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  1. kingfisk

    Wizard Smoking Meth

    looks so nice.. gotta love that face!
  2. kingfisk

    Daily Tattoos!

    swan, this walter white and the charlie chaplin you posted both look so so nice man.. i haven't been on here for a while and these blew me away m8! good to see guys improving so much (:
  3. kingfisk


    bright & bold (: that's some tight lining and the colours look great. awesome work.
  4. kingfisk


    excellent tattoo (:
  5. kingfisk

    One Healed, One New. Baboon And Buffalo

    looks really cool! id go for thicker lines but that's probably just my personal taste..
  6. kingfisk


    very nice! i like the styling on the birds.
  7. kingfisk

    First Selfies

    looks pretty consistent, and as far as i can tell on most points no blowout, id be happy if that was my first attempt tbh (:
  8. kingfisk

    Daily Tattoos!

    Sorry double
  9. kingfisk

    Daily Tattoos!

    Diggin the vespa!! True the wheel is jacked, but everything else looks good.
  10. kingfisk


    Clean! Black looks solid and shading is top!
  11. kingfisk

    Daily Tattoos!

    swanny, love the 13 tatts, and mike that rose is solid, crow that looks good, tiny text! 3/5rl?
  12. kingfisk

    Lucky Pin Up Girl

    yup, all of the above are correct. a good way to get references and inspiration fast is instagram, i mean, seriously. just look at tattoos, try to think what makes them look good. then apply (:
  13. kingfisk

    Angel Backpiece Healed

    wow thats excellent.. looks really clean!
  14. kingfisk

    Big 5

    definitely solid work. would love to see more!
  15. kingfisk

    Daily Tattoos!

    lookin good mike! the only problem i have with it is the shading on the horns, shouldnt it be shaded as if its coming from inside the skull and not like it's just sitting on the skull? could also just be my mistake, would very much like to see the finished tattoo! all in all i like it alot. keep it up, i wish i had those skills (: