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    I enjoy all types of art.....Tattooing, pinstriping, airbrush, painting, screenprinting. I enjoy hanging out with my 9 month old son and watching curious george.

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  1. Amishrob

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Linework for an upper back piece im working on.....still have a bit more to add
  2. Amishrob

    Dead Girl

    Making an effort to check in daily also....It would be nice to have this place lively again......seems to always be a lot of guests lurking about.
  3. The average "booth rental" around here is about $100-150 a week...so you would be looking at $400-600 weekly in tattoo work to break even with just the rent..then consider your supplies, any advertising you want to do, equipment depreciation ( If you track that ) ..........assuming the same booth rental rates in your area if you made less than $400-600 a week the 25% would be an ok deal (minus all the other variables Mark mentioned ) anything over $400-600 weekly and your over-paying with the 25% deal. You have to honestly ask yourself how much do you really expect to bring in weekly.
  4. Amishrob

    Markers And Schtuff

    Good stuff....nice contrast.
  5. Amishrob

    Bishop Rotaries And Cartridges

    Ive noticed the diaphrams in the cheyenne cartriges tend to rip with longer throw machines. I have had more success with t-tech in my neotats.
  6. I wouldn't mind being a moderator if you need them.
  7. Amishrob

    A Few That I Have Done Lately.

    And a line drawing for a back-piece I just started
  8. Amishrob

    A Few That I Have Done Lately.

    A few watercolors
  9. Amishrob

    A Few That I Have Done Lately.

    A few more
  10. some little color stuff.
  11. Amishrob

    A Few Original Watercolor Pieces

    Havent put color into these yet... did these last sunday on my day off.....been a while since I did watercolors consistantly, still blowing out the cobwebs lol Arches 140lb coldpress paper Rapidograph technical pens & waterproof ink. Dr Ph Martins carbon black
  12. Amishrob

    Guy Le Tatooer - Dot Work

    Its like watching a train heading for a bridge thats out. not gonna end well....but you cant seem to look away.
  13. Amishrob

    Quickie Cartoon

    Did my AmishRob logo picture on the apprentice today.
  14. Amishrob


    Thanks ADM...I dont usually do this kind of stuff either. But it was relaxing. Pete...nope...it facing exactly the way I wanted it to face..:-)