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  1. So while I usually post as little as possible, and keep myself a fair distance from the ignorant, arrogant, or just plain idiotic people that we all tend to cross paths with, I just couldnt resist taking a few excerpts from some drama happening lately between some scratcher, and the fine folks at WHI.... and just as a further disclaimer, I hereby publicly admit that I have no dam clue what actually transpired between any of these individuals. I simply chose to watch the most ridiculous video I have ever seen on youtube .... which was quickly replaced by the most misinformed and poorly articulated 'how-to' video I have ever seen. I would also like to add my own disclaimer. I dont know any of these guys. I dont buy any of their products, and I also dont give a crap one way or the other about the issues, circumstances, or details of whatever their problem is. Personally, it's all comparable to preschool temper tantrums, and an innate need and desire for attention. The following are some quotes. Although not reposted verbatim, they are not out of context. An self-proclaimed 'Innovator' of tattoo machines actually made each and every one of these statements. So .... in the spirit of pure, simple entertainment, here we go. The "fulcrum" point, is half the distance from the cut at the front coil screw hole, to the tube vice hole. ..... because we all know what a fulcrum is right, lol. On explaining machine geometry : "So if your front binder hole is directly over your front coil hole, then you have some geometry there." On Springs : "some guys change springs all the time, because I hate when my springs lose fidelity" On Pro Builders : "All these pros, they were GIVEN these frame dimensions. I figured out my own so I dont need theirs." On Frame Material : Iron over 1018 steel. "a lot of tattoo artists prefer Iron frames over steel. because magnetic fields dont reside in the DNA of Iron." "If your frames become magnetized, you can just DISSEMBLE your machine, and slam the frame on concrete, then hit it with a hammer. Instantly demagnetized" If you tattoo for a lot of years, then calcium pops out of your bones. "Vigintly" (some new word, i guess.) A-Bar.... short, or an abbreviation for Alpha-Bar There are different coils for lining, shading, and packing. there are 8,10, and 12 wraps. layers. Invention wise, technically speaking, 8 layer coils arent for pushing more than 6 needles.... and nobody uses 6 layer coils." I invented the magna-coil, and it will revolutionize coil machines, and it's something none of you have ever seen. it's an electromagnet that utilizes wire .... voltage on your tattoo supply does not determine your speed. voltage is meant to put volts and voltage and the electric cocurring inside of your coils. the coils arent a motor, thats where you're all getting confused. your power supply sends current to the coils, which gives the coils more ohms ... more resistance. i can show you credentials that i can chop your leg off, and stitch you up without infection. i dont need osha showing me how to be clean." So yeah .... I didnt misspell anything, or change/dillute the context in which these statements were actually made. I only found them astonishing, each in their own right. With only a poor grasp of vocabulary, very little respect for the history and tradition of the trade, it amazes me that people even respond to this kind of idiocy.
  2. Wes

    Still Doing Stuff

    .... And you do them well. In a trending world of social media, oversized friends lists made up of folks we'll never meet (or actually like enough consider them a friend), and 'instant' recognition for whatever it is we've done on any given day ... Thanks ADM, for being a continuous active contributor on the Ink-Trails. You make pretty pictures on skin that we all enjoy looking at, at your sarcasm is second to none ....
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    Hi From California

    Welcome, reset. Enjoy the trails, dig through the archives - there's plenty of good stuff buried under the leaves.
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    What About This?

    lol. dont bother.
  5. POF is better for showcasing your ability, than actually learning. it is not nearly as effective as a learning tool as your thigh, or even pig skin.
  6. Super smooth tones .... I'm diggin the b&g. there you go man .... all three of us commented
  7. Welcome to the Trails, Lenny. I'm not watching your video, lol.
  8. why would you tattoo "his" friend ... for free ? thats about the only part of your story that makes no sense. everything is is pretty much business as usual An most times, if a tattooer is actually looking for wor in another shop, even short term, you would work out percentage or station rental ahead of time. Business is business, and I know I wouldnt just have another tattooer come drop anchor at my shop once a week without working something out. Unless you're bringing your own customers with you, you're taking business from whoever would be tattooing at that shop on the day you're there ...... and if you are bringing your own customers, then it's fairly pointless to go tattoo at someone elses shop.
  9. Wes

    Nudity Alert

    Given the title, I half expected something else coming from you nice work, as usuall
  10. This is true. I hate having to wash all those little tiny coffee cups
  11. Wes

    Ere These Mickysharpz Are Genuine?

    they look legit from where Im sittin.
  12. Wes

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the trails. have a look through, and we're sure you'll learn a thing or two
  13. Wes

    What I Like To Use

    those evolution needles are chinese .... as are most the needles you will buy anyway - but evolution is the chinese brand name. You'll find there are a fair few supply stores selling evolution needles under their own brand name. You wont have a problem with needlejigs lot numbers. Local health dept can not shoot you down because all or lot numbers. There is no 'standard', nor is there any law requiring different lot numbers. that would just be ridiculous. If you're happy with needlejig, then keep using them.
  14. Wes

    Average Pricing For This?

    that's the only way to do it man.
  15. Wes

    Average Pricing For This?

