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  1. Laser that atrocity off
  2. You can fuck right off
  3. Get a pile of decaying skulls
  4. Dont see anything wrong with it, in fact i dont see anything at all
  5. Looks to me like its still healing. Give it another 2 weeks before you scrutinize it. And dont fuck with it
  6. Decent stuff. You need to let some of those tattoos breathe a bit, and leave some skin the edges of the rose pedels, or the left edge of the taco's sombrero. Remember, traditional tattoos are 30% black, 30% color, 30% skin tone, and the last 10% is wizardry/mojo
  7. Get a pile of decaying skulls, obviously
  8. Oh man, youre screwed.
  9. Kings Avenue...any artists there. Youre welcome
  10. BUT DO YOU READ????
  11. So, you joined this forum to complain about not being able to afford a tattoo? what a scrub
  12. You're wack as fuck and always will be. Kick Rocks ya broke ass