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    x-ray vision, philosophy of turbulence, life as performance, boiler dynamics, daydreaming, kink, hip-hop and punk, freedom

About Me

I worked in a preservation bindery at my city's library, fixing and rebinding beautiful old books. That was awesome.

I get gigs to pay my bills while I build my drawing portfolio and formalize a plan of attack for the next two thirds of my life.

At age 26, I decided to go back to college. I chose the big fancy art school that was conveniently located in my city. I busted ass and had an amazing experience. I earned my BFA in sculpture with additional emphasis on drawing, performance, and the body. I basically got my hands and mind onto as much variety as my program allowed.

I think the most important thing that art school taught me was how to learn. The most important thing that sculpture and performance have taught me is how to turn any idea or dream into a reality.

I draw because it is the hardest thing to do. Except maybe skateboarding. My current artistic interests are portraiture and patterns.