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  1. Monk.K

    Been awhile

    Whats up guys, Its been awhile! hope everyone is well. life has been wild for me! I am soon moving states - To Melbourne (Australia) so thats a big adventure... for me anyway Heres a few recent-ish ones from me (shitty convention photo)
  2. Monk.K

    wormssss.. the game

    haha cool
  3. Monk.K

    Some New Stuff

    I actually covered that terrible darth Vader tattoo with that tribal. You guys are jerks True story
  4. Monk.K

    Skin Graft Tattoo

    Anybody have any experience tattooing over skin graft scars? I did one recently, it initially did not look bad at all. the scaring wasn't raised, or even that discoloured. So I wasn't worried about it...up until I tattooed it. the part I tattooed was where they removed the skin. As soon as I tattooed over it, it instantly swelled up. and had huge crators in it. I had to do a face over it so I freaked out abit. I seen it a week into the healing process and it was holding in pretty well, but I haven't seen it fully healed yet. Does anybody have any experience with skin grafts? how did it hold in? close up view
  5. Monk.K

    Some New Stuff

    Havnt been on for awhile, and right after I said I was going to make an effort in staying active too.... sorry :/ I lurk from time to time, and seen that activity has been an issue so I guess I am contributing to the problem by lurking so heres some stuff I have done recently Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any critique you see fit. Cheers
  6. Monk.K

    Favourites From 2015

    Free tattoos always seem to be the best ones. Cheers mate, much appreciated. and you too!
  7. Monk.K

    My Sketches

    Thats just your opinion mark
  8. Monk.K

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    ^^^^ this. I found that anybody that was successfully doing trad or neo trad hair had their own way of doing it which made in unique and just work for them. ^^^ exactly like how you've mentioned here back to what adam said, experiment until you find what works best for you, try not to get so fixed on any one way or one persons way of doing it.
  9. Monk.K

    My Sketches

    Seeing as we have to submit our portfolios to critique.... I hope these meet your standard and I am adequate enough to have an opinion.... Everything everyone said is 100% correct. Your work is not at a good enough level to be shrugging off "studying" Your bodies are wrong, and the anatomy is totally off. and you will not improve unless you work on anatomy as a whole. Not just work on one specific thing thats wrong with a shitty sketch. I understand you are not going for Realism, and that is why the type of art you are trying to produce is best left to be critiqued by the likes of Adm.... So if you really would like to succeed at being a better artist, I would listen to whatever the fuck he and others have to say. I don't say any of that to put you down, and neither do the others - as long as you are willing to listen, which so far you have blown off everyones advice. as long as you do that, the longer you refuse to acknowledge your own mistakes and you'll never progress as far as shitty half ass sketches that just look wrong. example of this - You have posted around 8-9ish months of progression, sine beginning of this thread, to your last post. If anything your lines have got a little better naturally the more confident you have become in your own drawings. But thats as far as you've progressed. your refusal to acknowledge and improve on your mistakes have held you back that you are still drawing shitty, warped sketches. why sell yourself short? just my 2 cents.
  10. Monk.K

    Favourites From 2015

    Hey guys whats up? been awhile! I'm always erratic with trails, but over the next 12 months I am going to try to be somewhat Regular in an effort to stay motivated and keep ontop of my art. So I'm starting here with some favourites of mine from 2015. Would be really cool if others post their own favourites too! This was a super fun one to do, But my client came in with little idea of what he wanted, so this is what we came up with on the day Angled photo sorry! this was taken at a convention I did early in the year, was another fun piece to do on a super cool chick. but was a big sitting! I always seem to tattoo slower at conventions This was a super fun piece to do, I work with this dude, and he has let me do some much rad shit on him. This guy came in on the day of his booing with no idea, which turned into a old gypsy woman portrait, which somehow turned into a bondage leg sleeve haha fun times Another one from a convention at the end of the year. Super stressful piece to do. May have freaked out 10 times over in my head as I was doing it. but one ive wanted to tattoo for years from the Evil Dead And heres one I made a good start too, but still have a few hours left on, which I am looking forward to hitting up again soon! emily dear heart portrait. making tattoos on a tattoo look natural and "healed" looking I find is incredibly hard. Thanks for looking! Hoping to have a bigger and better year this year
  11. Monk.K

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    we'll that is debatable!
  12. Monk.K

    Pencil Drawing Timelapse

    Yeah, thats basically what i did in the finally layer. I would layer it lightly, to build up tones first then start pressing harder. Okay will do. Thanks
  13. Monk.K

    Pencil Drawing Timelapse

    Thanks mate. ah, i have no idea how long it took tbh. I actually did this twice. I put about 6 hours into one when i decided I didn't like the paper lol. So I dunno....somewhere around 20 hours into this one? thats about my average time i'd say. At the moment, I am not selling my art. I have considered prints. but I dont know yet. I've done that before and they sucked. so i'll post up if I decide to or not. Cheers
  14. Monk.K

    Tattooing Athletes

    Funny to read this. I have Tattooed Professional Cage fighters - all of them having solid Professional Muai thai Backgrounds so their legs have taken a beating. One sat his ribs fine, Couldn't handle his calf another sat her stomach and back fine, couldnt handle her calf another had his arm done fine, Couldnt handle his shin. And not just some twitching, I mean. Full sweats, tapping out clients. these are some bad mofos too, so It was surprising to me, but I came up with a theory maybe it had something to do with the amount of conditioning they have done to their legs. But....I never considered it to be an "athlete" thing. I can't say I have had the same experiences with athletes aside from those MMA fighters, but I definitely have with juice heads. I dont know if there is a connection or not. but thats my experience anyway
  15. Monk.K

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    another. Different paper. Different colour. harder to blend on, and ended up a bit more grainy