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    deep in the bowels of insanity

    Having a hard time tattooing darker skin tones.

    Check out Mario Barth on the tube!

    Dated idea?

    Personally to me it depends on which one you use. But it really doesn't matter its your body! If you like it I love it!
  3. I agree more lines isn't going to help. The thing with fixing or covering up tattoos is that you don't always get your choice. Find a good artist and have them design a piece with what you want. It will have to be bigger but hey tattoos are on layaway nowadays! A lil bit now a lil bit later!
  4. Carry the grey shading down to the eye more. Outline the top of its head and ad small dark feathers coming off that line. The feathers should pepper up the lines so that it will not be as defined.No need to tell you made a mistake just go find a good artist and go "Full Color Bomb"

    Whats Your Hobby?

    a lil embarased to put this on here but to hell with it! i paint movieverse transformers!!go micheal bay!!!
  6. i agree with all the other comments my only 2 cents is just try and change it up some add takeaway different things,then put your own lil spin on it make it yours!

    Double Horse Headed Dagger Moth Candle?

    fugkin dope as always j.d. !!who would have thought dagger,horse head,moth,candle!turned into a masterpiece!!

    Hey Im New Look At Me

    i like it!!!on her left shoulder the end of the ribbon looks unfinished a lil more shading around it,probably some blood dripping,and maybe some more smoke!!also maybe thicken the letters a bit!!still a good tat!!

    Skull Tattoo

    the teeth look a lil funny.other than that good piece!!
  10. AMP.STIK

    Three Brothers

    its a very good clean tat!you should be smiling as well as the dude that got it! i think your just nitpikin on your missed spot deal!but i guess true artist always find room for improvement and are never truely satisfied with their work!!
  11. AMP.STIK

    Koi Fish Tattoo I Did A Few Weeks Ago

    not to talk down but just looks a lil cartoonish!should look for better references!!keep at it though!
  12. AMP.STIK


    dopeness,but could have used a little bit of water effect to it just for some added drama!but still a very nice clean simple piece!!
  13. AMP.STIK

    Some New Work

    all are awesome!good job! quick question for number 3.is the beard finished?looks like it needs some more love!
  14. AMP.STIK

    Couple Of Recent Pieces

    that skull piece is very nice! tho if you would have put a little more white highlight i think it would pop more!!dont get me wrong i would still let you put it on me!!awesome work!!!!!!
  15. AMP.STIK

    Koi Halfsleeve

    please post after u do this!!!please!!!!!!awesome!