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  1. trevrep

    =Ebay And Paypal=

    I read on a forum if you refund the buyer 1p or 10 cents this stops the funds from being blocked. E/pal introduced this fund hold thing in 2008. Give it a try, good luck. More of the same here
  2. trevrep

    The Most Common Tattoo?

    Scorpio, not really superstitious but what is it with all the scorpio people that want to get their star sign tattooed.
  3. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest Poll

    yep that'll do it..........uponart post a contest and redjorma add the twist. Hurry up clock is ticking
  4. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest Poll

    While I was typing it went 9-9 hmmm. Is that a draw then, perhaps you can both choose a theme each, allowing participants to choose whichever theme suits them .
  5. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest Poll

    So it seems "UPONART" is the winner. Post up a new contest . I'd say you both win though.
  6. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest Poll

    The voting is so close, I will wrap this one up and call the winner around 8pm GMT tonight, hopefully a few more votes will come in by then. Cheers.
  7. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest Poll

    Well done you two, both are fun designs uponart redjorma
  8. trevrep

    Week 123 Contest

    GARGOYLES Rules 1:- Original Art ONLY 2:- Each member may submit only ONE entry per week 2:- Pencil, Pen, Ink, Crayon, Paints, watercolor etc... 3:- NO Digital or Photoshop (unless your cropping or making it a smaller size) 4:- Week ends on Friday 21st October at midnight central time. 5:- Art must be "Tattooable." 6:- Nothing you drew a month ago is allowed, must be Original/New stuff from every contestant 7:- If you feel the need to Prove your work, please provide evidence of this. (entirely up to you) 8:- NO High Jacking of the weekly thread what so ever!! Most important RULE is HAVE FUN
  9. trevrep

    Week 122 Contest.

    Hi, not been about much lately, this is a piece I have been working on UNFINISHED (as usual) too busy enjoying the last of the summer sun. Loads more to do on it yet. And the abyss stares back at you, ink on A2.
  10. trevrep

    My 2Nd Sketch Book

    Hi Nimay, just wanted to say if your going to to post images of copied work it is a good idea to mention out of respect the names of the original artists ie, Jamie Hewlett creator of the awesome book Hewligans Haircut and Tank Girl, secondly Edvard Munch's The Scream etc etc.
  11. trevrep

    Would These Hold In Time??

    There has been a few threads on the trails about Ben Grillo's work loads of awesome work in his gallery here
  12. trevrep

    A Deer

    That's some really good going there Hip, certainly worth missing partying for. Great =)
  13. trevrep

    Week 116 Poll

    Wow, finally got some bloody internet connection. Chappy's piece is really cool but had to vote for Feral because it is insanely clever.
  14. trevrep

    Started Again

    Looks a gazillion times better than the first one you posted. There's your money shot. . You spotted the misplaced sand flow, only other thing I notice is the white head dress thingy is looking a bit flat and a slight curve would define head shape better but it is very fractional. Another thing (now this is nitpicking ) I would consider rotating the left upper rose almost 90 degrees clockwise, you will see then that the centre of that rose would almost mimic the shape of the head and give it that thorny yoni feminine quality if you get my drift. I guess you got your idea for the first piece you did originally from "time waits for no man" flash Nice work Monk.