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  1. It says, " You don't have permission to use that extension on this community", or something like that. WTF???? Never had a problem before?!?
  2. Dr. Slick

    Critique On Recent New School Art

    This is spatially confusing. The tail seems part of the knife guard. Don't have the head overlap the body. They are the same color, and it makes the head hard to read. If I were you, I would have the head pointing to the right instead of the left, with only white as a background. This will make the head easier to see, and make a better tattoo. CLARITY, CLARITY, CLARITY....
  3. Dr. Slick

    Its Been A While... Some Script

    Be very, very careful about making script too small. Study and look at very old tattoos, and notice how blurry and fuzzy the lines become. Then ask yourself if those small "e"s will close up 10-20 years from now, or if you will still be able to read the tattoo...... 0.02
  4. This will be a confusing tattoo, even if you make it large. CLARITY is the most important thing in tattooing, more so than on paper or canvas, because the ink is always moving under the skin, so the lines get blurry, and everything becomes unclear as the tattoo ages. Simple and bold is always best. Angle the arm holding the heart, so that the heart is away from, and clear from the hair. Otherwise, as the tattoo get older, it will look like one big blob. If you'll notice, the 2nd pic you took the heart from, the heart is clear from the woman's head.
  5. Dr. Slick

    A Little Help

    Yes, after you've spent hours on a sketch or drawing, only to have the "customer" reject it and go to another shop, or worse yet, try to get the sketch and bring it to the other tattooist, you don't want to get burned again. That's why you see many shops charging for sketch time, or asking for a deposit.
  6. So you think the 15 curved magnums are really just a bit too wide? Some people like them, apparently, but I may try the 13 CMs instead.....
  7. Dr. Slick

    Some Of My Work For Critique

    Fantastic work. Great color palette. Smooth gradients. Reminds me of that one fella who works in Denmark(?) I believe? His work has been posted here on the Trails, and it's great. Wish I could recall his name, but he features woman's faces and jewelry. Love the light blue rose below the fox. I'm looking for a good light blue....what did you use? (I understand trade secrets, if you don't want to tell us.... haha!)
  8. Yes, I'm aware of that, but thanks for reminding us. So do you use the bugpins with your curved mags?
  9. Usually sleeve sized. I'm probably gonna order the 15 curved magnums, #12 needles, but I've heard these can be good with the bugpins, for softer and smoother gradients. Also going to get the Legend clear disposable tubes, 1" grips. The clear plastic on these seems more rigid than the flexible white plastic on the cheaper tubes.
  10. It's shopping time! What size curved magnums would you all recommend? Particularly for soft blending clouds, and portraits. I've made my own grey-scale inks, but would like to try a commercial brand....what you all recommend? Also, what pastel inksets would you recommend? Earth and flesh tones, and especially a nice light blue? Thanks.....
  11. Dr. Slick

    Problem Customers.....

    100% Agreed. It's completely insane to legally force someone to tattoo against their will. Gee, do you think maybe the art won't turn out as good? I remember one on Pinky's customers was always very sensitive to the mood of the artist when he got work from him. He would never get a tattoo from Pinky if he was under time pressure, or was in an irritable mood. Consequently, his tattoos were some of Pinky's best work. "it's illegal to take extra precautions, such as double glove" Again, that's completely insane. But I've calmed down now....I didn't mean for this to be an argument about HIV customers. I was more angry about the more recent asshole......$300 for a half-sleeve? FUCK YOU, PUNK! Thanks to the moderators for not kicking me out of the Trails....I just needed to rant a bit....
  12. Dr. Slick

    Problem Customers.....

    Indeed: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fizquotes.com%2Fquote%2F44869&h=0&w=0&sz=1&tbnid=LiUasIhxlPwpGM&tbnh=154&tbnw=327&zoom=1&docid=WCsuqeeQZGL0cM&ei=KR2RUvymFZDWoATq5ILQBw&ved=0CAIQsCU
  13. Dr. Slick

    Problem Customers.....

    It's dangerous for both the artist, AND the customer.....
  14. Dr. Slick

    Problem Customers.....

    All tattooists should treat their customers like they have AIDS, because some people don't even know they have it. But if they tell me they do, I'm not going to tattoo them. It's too dangerous for them with a compromised immune system.
  15. Dr. Slick

    Problem Customers.....

    You only found one example. That tells me it doesn't happen often.