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  1. Sounds like she went in to other shops freaking out, and they were honest, like us. Nightmare client
  2. wow. Just wow. Your artist did what you asked for, and did a decent job from what I can see. Maybe tattoos aren't for you. we're human beings, not mind reading laser printers. Good luck
  3. I don’t see what the problem is, to me it looks nearly identical. Or is it that you wanted it a little different
  4. if you came into my shop and asked for that tattoo, I would explain that that’s what it will it will look like without a black outline. I’d most likely tell you that I would not be interested in doing it. Good luck!
  5. adm

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    Oh, sounds like some new fangled tech. I just use a deep cell battery connected to a small rheostat
  6. adm

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    I prefer coils, and I'm supersized your buddy can get a rotary to work with battery power. I use a battery and rheostat, and rotaries dont seem to work with them from my experience. the speed goes up and down
  7. adm

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    I thought I gave a reason on why I don't like national's black. I said it was too greasy. Not a good ink to line with. I like dynamic, and Im too busy to arsed with using different blacks to line and shade with. Thats why I prefer Dynamic, it suits me for just about everything
  8. adm

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    You're kidding me, right? Are you seriously arguing over semantics?
  9. adm

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    National triple black is too greasy imo. Sucks to line with. Dynamic all day
  10. adm

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    well, if it's infected, you need to see a doctor. Best of luck
  11. adm

    Please help

    Dont beat yourself up too bad, the line work has a few rocky spots, but you did a decent job on this tattoo. Was your client happy with it? I would assume she is
  12. So why come here and make a post about this?
  13. Alight, some context, which certainly helps your cause. The reason I come off so harsh, is most people come to this forum, drop a question like this, then never post again. So with your reason for asking in mind, I'll bite. Most artists that do large scale work (like myself) charge hourly, since its hard to be able to tell how long something like will actually take.I charge $150 an hour (which is typical in my neck of the woods, could be different in yours). Thats really the only fair way to do it. I usually tell someone that it typically take a month between appointments, and if you go 3-5 hours a session, you're looking to pay $300-$750 a session until its finished.