    You can never get a price on a tattoo the way you might expect. You can troll facebook or craigslist and probably get it for 50 bucks.... if you're an idiot. You're pretty much looking for a huge chest piece. And done properly, in the size you're asking for isnt going to come cheap. Expect an average rate of 100-150 bucks an hour, depending on the quality of the shop you choose. There are too many variables to even estimate a total for you, since different tattooists are able to work at different speeds. You also need to consider your own tolerance. If you havent already spent quite a few hours under the needle you may not be able to tolerate a piece this size in one sitting, and being put on the chest raises the stakes as well. I've seen plenty a hardcore badass get put out like a light after a few hours of tattooing. I would suggest that you find a tattooist whose work you admire, in a shop with a good reputation, and bring your image to him or her. Keep in mind that something like this can take hours to simply draw and stencil - so you're tattooist is going to have some time and effort into the job before you even sit in the chair... so expect to spend a pocket full of benjamins on a chest piece.
  16. Welcome to the good stuff, Turtle. Post some pictures of the machines you've built, and we'll see where you are in terms of skill level. /thick skin required.... but you have a shell, so you should be alright
  17. Firstly, I have to say that I am against posts with any outside links to survey sites. Secondly, you'll find most everyone in the industry will more or less ignore your company and it's products simply for using these tactics. Since your product is not designed by people actually working in the field, it will be viewed as nothing more than another piece of corporate america capitalizing on the working mans hard earned dollar. While that basically describes how things generally work in america, you'll find that tattooers are not only cheap, in general, but very leery of businesses that are not based in this trade, selling products. That being said, here's some useful information for your corporate boardroom and backers. Aftercare products are great, but honestly, people are being led into an almost false sense of their purpose and function. After care, in it's most simplistic form, is simply to help prevent infection, which is all it needs to do. Modern aftercare products also incorporate ingredients to help moisturize skin, which is all well and good .. but in all honesty, modern products dont offer anything more, anything new, or anything better than proper traditional care products. Active-Care products used during the process, more specifically numbing agents, seem to be used more by younger generation tattooers than some of the older folks. They are also a tiny point of argument, depending on who you speak to. Personally, I dont use them. There's a reason our bodies transmit electrical impulses to the 'pain' center our brain. Each persons threshold and tolerance for pain is different, and serves a few very important purposes. Although numbing while working small pieces may be more convenient for a client, numbing large pieces can sometimes work against everyone, especially after they wear off, and you may have a low tolerance client passing out as they walk out your door. I for one, prefer not to get puked on 5 minutes after I finish a piece, so - not a big fan of numbing agents ... nor do I see any viable reason to have my customers spending three or four times more than they should, or have to, on care products. I can charge a customer 20 bucks for a little container of something like hustle butter, which happens to be a great product .... or they can go spend 5 bucks on enough A&D, lubriderm, etc .. to last them far beyond the expiration date. Just my opinion, of course. I'm sure there are plenty of folks here that will disagree with it - but the facts remain the same. There's no measurable benefit between fancy new care products, and the stuff we've been using for the past 30-40 years, when used properly - which is key, and ultimately the bottom line. Getting your customers to properly care for their skin in the first place. Any pharmacy will have everything you need ... but todays trend is to dumb down consumers, and simply shove over priced products in their face until they stop questioning what it is they actually need, and just buy what they're told to buy.
  18. Good afternoon. Please refrain from spamming ... no one really cares about your posts, links, country, culture, family, or current station in life. Have a great day, and might i suggest you go eat a cheeseburger of you're bored.

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    A Little Context.

    Welcome to the trails, Zelda. Enjoy your stay, make friends with the search function, and you'll literally have days and days of reading, learning, and entertainment. You can even post some of your own artwork here. It's good for thickiening ones skin, lol.
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    Jack Steel Machines

    welcome to the trails, Jack.
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    Been So Long.....do I Owe?

    you're all "lifetimed" up Needles, no further payment is necessary. as for your photos, you can link them through any of the photo sharing sites. While in the message editor, just click on the Image icon, which is directly below the Text color icon, and the Smiley Icon. It'll pop up a boc asking for a URL, and just paste the link to your photo there.
  22. doesnt help that both the picture and lighting suck... the lack of contrast is still readily apparent though. I would have gone darker as well ... and you should also be careful of having to 'ask' someone to use white highlights. I see more tattooists screw up a decent piece by using too much white, or simply use it in a way that works against their own shading. simple fix though ... there's plenty of room to go darker, and room for some highlights as well.
  23. One of markios' posts. enjoy. http://forum.ink-trails.com/index.php?/topic/168-color-theory-and-terms/
  24. yes, ta2, you should upgrade your membership.... there's a whole host of topics in the members section that will keep you busy for quite a while.
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    Threw In The Towel Today

    .... or simply realize that one hundred years from now, none of this is going to matter - and there'd be no one alive that could remember any of it anyway ..... so just live a simple, humble life & enjoy the hell out yourself. enjoy the hell out of someone else too, while you're at it.