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  1. adm

    Feels pretty good. I'm only doing smaller simple things right now to tighten up my skills

  2. myke

    awesome man! congratz. how does it feel?

  3. adm

    Good man, I'm now a paid tattoo artist, so that's new.

  4. myke

    sup buddy how are things?

  5. myke

    Skull For A Collaboration

    sall good, thanks for taking your time to do that I appreciate it. It's still teaching me so it's all gravy =)
  6. myke

    More Stuff For Ya'll To Look At

    super sick! clean work.
  7. myke

    17Yr Old Kid....

    yeah you are right. his play on perspective and lighting is cool, but his rendering is super weak, and it needs some serious work. Imo looks almost too hasty. He was focusing too much on the perspective and lighting of how he was going to take a picture or set it up, and he wasn't worried about technique. And there are plenty of 17 year olds who can outdraw this guy effortlessly. but I do agree that the perspective and lighting is a super cool idea that not many people can pull off. I just wish he would work more on his rendering skills.a poorly drawn picture is still poorly drawn no matter how many bells and whistles you put around it. but I do like this one http://www.fludit.co...Drawings-12.jpg
  8. myke

    17Yr Old Kid....

    meh, If you look up teh street chalk guy he does a much better job at what this kid is trying to do. His drawings are horrible. and this kid is totally doing a dumbed down version of what the chalk guy does. quick example http://weburbanist.com/2007/09/21/3-amazing-3d-street-artists-urban-graffiti-from-around-the-world/
  9. myke

    Angel Rib Piece Finished

    thank you all for the crit. lots of good stuff here. Silvercat, thanks for liking my work I really like your work as well we just gotta swallow our pride and post more stuff that's not traditional so we can start more of a momentum with it lol. Moon: Yeah I was thinkign the same thing, going darker will make the figures pop. Flatline, thanks for the crit I wanted to keep her somewhat petite and curvy so that's why the boobs are smaller, halo looks jacked in picture like it has a wonky hard edge, but in real life it's not like that. Something is getting distorted. I don't know why one of her boobs looks a lot smaller in the picture because it's not like that in the actual tattoo. I think it's because she's turning away from us as the ribcage turns, same thing for the halo, it looks fine in real life, but it looks like it has a hard turn edge on the picture. 1rottie1: hmm That's how I normally draw lips, what makes it look wonky to you? I want to know so I can be more concious of it next time I'm drawing lips. Everyone at the shop loves her lips. I'll do bigger mammaries next time. Amybird, you are totally right about the wings, they are going at a different perspective compared to her shoulders. I totally didn't notice it, and I know I can use work on hair. If you took out the hair the skull would be okay, it's just where I put the hairline, it almost looks like her hair is thinning out and will eventually go bald. actually now that I look at it, I out a little gap between locks way too deep so yes it would look like she has a bumpy skull. I'll double check in real life to make sure because I could have sworn most of these things weren't problems with the real tattoo. I hate tattooing pictures it creates imperfections and distortions everywhere. thanks again guys! I really appreciate it.
  10. adm

    Oh, I just changed it. When I signed on to this forum, i assumed that "adm" was taken, I guess not

  11. myke

    what happened to your username?

  12. myke

    King Cardinal

    lookin mighty fine there =) glad you had fun!
  13. myke

    Angel Rib Piece Finished

    yeah I'm going back over it to tighten up the shading. no color, just more shading. I think I'm going to keep her as is, maybe minimal light grey to fill in some spots. I just wanna go over death and darken him again. like I said the picture really lightened it up compared to real life but it could use some dark.I think you are right on the backwards thing. I worked so hard on that composition (it has a C and backwards C flow if that makes any sense). but yeah I totally should have fucking flipped the design over so that death would be facing backwards and her forwards. GODDAMNIT!!!!!! FUUUUUCK! LOL. Now I'm ridiculously pissed off at myself for not noticing that. As for where she's looking, she is looking at the viewer. thanks Moon for making me feel like a dumbass lol I really needed it. (this isn't sarcasm, I seriously needed it) I know what my problem was with darker values. I was never comfortable mixing my greys with just black and whitchhazel, so I mixed my own bottles, that made my work look on the light side. I'm saying this because recently I switched back to black and witchhazel and dipping between the two and since I did that my work has a much fuller value to it. It seems that dipping makes my values naturally a little darker. And with premixed they are a little light in the bottles. Plus When it's fresh it still throws me off since the values look darker than what they are going to be. this tattoo was done with premixed bottles so yeah it came out a little lighter than I wanted it to.
  14. myke

    Angel Rib Piece Finished

    yeah lately I have been starting to realize that this seems to be a 90% traditional forum...Maybe I should look for a different forum.thanks for the compliment! =)
  15. finally got to finish my angel and grim reaper rib piece. Made the pic bigger it's easier to see imperfections. Grim reaper is healed. I wish I got to do more stuff drawn from scratch by me in my style around here everyone wants the same boring stuff, or names. in the end I'm really happy with it. Now we are going to work on background elements. I'm sick of my crappy little point and shoot. I need a better camera but as of now I can't afford it...times are ridiculously slow. grim reaper is a little darker than this pic. The lighting and my crappy camera made it all grainy and bleached out. only thing I'm not happy with is the feather going behind the reaper's head. If I did it shorter it would have created a tangent and would have looked a lot worse so I opted to bring the feather out a little further.