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  1. Thanks for the add ! Just trying to get on here as much as I can before I wrap up my "latest" portfolio seeking gainful employment doing something related....

  2. The Nerd

    Some Stuff

    figured ide show some work ... Healed Traditionalish Ralism Healed Chest Quickie filler Second Healed Filler lil sumthin
  3. The Nerd

    Hes Back ....

    some of you know me and some of you dont .... i took a vacation for a while to focus on a upcomming book im going to be in and a few other things and i think its time i come back to my roots at ink trails and support those who supported me when i was starting out ... for those who dont know im an asshole lol plenty with vouch for that
  4. The Nerd


    the black was clients request .. its more grey it will lighten when healed ....
  5. The Nerd


    I dunno whats been going on with the red latley in my pictures and people tend to think its not solid.. i assure you it is, and ive seen them healed ... solid red with a fade at the end anyways did this over the weekend ... i know jesus aint perfect, its modded from a traditional acitate design so keep that in mind ...
  6. The Nerd

    Traditional As Always

    heres one i did today goy wanted traditional but the skull bng so i did it traditional bng lol ... dont like the rose on the top top of the skull i only wanted 2 but guy had to have it ...
  7. The Nerd

    2 New Ones

    heres are 2 new ones havent been on top of painting latley due to another project im involved in ... but heres some shit i was able to do inbewteen ...
  8. The Nerd

    Painting Trade For Cielciel

    lol dope
  9. The Nerd

    Hot Air Balloon....

    fuck u i just painted one of these
  10. The Nerd

    Bird And Roses

    loooks really good only thing i see is the blends in the bird and the rose dont transition as well as they could ... i can see where 1 ends and the other begins it should be a nice flow bewteen each color ... still like the work just try and make ur next one have a smoother blend ...
  11. The Nerd

    Wolf Drawing

    change it to a jpg upload it to either photobucket or imageshack.us and use the direct link to post the photo
  12. The Nerd


    not that i know of at all .. i pushed bill to make that color last year a think a few other hopped on the band waggon and he made it happen
  13. The Nerd

    Hey Guys, Can I Get Your Opinions On This?

    ive just gotta say that tattoo is bad i read most of it an seen what had gone on .. man im sorry to hear this was done to you man def not a good tattoo ... i just had to say this because a big pet piece of mine is leaves comming from somwhere there is no possible way for them to come from ... i mean where the fuck are they comming from where is the rose lol ...
  14. The Nerd


    its a nice thin ink ... i think its a bit thicker than sumi but i havent used it in years so not sure .... i love waverly plus bill is a great guy i knew they guy for a year and i made the big move to cali from maryland where hes located and he helped me out gettin a job at a shop out in cali .. weve talked inks on the phone a few times and he def knows his shit ... ide advise to pick up a full set, and that paynes grey is the shit
  15. The Nerd


    yeah as you all know im an advocate for waverly so i can say his black is great .. i mix mine with another black a tad to make it fit what im doing but i love all of waverly colors