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  1. Just ordered the Fusion ink Rick Walters set
  2. Hi guys, I've had reactions to some red inks in the past and am reacting to the Intenze Bowery Red I use on myself. Luckily there's no blistering or any of that nasty stuff, mostly itching and bad healing in some spots. The red parts are raised and itchy and the black lines next to them are really light. Easiest would probably be to just not use red of course, but, well I like traditional and I like red Now I know not every red in my other tattoos caused reactions so I am looking for an alternative red(like) ink to use. Do any of you guys have experience with allergic reactions to reds and know of inks that work for "red challenged" people like me? Or maybe places where I can get sample sets to test with? Thanks!
  3. @mac_1au & @mark101 thanks for the suggestions. I have some sites I can order from, was more wondering if there are sites where I could get different samples of reds. For the moment I mainly use black, yellow and red but a little sample/travel set to extend my color range is definitely something to think about. Magic moon I know, have their cartridge needles. Never checked their site though... might be worth a visit.
  4. @David Thanks, will look into that brand. @mark101 I'm in Europe, the Netherlands to be exact.
  5. dirtnail

    Hi people!

    Good day people, I'm new to this forum and just want to introduce myself. I've been interested in the art of tattooing for years and years now and decided to take the step to learn it myself. I have no intention to turn it into a job or start tattooing other people any time soon though. My focus is on learning it because I simply love everything about it. Must say my respect for tattoo artists has rapidly grown since I've started After doing 40'ish pigskin tattoos I recently started practicing on myself. Partly out of curiosity and partly because people advised me to do so to further my learning. I've found that tattooing dead pig doesn't even come close to the reality of actual human skin. And it shows in the, quite horrendous, tattoos I now have on my legs Despite the not so pretty results for now I do love to tattoo and I hope this forum can provide me with information to keep developing and improving... To give you all an idea of my progress... here's one of the pieces I recently did on my leg. Cheers! Pieter
  6. dirtnail

    Quick-Ish Eagle, Nothing Amazing

    damn... i would be more than pleased if i could just draw like you sketch i like the effect the taped edge gives in the first image btw... looks like the eagle is on a raised piece of paper...
  7. dirtnail

    Still Messing With Them Roses...

    hi people, due to personal circumstances i havent been able to do as much paint training as i'd like but managed to finish a few more roses... starting to get sick of them now so it's time to move on to other subjects - tried some liquid inks for coloring with these ones but dont realy like them... the ones i used (talens) didnt seem to bleed that well. mixing them with watercolor worked better but i have to say i prefer plain watercolors for now. - also, when shading i noticed that i found pushing ink from the inked area into the wet area to work better for me that pulling it... dont know why but going to experiment some more with it. - should add the coffee stains last, if i want them at all... painting over coffee sucks and i cant say i realy like the look of "coffeed"colors. - and i have to stay away from colors! atleast for now the roses looked much better before i started painting the leaves... well here goes...
  8. dirtnail

    Forlorn Girlbird

    insaaane! the people at Göteborg Classic Tattooing are a bunch of lucky bastards with such a gift coming their way!
  9. dirtnail

    Dope Flash Sheet

    damn thats sweet! best one so far if you ask me
  10. dirtnail

    Snakes Poster ...

    great! like the little details in the snake
  11. dirtnail

    Snake And Dagger

    thanks! a trade sounds great! havent done any cyanotype prints for a while so will be fun to get some printed again... will be in a week or two but mail me your address and i'll send some your way (you want blue or coffee stained? and nice mustache btw! ) cheers
  12. dirtnail

    Snake And Dagger

    the shadign on the ring between the cup and the dagger is bugging me a bit... not sure why but it makes the transition look warped. maybe i miss shade from the cup, dunno... but anyway... COOL STUFF! i realy dig the shape of the dagger and the print on the snake. and learning to spitshade its very helpfull for me to see a piece without colors... so thanks for posting at this stage
  13. dirtnail

    Coffee Stains... At What Stage?

    hi people, i've been trying to add some coffee stains to my spitshade practice sheets but ruined them in the process... when putting coffee over a colored piece the watercolors blended with the coffee and i ended up with an orange sheet... which actually didnt even look half bad, but still... then i did some searching and someone suggested adding stains after the outlining... but doing that ruined my spitshading since the coffee seemed to prevent the ink from bleeding, hence ruining my shades... and my shading is crap to begin with so you can imagine the messiness of the result so maybe this is a realy stupid question but... whats the right moment to add the caffeine into the mix? did find out wet sheets dry real well in the oven btw... they even straighten... like... magic! cheers!
  14. dirtnail

