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  1. hi there! haven t been here for a long time. also didn t tattoo much last years, but starting to pick it up again. it was hard to get a proper picture, slightly warped, placed on the inside of the arm. feel free to give critics!
  2. here is a link: www.tattooeducation.com/Tattoo_Longevity.html
  3. guy aitchinson was setting up a study on longevity, asking people to send pics fresh and after few years..
  4. been thinking about re-lining.. but in some places the lines are so thick, if i re-lined thought it would get too bold.. and she really didn't seem to bother about the poor lines and shading. thanx for the crits!
  5. Did this one the other day. The heart n flames were there allready, not done by me! Thought the heart would pop more by giving it colours as a back ground, instead of colour the heart and flames itself. All waverly colours, watered down to give it a aquarel like look. Critics welcome
  6. quick sketch..
  7. Thanx for the kind comments, everyone! Must say that the original is quite a bit brighter, it lost some colour going through the scanner.. Will try more colour tones next time though, was kinda scared to fuck it up by overdoing it.
  8. Done with copics. Critz are much appreciated
  9. and some more..
  10. Practised some skulls today..
  11. naww, I love the red colour.. Well done! flahs design or yours?
  12. 9! Congratulations! You deserved it.
  13. 15th november? reckon u mean december?
  14. I'll post up the other tattoo I did with a 11rs tonight or so..