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  1. Wes

    Still Doing Stuff

    .... And you do them well. In a trending world of social media, oversized friends lists made up of folks we'll never meet (or actually like enough consider them a friend), and 'instant' recognition for whatever it is we've done on any given day ... Thanks ADM, for being a continuous active contributor on the Ink-Trails. You make pretty pictures on skin that we all enjoy looking at, at your sarcasm is second to none ....
  2. Wes

    Hi From California

    Welcome, reset. Enjoy the trails, dig through the archives - there's plenty of good stuff buried under the leaves.
  3. Wes

    What About This?

    lol. dont bother.
  4. POF is better for showcasing your ability, than actually learning. it is not nearly as effective as a learning tool as your thigh, or even pig skin.
  5. Super smooth tones .... I'm diggin the b&g. there you go man .... all three of us commented
  6. Welcome to the Trails, Lenny. I'm not watching your video, lol.
  7. why would you tattoo "his" friend ... for free ? thats about the only part of your story that makes no sense. everything is is pretty much business as usual An most times, if a tattooer is actually looking for wor in another shop, even short term, you would work out percentage or station rental ahead of time. Business is business, and I know I wouldnt just have another tattooer come drop anchor at my shop once a week without working something out. Unless you're bringing your own customers with you, you're taking business from whoever would be tattooing at that shop on the day you're there ...... and if you are bringing your own customers, then it's fairly pointless to go tattoo at someone elses shop.
  8. Wes

    Nudity Alert

    Given the title, I half expected something else coming from you nice work, as usuall
  9. This is true. I hate having to wash all those little tiny coffee cups
  10. Wes

    Ere These Mickysharpz Are Genuine?

    they look legit from where Im sittin.
  11. Wes

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the trails. have a look through, and we're sure you'll learn a thing or two
  12. Wes

    What I Like To Use

    those evolution needles are chinese .... as are most the needles you will buy anyway - but evolution is the chinese brand name. You'll find there are a fair few supply stores selling evolution needles under their own brand name. You wont have a problem with needlejigs lot numbers. Local health dept can not shoot you down because all or lot numbers. There is no 'standard', nor is there any law requiring different lot numbers. that would just be ridiculous. If you're happy with needlejig, then keep using them.
  13. Wes

    Average Pricing For This?

    that's the only way to do it man.
  14. Wes

    Average Pricing For This?

    You can never get a price on a tattoo the way you might expect. You can troll facebook or craigslist and probably get it for 50 bucks.... if you're an idiot. You're pretty much looking for a huge chest piece. And done properly, in the size you're asking for isnt going to come cheap. Expect an average rate of 100-150 bucks an hour, depending on the quality of the shop you choose. There are too many variables to even estimate a total for you, since different tattooists are able to work at different speeds. You also need to consider your own tolerance. If you havent already spent quite a few hours under the needle you may not be able to tolerate a piece this size in one sitting, and being put on the chest raises the stakes as well. I've seen plenty a hardcore badass get put out like a light after a few hours of tattooing. I would suggest that you find a tattooist whose work you admire, in a shop with a good reputation, and bring your image to him or her. Keep in mind that something like this can take hours to simply draw and stencil - so you're tattooist is going to have some time and effort into the job before you even sit in the chair... so expect to spend a pocket full of benjamins on a chest piece.
  15. Welcome to the good stuff, Turtle. Post some pictures of the machines you've built, and we'll see where you are in terms of skill level. /thick skin required.... but you have a shell, so you should be alright