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  1. Get a pile of decaying skulls
  2. Get a pile of decaying skulls, obviously
  3. Oh man, youre screwed.
  4. Kings Avenue...any artists there. Youre welcome
  5. BUT DO YOU READ????
  6. So, you joined this forum to complain about not being able to afford a tattoo? what a scrub
  7. You're wack as fuck and always will be. Kick Rocks ya broke ass
  8. First of all, I read your post. Simple answer, $80-$120, depending on size Now quit being a cunt
  9. My minimum is $80, even if all you want is dot
  10. everything is fine, get the touch up if needed
  11. Its not a hobby, dont be a tourist. Get tattoos if you like them. You cant just do them as hobby, and anyone that thinks so is insulting us real tattooers
  12. 1st line on the "N" looks like it may fall out
  13. fuccin' cool bro
  14. Do whatever you want! Ive done lots of guest spots across the US, and basically the only thing I need to bring is my machines, tubes, needles, and ink. As far as pay goes, I'm fine with 60% as long as theres plenty of work for me, but some shops have given me up to 90% As far as accommodations go, If you or an artist have a place to stay, the better. If not, consider giving them a larger percentage if they have to find their own place to stay. I typically wont go unless they put me up somewhere, cause I want to make as money as I can