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  1. Hi guys. Long time since I last visited this place. I have finished my studies and craduated as Jewelry designer. I am currently participating in a entrepreneur course and after that will start my own company on December on January. I have also been kindly taken in by a local tattoo studio. The owner has 20+ years of experience in tattooing and is well respected artist in Finland. He will teach me what I still need to know before starting my career as a professional tattooer. So I have a lot on my plate and could not be more stoked about it! I want to thank this great community for giving me the essential info and support on my first steps with tattooing.
  2. Looks very good. This has a nice movement and I like the look of the snake a lot. Could the snake have a thicker "neck" right after the head?
  3. letaali

    Chef Tatty

    +1 Really good looking skull.
  4. letaali


    Overall a nice tattoo. Where and how big is it?
  5. letaali


    Love that quirky raven Those leaves on the sides could be a tad larger. I dont know if I like that jacket or not. It might heal to look like it was filled badly even tho I understand what you meant to do with it. Bolder outline would have been better as you said.
  6. letaali

    Stats & Facts

  7. letaali

    First Time Tattoo! Need Some Help

    every sweaty exercise will increase the risk for infection.
  8. letaali

    Some Recent Stuff.

    so sadly dead in here All looks good to me. I really like those flowers. Good style. The eye looks a little rough. It is not bad but it could be a lot better with smoother shading.
  9. letaali

    Some Of My Latest Jewellery

    Cheers guys
  10. Mouth is off, neck looks weird, arms are of a different lenght, both hands look bad. A lot of small things. How big is this going to be? there is a ton of small details that will turn out bad if this is not large enough. Based on the quality of the rose you posted I would say that you are not ready to tattoo this as the time being
  11. letaali

    Tattoo Fixing Polynesian

    Yep. Just find an artist that really knows his way around these type of tribals. Few fixes here and there and some color and shading and this will be a whole new tattoo
  12. letaali

    Memorial Tattoo

    This is my stuff. I like the style and the technical part looks clean. Good tattoo. If this was on me reminding of a passed loved one I couldn look at it at all. Just too happy and grim at the same time. I am a bit of a emotional twat..
  13. letaali

    Apprentice Etiquette

    Personally if I were in a similar spot where I have been given an opportunity for free apprenticeship with very talented mentors I would be more than happy without any tipping. As long as I wouldnt be just taking out the thrash, mopping the floor, getting everybody lunch and sitting at the lobby desk. Obviously any person would be happy to get some cash but you are not a bad person if you dont give her tip. Buy her lunch every now and then and get her started on her new career
  14. letaali

    Sailor Jerry Repro's Anchor And Roses

    more black
  15. letaali


    I honestly think that the newest tattoo hype is dying out and there is less and less new people comming in.