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  1. colorshape

    Greetings Artists!

    You know, people really do love their pets... I guess it's been a while since I posted. I've been moving. Good to be back in the city! Any way thanks for the welcomes and compliments and, er, comments:) And hey Dripple that Jack Berryman work is awesome! Thanks for that lead- definitely still interested.
  2. colorshape

    Greetings Artists!

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome! And Nippy, for the vote of confidence! It's taken me just over 30 years, but I've found a direction. You've already been helping me with the incredible amount of sharing and maintenance you do around here! Letaali, I've learned from your path as well. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I plan to do the same. Yes I suppose it is a funny juxtaposition, the dongs and the kids. All in the name of progress, as they say... In reality, one was over before the other began. I will say this though: It's a rough world out there and kids deserve to be educated positively and early. And at the risk of pushing the awkward a little farther here is an example of each:
  3. colorshape

    Greetings Artists!

    Greetings Artists! I've been on the trails for about a year now and indeed have learned a lot. You all have created something beautiful here and I am glad to be a part of it! I'm actually feeling like I'm starting to get to know some you so I guess it's high time I introduce myself, right? I recently filled in my "about me" page and will try to refrain from redundancy here so check that out if you're interested in the personal. I put some drawings up in my gallery as introduction as well and I definitely encourage anyone to check those like a 1-2. Here are a couple of my favorites: http://forum.ink-trails.com/uploads/gallery_31293_644_63362.jpg http://forum.ink-trails.com/uploads/gallery_31293_644_114036.jpg These are direct observation, like most of the pieces in that gallery, as opposed to tattoo designs. I'm practicing illustration but not really around to designing tattoos at present. I come from a conceptual art background primarily in sculpture and participatory performance. Most of my work over the past several years has been themed around physical experience and the body and I would say these explorations are what have lead me to body art as a career pursuit. Recently I spent 3 1/2 years making custom silicone sex toys and body casting which taught me a lot about working intimately and safely with people's bodies and the process of turning a client's desires into an artwork. It also gave me a lot of practice mixing pigments for specific color requests. More recently, I've been painting kids' faces which has proven very educational in the areas of illustration, fine motor control and obviously creating custom worn-on-the-skin imagery. It's also speed practice in the process of turning a clients wants into an image as you have about 3 minutes to 5 if you're lucky before squirmy becomes jumpy. Not to mention its fun, cheap to get started, and surprisingly good cash money. I feel like this is getting kinda long, so ill wrap up with a question in hopes of some conversation: I haven't found much on the trails from people tattooing in the traditional styles of tribal cultures such as Native American, Pacific Islander, or Australian Aboriginal cultures. To be clear I am not referring to contemporary 'tribal' style tattoos of the extremely popular sort. Anyone here doing this or into it? Anyone know of respected practicing authorities in these or similar traditions that have a web presence? Thank you kindly! -CS