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  1. hey are you the  same guy that built a spaulding stinger  customized shorty coils etc. for me several years back? you called yourself marked 4 life,,,,pipster

  2. done here

    Grampa Leather Skin

    ok, so the design is grandpas fault & the poor work is the skins fault, got pics of any other work with decent designs & cooperating skin?
  3. done here

    Grampa Leather Skin

    yer grandfather is 62 so im going to guess yer mid teens to maybe 20?
  4. To replicate another mans (or womans) work, whole or in part, without first acquiring their permission is flat out theft regardless of the field of work.

  5. done here

    Deleting Accounts

    ya know, go ahead & delete mine too while yer at it, i have nothing else constructive to add here & haven't had in quite some time
  6. done here

    Tat Gun?

    or if you want to be real technical, it can be a sub dermal micro pigment implantation device
  7. Fuck the haters & impersonators. Do your own thing or dont do anything at all!

  8. done here

    Birds N Coupla Roses

    yup just straight up fukkin stupid!!
  9. done here

    Tat Gun?

    machine, gun , tat zapper, i dont really give a shit anymore
  10. done here

    Flat Shaders

    id suggest sticking with mags for fill & if you want to use flats, use then for shading.
  11. done here

    Black Ink

    ive heard people complain that one is too prone to blow outs for lining, but never had a problem personally
  12. done here

    Spanish Speaking Members!

    just goin off what ive heard & used in the kitchens man. like i said it was just to the best of my knowledge
  13. done here

    Oxide Build-Up At Contact Points

    pretty sure they were referring to the flame thrower of a point spark
  14. done here

    Spanish Speaking Members!

    here in the states in the restaurant industry you tend to run a cross more latinos so i took for granted it was the "Mexican" translation she was after rather than the Castilian translation, but good to have both for reference