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  1. adm

    How I can tattoo a line just one time?

    start doing tattoos that you can finish in one sitting. Slow your role there sleevemaster
  2. adm

    New tattoo ideas?

    get a pile of decaying skulls
  3. adm

    Touchy question

    Still wouldnt do it. Also, Intenze inks are shit
  4. adm

    Bad tattoo please help

    panther eyes
  5. adm

    What should I use to wipe with while tattooing

    use your sleeve.
  6. adm

    Bad tattoo please help

    get some tiger eyes
  7. adm

    Touchy question

    I wouldnt use your ink, too much of a liability
  8. $50 paypal adm1976@gmail.com
  9. I already know how Id do that tattoo. It'd be sick as fuck. Make it to minneapolis, and I'll tattoo it on you
  10. adm

    Font Type

    Well, you want cursive. it's like saying you want a BMW, but you dont like the way they look
  11. adm

    Ink foaming

    youre all good. Load up that tat gat and lay that shitty tattoo down!
  12. ive done it by mistake. if it bothers you, get it lasered
  13. adm

    Is this tattoo design well made?

    yeah, it really terrible. No need to explain. If you want a horrible tat, by all means, get it