pencil cores supersized without the casing, which is still not the same thing as hard pastels but they might be fun to use if I like the softcore pencils. I don't think they can me as pigmented in a few strokes as the hard pastels but since I haven't tested them yet I can't say for sure. Prismacolors have never been available to buy in Finland so if anyone here knows a good place to buy them from I'll take any leads! I usually use Joe's artarama for anything I can't get in here, but I'm wondering if I could find them somewhere for cheaper.
  6. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Yeah color pencils can take a while if you have to pack color in a lot and layer to get a deep black. Realistic works take longer since you have to pay attention to things such as color values/hues and blend and pack the color in, but traditional is mainly black and opaque colors with minimal fades if any. You don't even have to make the blends super smooth, for example Dani Queipo's flash has that peppery kind of shading which I quite enjoy. That's why it wouldn't take me more than a few hours to finish a piece this size, especially if I had a deep black I wouldn't have to spend time packing in. So I've been thinking of getting another set of prismacolors to replace my old lost ones and some hard pastels for some black and white details since they're super pigmented. I just need to test out if they work with color pencils or if they have the tendency to get muddy if I go over the blend areas with pencils. They work really well with charcoal and colored paper to get a larger value range. With markers I find that I always mess up the blending and tend to overwork the paper, but I haven't used them in a while and really need to give my copics another go soon. Or maybe I'll just buy a bunch of hard pastels and only use those, who knows. Hopefully I'll at least find some kind of mixed media combo that works for me soon-ish, I have a bunch of stuff I need to finish.
  7. HYB

    Hyb's General Work Thread

    Forum is back, yay! Figured I'd just start a collective thread for my work. Please C&C, I need all the advice I can get . Recently got back into painting a bit, it honestly takes me a ton of time though. I have a hard time with the blends because I tend to feather the black out too much I think. To get a smooth blend takes a ton of time for me and it just makes me want to change up the medium. I feel like I would produce work much quicker if I was just using color pencils, but I don't want to start giving up yet since I think a painted portfolio looks more impressive. The piece I'm starting this thread off with took like 2 days to paint (close to 20 hours), although it's only around a5 size or so. I still need to finish off the other one. I feel like I can somewhat do hair now though.
  8. HYB

    Best Art Practice?

    Hope you can get the book, I've been pushing it on a lot of people but it's only because I think it's super good. Just do everything and anything art related and you'll start to get better. I know BPP courses are hard to come by, in Finland we don't seem to have one at all. There's a hygienic pass for the food industry people but that's about it, but I guess I should look into it myself sometimes. Just don't pick up any bad habits when you learn about lining etc, I've heard that it's hard to get rid of bad habits afterwards. If you're asking questions and sticking to pigskin etc I think it's fine, and I don't look down on people learning on their own. Usually it's just twice as hard. There's talented people on every part of the globe who want to be apprentices that's for sure. At least you germans have super nice tattooers so it's not as scary as when you have no small-talk culture like in Finland, haha. But with a good enough portfolio you can get in for sure, just keep working on it.
  9. HYB

    Best Art Practice?

    Dude if you have trouble with porportions and design you should get Samantha Youssef's book on Movement and Form. Muscles and bones book is coming up later next year I hope. Life drawing just helps you so much with drawing in general because the human body is one of the hardest to break down and understand, not just as shapes what you see but you have to be able to realize the inner working mechanisms and the muscles that make up the things you see on the surface. There's also the speed aspect, you should be able to draw a full figure within 2 minutes, so you get a lot faster too which is important in tattooing. I attended a two day masterclass in person and I'm taking her online courses next year. She's a wonderful teacher and the courses are well worth the investment, but the book is an easy and cheap way to start! Just some background on her, she's a former Disney animator and teaches her courses at places like Bioware, EA and Square Enix. You can find the book here: http://studio-technique.myshopify.com/products/the-youssef-drawing-syllabus-movement-form Also, considering different styles of tattooing, you just have to look at a ton of work and recognize what looks good and what doesn't, read up on your subjects and practice. Watercolors and acrylic inks are the most popular for painting flash, and lining with a brush is advised from what I hear. I always try to buy flash, sketchbooks and whatever I can from awesome artists as well so I can study what makes their work good at home too. Having reference on hand is important. Of course taking a BBP course would be a good way to go too. I would stay off actually learning anything more than just the bare basics of the machine up until you start your apprenticeship and just crack down on drawing as much as you can. If the design is shitty the end product won't look good no matter how good the application, imo.
  10. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Thanks for the input adm! I think that with your style your way of drawing hair works really well. I really like the super trad and bold look of every line being an even thickness and playing with a ton of black, so this is all pretty confusing. Some of my absolute hair gods are Joe Ellis, Joel Madberg Soos, Tony Nilsson and Paul Dobleman, so I'm somehow trying to take bits and pieces from everyone and trying to make it look good, but I think I fail pretty hard haha. Or maybe the lines just look worse to me now that it doesn't have any shading, which is another difficult part I've yet to master. I've also been taking notes from the work of Ella Berglund, especially in this piece since the hair has a middle part that arches upwards and the hair is long and there's minimal interruption in the flow of the lines. I definitely find it easier to draw hair when I add some flowers, headbands etc but I wanted to keep that classic vamp look. I still think the left side of her hair doesn't look right, I've done it again like a million times. Maybe I'll just try to coax Joel to tell me the secret arts of his hair wizardry when I see him on thursday. Fuck he's good.
  11. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    I work so slow I could kick myself. I'm still working on the set and the hair is giving me trouble in every picture I have left. For the love of god help me out, I cannot draw proper traditional hair so any tutos, advice and so on is appriciated. Anywho, this one had a bunch of other things bothering me as well so I pretty much spent 2 nights redrawing. I still have to transfer and paint the damn thing so excuse the mistakes in the lines, but please point out other glaring mistakes so I can fix them before it's too late. I've been looking at this too much and I feel like I've gone blind, even though I'm constantly flipping it.
  12. HYB

    My Portraits

    Welcome to the trails! I recognize your work from the FB apprentice group. Let me say this, listen very carefully to the advice given here, these guys kick ass and will give good critique as long as you can take it. Now, my advice from seeing your work before is to push the contrast a bit more and focus less on making every detail as finely rendered as possible. Your drawings seem a bit stiff and lifeless and one problem may come from the fact that there's no visual guide for the eyes in the amount of detail, so they don't know where to focus. Our brains tend to fill in details that we've only drawn as silhouettes etc anyway.
  13. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Considering the amount of money I'd have to save up, I'd definitely need a job first, haha . I'll get there one day, but I think it's more likely twoshay'll come this way first . Gotta be fast though, I'm getting more work done by Jakub Settgast and probably Tony Nilsson soon, so my leg space is filling fast. Also finally a tengu mask at the start of next month, it's been way too long since my last appointment.
  14. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    This one helped out a ton in planning, thanks a bunch! However I still struggle with the 4th mask. I was thinking of an insect type but for the life of me cannot just get it to look right and still be on par with the other masks in size. Maybe I'll just do a fucking werehawk or something... Sorry for the small pic, all the rope details aren't filled in anyway so it'll do.
  15. HYB

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    I'll let you sleep on my inflatable matress if you wanna keep travelling costs down, haha . And thanks, I'll finish all the designs off in one go after I get two more done I think. I wanna do some masks to accompany the wolfman and the fisman ones but not sure what, I've been agonizing over it for a while since I don't wanna do too many repeats of the same animal for example. All suggestions welcome!