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  1. Have you heard of Yann Black he has a really unique style, a friend of mine showed me his web site the other day. I just got the juxtapose tattoo book and it has some amazing artists in it like Scott Campbell. Hows your house move gone?

  2. Ms Charlie Brown

    Rams Head

    Wow this looks really nice, I like the style, are you adding more to it, making a complete sleeve ? Sure it would look nice either way
  3. Ms Charlie Brown

    Hello From Ct

    Sounds great you had an apprenticeship good luck with your move. If you post your photos on Photo bucket you can insert the direct link here to show your pictures
  4. Ms Charlie Brown

    Hi Everyone

    Hey Anarchy Ink, I live in Melbourne, Australia and they stock pig skin sheets frozen (probably for crackling?). They only cost $1 a sheet and don't have the fat on them so I guess its more clean to use. I just went into my local butcher and asked them about pig skin...I will try out pig ears soon since they should be good to practice on a more awkward shape, but I guess I could wrap these sheets around a tube or something for this effect also. (BTW the dark brown sheet was smoked and the guy just gave it to me as he was throwing it out when I fist enquired about the skin - it was a bit to tough to stencil and tattoo so I just used the bit that wasn't smoked, usually they sheets are about the size of A4 paper) Cheers
  5. Ms Charlie Brown

    Pork Soda And Tattooval

    I like the list on what you need, its super helpful and good to know these tit bits of info reading through the thread. The final tattoos look good and you cant tell Valerie is a newbee, handy post!
  6. Ms Charlie Brown

    Halfy Sleeve On Teo!

    I really like your choice of drawings, I feel the feminine woman works nicely beside the skull. I really like her eyes, the texture and flow of her hair., reminds me of some drawings I saw in the Juxtapose tattoo book - I cant think of the artists name. Im looking forward to see what you do to it next!
  7. Ms Charlie Brown

    Hi Everyone

    Hey everyone, I stumbled across this site when I found the thread about tattooing on pig skin a few weeks ago. Finally this week I got hold of some pig and started practicing. I used a liner (3RL+RT3) and thickened up the lines, however they're a bit uneven so I imagine that with practice and perhaps using a thicker needle it would of looked better? Also after a while the pig skin seemed to be more susceptible to getting ink in crevasses and looking dirty, does other people find this. Oh and also my tattoo equipment seemed to slow down and stop sometimes and then come back strong, it was like it didn't like being held up? weird anyway sure I have it tuned wrong or something which I will investigate on this site. Thought it would be nice to show where I am at and to post my stuff up as I learn about tattooing and hopefully get some feedback and tips. See you around, Cheers