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  1. could also be too much ointment, or one that's too thick. best to show it to the tattooist
  2. Best of luck on your journey!
  3. experiment with different ways of whip shading until you get the desired effect. shorter whips, quicker whips, different angles, crosshatching...
  4. make different mixes of burnt umber/raw sienna/sepia/yellow ochre and water and dip strips of paper in them until you find the tone you like, it helps if you have a quality print or OG flash with a staining you like so you have something to compare to. I'd share my secret concoction but I don't remember it because I rarely bother with staining
  5. look at the originals, think about what makes the designs so strong and try to reproduce them as accurately as you can (the amount of black, the saturation of colors, even line weight etc)
  6. try different blacks until you find something you like. talens is nice, good for smooth gradients, but pretty glossy when dry.
  7. ^ everything he said. Looks excellent for a first go, nice job!
  8. Yeah that flickr page is pure gold. Another good web reference is Lucky's Tattoo Museum,
  9. Waverly Dark Black, I really like it. What do you use?
  10. 9 liner and 7 curved mag. thanks!
  11. practice skin... pretty happy with it, obviously it has its flaws but at least I'm headed in the right direction. Bob Shaw flash
  12. that dagger is spot-on. are you on instagram?
  13. Anyone tried these yet? Pretty pricey, but sure looks comfy