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  1. artschooltattoos

    Drawing 101, Where To Start?

    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards. Great book for beginners, or any level. Amazon has 'em for like 15 bucks, but its free at your local library.
  2. artschooltattoos

    Foot Sleeve

    Great tattoo.
  3. artschooltattoos

    Week 138 - Celebrity Portrait

    No offense meant to phlux. I understand you can create art from someone else's work, I guess I just wouldn't consider it that original. I always thought describing a piece of art as derivative was the worst thing you could say. I think its clear that phlux's submission came from Alex's idea (with no mention to boot). But I am new here and could very well be mistaken. Perhaps this contest is more about technical rendering than creativity.
  4. artschooltattoos

    Week 138 - Celebrity Portrait

    Rule 1 - Original art only. This is Alex Pardee's image.
  5. artschooltattoos

    Conventions And Expos, 2013

    Good idea on the thread. I will be at Chicago's convention, http://villainarts.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=99&Itemid=347 . I don't have any go to sites for convention information, I usually just try to find them through Google. As far as seminars go, I have to say that I attended Nick Malasto's seminar at this same convention last year and it was horrible. If any trailers have had a different experience, please share. I will tell you that his "secrets" include blasting well known artists, claiming that anyone using their thumb when testing machines doesn't have a clue about tattooing, and giving everyone a weak rotary machine. His seminar is also "off the cuff", no notes, powerpoint, or anything. Afterward, I talked with three other attendees at the bar and we all felt like we threw $150 away. Suffice it to say that the membership to this site has been far more help. If anyone has info on good seminars they would recommend, or ones they would not attend again, please share.
  6. artschooltattoos

    Fun Piece I Did With My Copic Lining Markers

    I love the composition and flow of this piece. The line weight looks great. Good work.
  7. artschooltattoos

    How Drugs Effect On Art

    Just my opinion, but I think the project is lame. I've done a fair amount of the drugs listed, and painted and drew while on them. While I was in college we would have a "24 hours of Art" weekend where we would stay in the studio for 24 hours, bring a bunch of booze and drugs, and paint, draw, sculpt, whatever. The next day we would have a sale on only the stuff created during that 24-hour period. It was fun. Anyway, I don't see how his self-portraits would differ that much from drug to drug. Some of them I understand, and some of them I haven't tried, so who knows. But for the drugs I am familiar with, most of his self portraits would look similar. I think he was trying too hard to make a point about how drugs effect art. Its an interesting topic, but you could address it better. I would be interested in talking about different effects on here if anyone cares to share their thoughts.
  8. artschooltattoos


    Hello, I am new to the forums. I recently left an apprenticeship for a new town (Chicago suburbs) when I found this site. From what I have read, there is better info on this site than my apprenticeship offered. Thanks to the moderators and pros who are open and willing to help out the newbs. In my opinion, this forum does more to stop CC and scratchers than being tightlipped and rude. Brief history- Went to Bradley University where I studied Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing & Painting. For the record, all of my art professors scoffed at the idea of tattooing as a profession, bastards. After art school, I got an apprenticeship where I drew for the shop owner, cleaned, and eventually tattooed. I recently relocated with my wife for her profession, and I am currently looking for a new shop to join.