    Coffee Stains... At What Stage?

    so basicly you all do it different and even at stages i tried... yeah this is helping a lot, thank you... haha seeing it can basicly be done at any stage i guess i just messed up somewhere. might be i ruined the paper by heating it... or could be the instant coffee instead of real stuff... interesting... time for some experiments i'd say! thanks!
  15. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    more crap... thanks again for all the comments and tips! added some colors this time, to see how the shading would come out... noticed it seems to make the shades look more smooth... which is good news since i'm starting to get a bit frustraded by my lacking ability to get them as smooth as i would like... hence te ink splatter @amy... ink caps would work yes... was thinking about those aswell, but dont have any so am using a small take-away sojasauce cup now... it even has a lid! @truejew... got 6 more test roses waiting for shading... bigger ones this time, hopefully makes things easier. after that its on to skull practice!
  16. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    hi people, so i figured it was about time a got my hands dirty and got busy with some watercolors... have to say i dislike just about everything about the mess posted below...the fades are terrible, the painting is an absolute mess and the colors... well... horrible! but, decided to post these anyway for feedback and stuff... and who knows, maybe someone feeling bad about their watercolor skillls may feel good about themselves again after seeing my handywork but luckily it was loads of fun and i do kind of like the shape of the roses themselves so i'm determined to improve!
  17. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    btw... anyone else have cats that seem to enjoy drinking brush cleaning water? mine go crazy for it! weird critters...
  18. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    practise practise practise... a few more like the top left one and i'm gonna add some colors...
  19. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    thanks for all the tips! they're realy helping... though it might not see mthat way yet got two more test roses done last night... had more lined up but then the girlfriend started puking her guts out so i had to play nurse... probably finish them tonight. outlined these with a dip pen... still getting used to working with ink so they're a bit messy. and shaded with just spit... have the feeling i have a bit more control with spit, and apparently i have plenty! so lessons learned this session... - spit rules! - i need more control over the amount of ink loaded onto my brush, maybe use a little cup instead of just dipping into the bottle... - slow and focussed, need to take care not to rush anything - you can turn paper to get better angles to work with
  20. dirtnail

    Nerd Dose It Again

    wow cool stuff! there are some things bothering me though... the snake seems to get thinner when disapearing behind the wings and rose, the line drops down a bit... and the bend at the 'neck' looks a bit weird... but despite that the thing looks absolutely sick! keep 'm coming so i can study your shading techniques
  21. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    part two spend most of my evening ruining one rose, doing fade tests and shading two roses... still no masterpieces but starting to get the slightest feeling of control now and then... although sometimes the fades look good wet but get ugly edges once the ink dries... fadings... roses... thanks for the feedback so far!
  22. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    @ghost brains... ah thanx! thats exactly what i wanted to know
  23. dirtnail

    Trying Watercolors...

    thanks for the pointers! @ghost brains : retracing the lines... wont that make them blacker than the black parts of the shading? or dont you color the black, just the faded part? @the nerd : hehe... even if you don't like them, i appreciate the feedback! don't think i'm going for strickt traditional btw, don't want to stick to a style realy, just draw what feels good or 'natural'... anyway, saturation... yeah i find the watercolors very hard to control... having some trouble getting a feel for the amount of water and ink i need to use. also feel like i need to start working my brush more, more wetting and drying... and stop wanting to drag the fades out way to far and make them to smooth, messing everything up in the process... this is going to require daily practice i guess @natebot : thanks, gonna try a less color approach next time. read the spitshading topics and they're great! even have a spitshade video so as far as theory goes i think i'm set... to bad reading about something and actually doing it are totally different tonight i'll be giving it another go! and hopefully constrain myself from going overboard on the colors
  24. dirtnail

    A Snake For An Eagle

    wow... my god this is some amazing work!
  25. dirtnail

    Roses... First Try

    hi people, i'm new to this forum and just started trying my hand at some (traditional'ish) tattoo flash... and i decided to start with roses... lots of roses... so far i got two made these while bored at work hence the photoshopping... any tips/tricks/comments are most welcome! and a little illustration i just finished, just for the heck of it \dn