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  1. Hello trails. I have a question what is the going rate to rent a space in a shop. I met a lady that has a huge building. And several business's in the same building. She had a tattooer in the space previously but he wasn't paying his bills so she offered me the space. The rent is 25% of each tattoo ,if you dont work. You don't pay. Which would be good as I am a commercial fisherman. Which is my main source of income .included in the rent is internet, and debit and utilities the room is already furnished with a tattoo bed. All id have to bring is my gear .And the owner will also pay for my insurance up front and let me pay it off by payments.Insurance is 900 bucks .does this sound like a fair deal ? I'm thinking it is. But I figured I'd ask fellow trailers Tia. Lemme know what u think
  2. badseed

    First Realistisic Rose In Colors..

    looks good , like to see the skull and rose finnished, is this a original drawing of yours
  3. badseed

    A Plea To All Ink-Trailers!

    im in too , i lurk every day ,usually all day lol , so i'll be sure to post more here , thanks adm
  4. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    the first 'M' looks like it has little scratches at the end of it , id almost say he used a shader needle to line this , a few wobbles in the line 's and id have to agree with letaali, i think a few lines will fall out on this 1 , but nuthin a second sit cant fix , nice work nate
  5. badseed

    Icecube Timelapse

    awesome portrait monk , keep up the good work , you'll be in magazines soon enuff bro
  6. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    how many hours did this last session take andrew?
  7. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    yeah he does , he's a retardly awesome tattooer , someone for us to look up to thats for sure , great work monk
  8. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    looks awesome to me , as always great job monk
  9. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    nice one monk , really like it , when you guys say 50/hr , when does the clock start tickin ?? when u actually start the tattoo? or soon as they sit down , and you put the stencil on??
  10. i imagine you thought your phone was gunna explode ,lol , sorry for that
  11. badseed

    Flash Paintin'

    man i like the goats head , really nice , no goat farmer here , but id wear that any day of the week , good stuff adm
  12. badseed

    Adams Painting Tutorial?

    that would be awesome man , and maybe a list of materials to get the begginner started ??
  13. badseed

    Daily Tattoos!

    man DBS and monk, those are great frickkin tattoos both of em . awesome
  14. badseed

    Memorial Tattoo

    i wasthinkin the same , holy thats fast ,