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  1. To whom it may concern, It has recently come to my attention the some if not all of your Dick Blick stores may be selling tattoo pigment along with tattoo supplies in the future. Having learned this, I am quite concerned. Tattooing is a profession in which an individual undergoes an apprenticeship for at least 2 years. In that time, he or she is taught the proper, safe way to tattoo. They learn all aspects of tattooing. The history, technical aspects, cross contaminations precautions, proper sterilization techniques, and proper set up and break down of their work stations among many other areas of the trade. Professional tattooers tend to purchase their supplies, i.e. machines, pigments, needles, tubes etc. from reputable, trusted suppliers who limit their sale to professionals only. This is done to protect the public from what is known in the industry as a "Scratcher". A "Scratcher" is someone who choses not to learn the safe practices that are constantly evolving. These people scar, disfigure and spread infection and disease to unsuspecting "clients". These people usually tattoo in their homes. They buy their supplies on auction sites or from unrepeatable suppliers from over seas who care only about making money. As you may or may not know, many true professional tattooer do in fact purchase their art supplies from Dick Blick. I myself spend quite a bit of money there myself. Having said that, we as a whole do not need you to provide tattoo supplies of any kind to myself or any other professional tattooer. We have plenty of sources as it is. By making these items readily available to the general public, my fear is that it will make it even easier for the average person off the street to acquire said items. Thus, potentially spreading disease and infection. This may sound irrational to you but it is a very serious problem these days. With the advent of many tattoo related television show on the air, people, mostly teens feel they can do what they see. They can not. Please help us as a whole to fight this problem our industry faces by not retailing ANY tattoo related goods. I thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter. Sincerely Al Brodeur, Tattooer, 15 years
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    A Letter To Dick Blick

    As of now, Sears has pulled ALL tattoo related products from their website. Dick Blick has changed their retail policy to only selling to artists who produce a license at the store.
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    A Letter To Dick Blick

    I did get a response. They nicely told me to piss off
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    A Letter To Dick Blick

    Didn't mention you at all Shocker, didn't even have you in mind when I responded. The health dept thing is something I hear many people say
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    A Letter To Dick Blick

    At no point did I tell anyone what to do or how to do it.
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    A Letter To Dick Blick

    I see that many of you have completely missed the point of this letter. It was written to inform someone NOT in the trade. Some chose to dissect every line to try to argue specific points. That's great, but for what cause? I could have gone into great length in this letter but most people have short attention spans and would lose the point of the letter which was to inform about un licensed, un trained people tattooing with easily obtained good. I could care less about the poor artwork they are doing. I am concerned about the health of their customers. Where as I have taken the time to write this letter, knowing full well that it will fall on deaf ears, many "tattooers" chose to just complain about the problem or say "just let the health department take care of it. How's that working out for you? Many, if not all of you didn't even know about the fact that Dick Blick would be selling Skin Candy pigment and eventually tattoo equipment until you saw this letter. As a worldwide supplier to the trade, I take this seriously and do my best to review each and every customer. I know for a fact that many of the big names do not. So with that, I appreciate all the conversation this has created although no action of any kind will come from it. We tend to be a complacent group of people unwilling to solve problems just bitch about them.
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    Waverly has two new colors! Adobe and Caramel. I fucking love that guy!!!!!!!
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    Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

    My Stuff will be, I however will not
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    You So- Called Builders

    You so - called builders aint got shit on me!
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    Minneapolis Convention

    I will be there with goodie in hand!
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    Big O Went To The Pain Factory

    My trails brothers and sisters are always welcome
  12. Just a few of the new ones
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    What I've Been Up To Lately

    You'd better freakin' use it!!!!!!
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    I'm on it, Find me under Al Brodeur
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    Sailor Jerry Inspired Gypsy And Snake

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    Tatsoul Envy Needles

    Check Needle Runners. Not sure if Steve carries Tatsoul but Tatsoul carries Needle Runners
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    Remember Me?

    Hey Guys! Been awhile. Been super busy with production. Shit took off and I'm not sure how. Some of you guys (and you know who you are) were there in the beginning and were a huge help. I haven't forgotten that. Anyway, I hope to be on here more often. Besides, who else is going to talk about shitting green apples?
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    Remember Me?

    Ok, now I need to see a chicken shit a green apple
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    Remember Me?

    Why yes I do! It's www.painfactoryinc.com. Thanks for the kind words
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    Tattoo School - Wtf!!!

    To whom it may concern, My name is Al Brodeur. I have been a professional tattoo artist for fifteen years. I am a Tattoo equipment supplier worldwide. I am a husband and a father of four. I am writing you today out of deep concern and a bit of outrage due to an upcoming program on the TLC network showcasing a tattoo school in which student receive their education in as few as two weeks. I am not alone in this concern. There are tens of thousands of "professional tattoo artists" around the world who have sacrificed time, dignity and money through, sometimes, years of apprenticeship training learning the craft of tattooing. A person who goes through this education is taught by someone with years of experience in the industry. The student learns by listening, watching and absorbing every aspect of the trade. They will do countless hours of menial tasks including proper cleaning of the tattoo shop. proper and safe set up and break down of work stations. They will learn proper methods to reduce the potential of the spread of blood born pathogens and way to eliminate cross contamination of said BBP's around the work station. They will learn proper sterilization techniques and precautions. This and much more before ever picking up a tattoo machine and creating a tattoo on a client. With the recent television programs on various networks highlighting the tattoo industry, a growing number of people have decided that they as well can tattoo with no formal training. We in the industry refer to these people as either "scratchers" or "kitchen wizards". These people tattoo in their or other peoples homes in an unsafe, un sanitary environment with utter disregard for the health and safety of their customer. We as professionals must undergo BBP certification to greatly reduce the chance of spreading such diseases as Hepatitis, HIV / AIDS and a new "SUPER BUG", MRSA. We take this very seriously and take all needed steps to protect ourselves and our clients from the transfer of said diseases. I and my fellow tattoo artist who make their living in this trade that we all love are very concerned that your new television show will now only increase the number of so called scratchers and kitchen wizards therefore increasing the spread of infectious disease not to mention the scaring and potential disfigurement of their unwitting "customers". Having said this, we are also concerned that children will view this show as well. Tattoo equipment has become far to easy to obtain by foreign suppliers and unscrupulous domestic vendors including ebay. These items are shipped to whomever orders them with little, if any question. Thus, minors may now think they can tattoo their peers and can do so with no concern for disease spread or bodily injury. The main reason I am writing to you is to make you aware of the potential danger to the public this program can do. I have contact directly and indirectly with thousands of professional tattoo artists around the world and they have contact with millions of their customers. These customer are also your advertisers consumers. I have a list of all of the advertisers that will plan on sponsoring this program. We are planning on boycotting this network and commercial sponsors of this program if the airing of this show is not reconsidered. For the safety of the public and respect for a craft that is thousands of years old, I beg you to not air this irresponsible broadcast. On behalf of the professional tattooing community, I thank you for your time. I SENT THIS OFF TO DISCOVERY HEADQUARTERS ON SUNDAY
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    Too bad the world is ending tomorrow
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    Found A Way To Steady And Strengthen Hands

    I use a smallish green apple
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    Whats Your Hobby?

    Masturbation, but I plan on turning pro! LOL
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    X2 Welcome Don!
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    What To Re-Upholster With

    Tattooed Human Skin. It's what I make my lamp shades with