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  1. JoeyJimz

    Black Sun

    Thanks Natebot, yeah its was a challenge but a fun one Dude was a champ talking the whole time like nothing was going on haha and this was on hid knee cap ohh man im still tripping about that one lol. Thanks for the feedback. And yes PunkFloyd, it is... I am on several forums.
  2. JoeyJimz

    Black Sun

    Keep It Simple with SilverBack Ink -"XXXBlack" Black Sun-Tattoo done on KneeCap
  3. JoeyJimz

    "el Mundo De Los Muertos"

    yeah bro!
  4. JoeyJimz

    "el Mundo De Los Muertos"

    Done with Bishop Capo, Silverback Mould and Black. 7 mag needles and tubes from tatsoul.
  5. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    Ive been Drawing my whole life and painting with acrylics for about a good 10 years or so and messing with oil paints for about a year or so not really my thing since they take so long to dry. Tattooing Id say I've been tattooing for about a little over 5 years or so. As far as Tattooing consistantly goes Ive been probably doing more consistant tattoos for about the last year or so. Have not quiet got to really work on the stuff id like to do quite yet but I see that changing in the next year or so. Im doing a lot of odd ball end type stuff and a lot of script it seems. So i just have to be paitent But The stuff i really want to specialize in is Realism either black and grey or color it don't matter to me. I love both equally the stuff i would say i least like doing would be Japanese, or that cartoony new skool style stuff not my thing but to each his own. I appreciate all the feed back in here both positive or negative and will continue to post and show my progress as the weeks go by,...Joey Heres a Acrylic painting I'm working on this is just my underpainting stage thought id share since some one asked me to post some of my art
  6. JoeyJimz

    Yyyep I'm Putting Up Some Tribal, Shoot Me.

    ouch that nipple had to hurt lol looks clean
  7. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    For sure appreciate that "Dead Bird " Its all good I aint tripping or taking shit wrong. I just like i said happen to post what i worked on for this particular day. Not that serious to me and believe me i can't wait to get busy on some original shit of my own believe me lol. Soon enough though and ill post those as well. So to each his own lol
  8. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    well oil paints and tattoos are two totally different mediums. Oil paints are effortless to work with at leas for me I can't speak for everyone but its all good I'm not tripping and Its cool i appreciate the feed back. I just posted like i said what i got to do that particular day not that serious but ill keep all that line work in mind next time i get to do something original so i can post that .all good thanks for the feed back non the less. But please don't make an assumption about me saying That I think Im the shit in my own head and stuff like that cause It aint even like that and thats so far from the truth its not even funny...
  9. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    For sure I got you on that I probably should have busted out the liner and did some sculpting. And This particular room has the title show and tell so i don't see Why i would not show and have people critique?
  10. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    i did not line this tattoo nor did i do the original i just re colored the tattoo for the guy. So how could you come up with the conclusion that i have no need to improve and I'm the hottest shit in my own head really??? Thats a pretty bold assumption?. But Its all good I just was posting something I worked on yesterday lol...And to say I threw what people said away come on now really haha
  11. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    It was fun I gotta say I love mario brothers so to get a chance to re color and fix this tattoo was fun. lol
  12. JoeyJimz

    Before And After

    Did this today. Customer was super happy. thought id share this first picture is Before.. This is after Needles used 9mag regular long taper from mithra tattoo supply Machine used... $6.00 rotary from china yes thats right 6$ disposable tubes from tatsoul. Ink used was all intenze except for the white mask that was star bright
  13. JoeyJimz

    Some Recent Tattoos...

    nice tradish
  14. JoeyJimz

    Started This Muscle/skull

    Awesome! lol the first thing this reminded me of when i saw this was Frank from hell raiser
  15. JoeyJimz

    Before And After ...must See !!!!

    well said and agreed