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  1. Epic

    My Machine Sprays Ink??

    Actually, while inspecting it, I realized that I need to replace the O-ring, it sorta tore right off... could that have been it? hah.
  2. Epic

    My Machine Sprays Ink??

    I'm gonna see if I can read up on some tattoo machine tuning.. thanks everyone, I'll post when I finally figure it out.
  3. Epic

    Help Ink Not Staying In The Skin

    No, I don't. In fact I didn't think anyone would pay any attention to my reply. I do think its stupid too point out that it is a tattoo "machine" and not a "gun." I did come here with questions and am infinitely grateful to all those who have replied with their opinions and advice. I'm not here to argue, yes, the terminology thing annoys me so I didn't come back and apologize. If those who come across this post refuse to help me because I decided to be a smart ass once, then so be it. I'm hoping they won't though. Maybe the better thing to do would have been to start a new post entitled "Tattoo Gun v. Tattoo Machine - does it really matter??" but we're past that point now.
  4. Epic

    My Machine Sprays Ink??

    Thanks, I'll try that. I expected to see some but it just caught my attention because we tried his machine and there was no splatter at all and with the same setup using my machine, well, I could turn it on and from a quarter inch away effectively paint any surface black with ink. BTW I am tattooing on human skin.. I haven't tried pigskin or fruit, I didn't know you could tattoo on fruit until I came across these forums.. I allowed a friend to practice his first few months of tattooing on my arm so he's allowing me space on his leg now that I'm giving it a shot.
  5. When I put a shading needle on my machine it sprays ink in a polka-dot-like pattern. It never did this before and a friend of mine who uses the same needles has never had this problem. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Epic

    Help Ink Not Staying In The Skin

    Well it would still be your logic. It isn't my fault if your argument's make no sense.. I was just pointing it out. And I'm glad you work in the industry, kudos. But how is going around poking fun at people who call it a tattoo gun helpful to anyone?
  7. Epic

    Help Ink Not Staying In The Skin

    Does that mean my Super Soaker is a water "machine" because it doesn't shoot bullets? I can't stand terminology douche's, especially those with flawed logic and invalid arguments.
  8. I am about to try my first full color tattoo. I'm sure many are familiar with "Our lady of Guadalupe" or Virgin Mary tattoo. I'm very comfortable with my black/grey but as for color.. do I do grey shading and then the color shading over it, or do I shade the color then try to add grey to it?? Basically, I'm wondering if there is any one "right" way, I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into here.
  9. Epic

    Black Ink

    I'm interested in what brand most prefer for black/grey tattoos. Or, if you can tell me what brand has a better basic color set, my options are Starbrite and Eternal but I only have money for one.
  10. Epic

    Immortal Ink??

    I guess there's no denying it... I need to work on getting myself some better ink.
  11. Epic

    Immortal Ink??

    aw. at least I didn't pay for them. is this unanimous?
  12. I just got a new basic set of Immortal Ink colors that I've yet to try.. I'm just wondering what to expect, I hear they're cheap but good?