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  1. Teo


    Zoltan ! Understood
  2. Teo


    resurfaced and back again , since my absence i have got married, moved to toronto , getting my degree i had to hang up my machines until i get a solid education behind me to fall back on
  3. Teo

    Happy Birthday J.d.!!!!

    happy birthday old man !! ..have a wicked day !
  4. Teo

    Tattooing For A Week Now

    i couldnt have said it any better !,
  5. Teo

    First Flash Sheet

    very nice man !
  6. Teo

    Indian Head And Skull Grim Reaper Thing

    i like the reaper , very nice design indians head ...as mentioned above...proportions are off...and more BLACK
  7. Teo

    Rams Head

    dude !..your killing it !.... awesome piece !
  8. Teo

    Whats Your Hobby?

    i used to dj in london for ten years...ministry , pacha and all the well known clubs....even released two records ....still fighting the record label for royalties etc but ive hung up my headphones and now i just play the guitar.. other than that no time for hobbies.....as tattooing and my art/machine building is my main hobby/passion/way of life
  9. Teo

    How Do I

    i use instant coffe in a cup of water (little water maybe 100ml) .....i use quite abit of coffee.....heaped tablespoons.... then paint and spread the desired effect on the paper.....blotching or making an "aged paper " effect
  10. Teo

    My First Tattoo Ever!!!!

    its your first, bound to be learning curves.....youl see all your mistakes once its healed... well done, the pain and concentration .....its quite a mind f""" isnt it !
  11. Teo

    Stag Head...

    i was gona come up to get some work from the boss but time frames and the usual shit got in the way........im moving back to the uk in a few weeks so get ready me lads.........
  12. Teo

    Stag Head...

    when im back in the uk .......im coming down to sarf"end !!
  13. Teo

    Hi From La

    welcome to the trails
  14. Teo

    Tyrrell Wip

    Wow !.....thats all i can really add.....is...just .......fuken...WOW !
  15. Teo

    Friday 13Th Scythe...

    i want one !!! .....very nice , very clean ! ...