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  1. Ratsnest

    Best Black ink

    I am currently using Blak.... I like it also believe it or not Mom's Black Pearl is awesome and super black
  2. Ratsnest

    Anyone tried any of the black and grey ink sets?

    I like Silverback washes personally , I have tried the eternal and hated it... and I pre-mixed my own as well
  3. Ratsnest

    Skin markers throw em away?

    toss them...
  4. Ratsnest

    Alternative to green soap

    Doc Bonners Peppermint soap.. or just a few drops of dial anti bacterial pump soap in yer wash bottle
  5. Ratsnest

    Greywash inks to try out.

    I like Silverback, I also have used the drop method for years
  6. Ratsnest

    Anesthetics?whats Good?

    I will use bactine on my clients around 2.5-3 hour mark when they start to pussy out .. it knocks back the pain a lil ,, and keeps them in the chair longer
  7. Ratsnest

    Tattoo Breaking Out. Reaction To..?

    if ya over do the ointment it will clog the pores and cause acne... switch to non scented lotion . provided it's not infected
  8. Ratsnest

    Printed Paper Towels Vs. Plain Paper Towels

    I have switched from Bounty to Viva... and now to Scott Shop Towels (the blue ones ya find in the automotive section..) they are friggin awesome ... soft like the Viva but with out the lint...
  9. Ratsnest

    Palmolive Dish Soap

    i just use 91% Alcohol to prep the skin ... and Just Dis tiled water in my rinse bottle... i used to use a few drops of dial pump soap in the mix... but ya dont need it .. and it's one less thing to irritate the skin
  10. Ratsnest

    Tattoo Furniture

    I got a TatSoul 370 it's an older version i got used. no problems at all with the hydralics ... maybe I got lucky, I love it
  11. Ratsnest

    Eteranl Over Intenze

    I personally Love Eternals... I have some Intense and Fusion as well,... Just tossed All my Skin Candy Blood line inks... they just wouldnt stay in ... so many touch ups with just those colors.... I use Dynamic Black but will be switching to Mom's Black Pearl after using up the 1oz sample I have to say I am inpressed with it
  12. Ratsnest

    Sketchbooks....best Bang For Your Buck?

    google, pinterest, deviantart, tumblr..... are usually more effective for me
  13. Ratsnest

    Download : Tattoo Artists Black Book

    i am interested in the Revised one as well, thanks
  14. Ratsnest

    Japanese Tattoo Blog

  15. Ratsnest

    Best Ink

    it's very disappointing.... they should be putting all the bad ass brad name artists againt each other... not nobody's and the drama is useless and anoying
  16. Ratsnest

    Ink Master

    watched it last night..wasn't bad...... Shane, Josh woods and Jeremy Miller are bad ass... the rest not so much
  17. Ratsnest

    How Many Machines Do You Own?

    just 7.. 3 Pulse 1 Dank built 1 Time machine 1 Borg 1 Spaulding
  18. Ratsnest

    Personal Cleansing Washcloths

    i agree way too much extra stuff in there.. water and a lil bit of dial do the trick for me ..
  19. here s a decent list My link I would stay clear of a "Kit" non of the shit in them is really worth keeping... I would buy a decent power supply and a liner to practice with and save for a shader... Technical Tattoo Supply has decent starter gear. be sure to read up on BBP and CC... maybe hang at the shop and watch yer buds set up and break down routines... it easy to create bad habits read this forum and any thing ya can and learn up I like Eternal ink, Skin Candy , few Mom's and Starbrite for inks
  20. Ratsnest

    Whats Your Hobby?

    Drawing ,,, Coaching the Kids sports,,,
  21. Ratsnest

    Recommended Suppliers

    I would avoid buying kit .. just starting out I would buy a decent P/s and a liner and work on piggy till you can save for a decent shader.. most machines and p/s in the kits are junk I bought a kit from Technical and there wasn't any thing that i didn't replace.
  22. Ratsnest

    Greywash ..witch Hazel/ Glycerine Listerine Etc

    I don't dilute the witch hazel when making washes.
  23. Ratsnest

    Must Have Reference Books

    7-Zip .. free works great
  24. Ratsnest

    Machine Gun Magazine Wanted

    would it be possible to snag the 8th issue as well? peter.nelson@comcast.net thanks
  25. Ratsnest

    Ink Cap Size

    9= small 16= med 22= large