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  1. adm

    Please help

    Dont beat yourself up too bad, the line work has a few rocky spots, but you did a decent job on this tattoo. Was your client happy with it? I would assume she is
  2. So why come here and make a post about this?
  3. Alight, some context, which certainly helps your cause. The reason I come off so harsh, is most people come to this forum, drop a question like this, then never post again. So with your reason for asking in mind, I'll bite. Most artists that do large scale work (like myself) charge hourly, since its hard to be able to tell how long something like will actually take.I charge $150 an hour (which is typical in my neck of the woods, could be different in yours). Thats really the only fair way to do it. I usually tell someone that it typically take a month between appointments, and if you go 3-5 hours a session, you're looking to pay $300-$750 a session until its finished.
  4. Fuck off, fuck you, fuck your poll. My guess is that you want something like that and you didnt like any of the quotes you got.
  5. "good Luck" getting your "tattoo". You should probably "post a picture" of it, when it's "finished"
  6. adm

    What is your experience?

    Yeah its normal. It's also normal that you're so full of yourself 3 months into tattooing. Shut the fuck up, stay humble and keep at it
  7. adm

    Tattoo Convention Help

    Why are you disguising a baseline personality test as a convention survey?
  8. adm

    New tattoo need advice

    go talk to your artist
  9. adm

    has anyone seen this tattoo? or something similar

    Its a Baphomet Google "Baphomet" and that exact image will show up
  10. adm

    turning a drawing into a sleeve

    sleeves are complicated, let the tattoo artist do the work
  11. adm

    HELP building a machine from scratch

    Why buy quality when you dont really know what to do with it?
  12. adm

    Infected Tattoo?

    AIDS, it's definitely AIDS. Go talk to your artist
  13. adm

    Knotwork tattoo idea

    $150 an hour, and I'll draw up whatever you want
  14. damnnit! These rankings are really important in the tattoo world, especially cause money is never an issue
  15. Well, if you want the best guy who is the best of the best who works best with the best guys of guys who are the best and are the best in the best top 10 of the best guys, you should be a little more patient. I'm not a top 10 artist, I'm only currently ranked 13 on the top best guys list, and it an be hard returning emails.
  16. adm

    Disappearing tattoo ink

    Not interested
  17. Its not itchy due to allergies, its itchy cause its slightly scarred. Scar tissue can get itchy for a few years, but it will eventually go away, Had the same issue on my ribs about 4 years ago. It's fine now
  18. P.S.S. I forgot you were talking about the world top 20 in hyper realism, which I don't do. I specialize in hyper tribal japanese scriptism
  19. Also, "World top 20" is such a subjective statement, that bares no weight in the tattoo world. I mean I fall just short of that list currently ranked #21, and I charge $150 an hour. So my day rate is $1200 plus the standard 100% tip so $2400 minimum
  20. jesus fuck, you say you dont care what the rate is, as long as its good work? Then you're concerned about the quote you were given by an artist you like? No self respecting artist is going to rip you off. You're gonna pay a lot to get the work you like. End of story.
  21. adm

    New To The Forum

    everything you need to know is most likely covered in the forum. Use the search feature, and you're all set.
  22. adm

    New To The Forum

    Awwww. 1st lesson of tattooing: you need a thick skin
  23. adm

    Existing tattoo.. rework or cover up

    Yeah, I'd probably reject your ideas as well.
  24. adm


    the classic 1st post asking a question, and never posting again