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  1. a lil embarased to put this on here but to hell with it! i paint movieverse transformers!!go micheal bay!!!
  2. i agree with all the other comments my only 2 cents is just try and change it up some add takeaway different things,then put your own lil spin on it make it yours!
  3. fugkin dope as always j.d. !!who would have thought dagger,horse head,moth,candle!turned into a masterpiece!!
  4. i like it!!!on her left shoulder the end of the ribbon looks unfinished a lil more shading around it,probably some blood dripping,and maybe some more smoke!!also maybe thicken the letters a bit!!still a good tat!!
  5. the teeth look a lil funny.other than that good piece!!
  6. its a very good clean tat!you should be smiling as well as the dude that got it! i think your just nitpikin on your missed spot deal!but i guess true artist always find room for improvement and are never truely satisfied with their work!!
  7. not to talk down but just looks a lil cartoonish!should look for better references!!keep at it though!
  8. dopeness,but could have used a little bit of water effect to it just for some added drama!but still a very nice clean simple piece!!
  9. all are awesome!good job! quick question for number the beard finished?looks like it needs some more love!
  10. that skull piece is very nice! tho if you would have put a little more white highlight i think it would pop more!!dont get me wrong i would still let you put it on me!!awesome work!!!!!!
  11. please post after u do this!!!please!!!!!!awesome!
  12. eyes r off! 1 smaller than the other and they look outwards,dont know if that was on purpose!other than that looks good!!!
  13. lol ,it is that fuckin reaper! again! stay far away from that reaper!!dangerous i tell u!!
  14. I dig it!!blood does look flat tho'just a lil dark red in it to make it pop some,would fix that!luv the webs too!!
  15. very interesting!if anyone gets it please hurry and post!!!inquiring minds need to know!!