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  1. Zoltan ! Understood
  2. resurfaced and back again , since my absence i have got married, moved to toronto , getting my degree i had to hang up my machines until i get a solid education behind me to fall back on
  3. happy birthday old man !! ..have a wicked day !
  4. i couldnt have said it any better !,
  5. very nice man !
  6. i like the reaper , very nice design indians head ...as mentioned above...proportions are off...and more BLACK
  7. dude !..your killing it !.... awesome piece !
  8. i used to dj in london for ten years...ministry , pacha and all the well known clubs....even released two records ....still fighting the record label for royalties etc but ive hung up my headphones and now i just play the guitar.. other than that no time for hobbies.....as tattooing and my art/machine building is my main hobby/passion/way of life
  9. i use instant coffe in a cup of water (little water maybe 100ml) .....i use quite abit of coffee.....heaped tablespoons.... then paint and spread the desired effect on the paper.....blotching or making an "aged paper " effect
  10. its your first, bound to be learning curves.....youl see all your mistakes once its healed... well done, the pain and concentration .....its quite a mind f""" isnt it !
  11. i was gona come up to get some work from the boss but time frames and the usual shit got in the way........im moving back to the uk in a few weeks so get ready me lads.........
  12. when im back in the uk .......im coming down to sarf"end !!
  13. welcome to the trails
  14. Wow !.....thats all i can really add.....is...just .......fuken...WOW !
  15. i want one !!! .....very nice , very clean ! ...