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    I try not to give too much of a s**t..i am a tattoo artist from ireland. i love TATTOOS,TATTOOS,TATTOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(the skilled kind that is) LOVE-snakes,I wana travel, not ur usual places tho.i wana do crazy shit like trek in the amazon..flip cars, have near death experiences. I like diving,rock climbing,canoeing and anything adventurous.would love to do skydive or bungee weeeeeeeee, just never get the oppertunity.but im soooo bored most of the time, i still dont get why i cant find time...makes no sense

    Scared Of-Tomato ketchup.....hate the stuff, ewwww Not scared of much though...i think. Happiest When... tattooing,drawing,painting,and sleeping.

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  1. i appreciate the nice comments, it wasnt an i told u so thing really, i just wanted those that were shitty to me to see that regardless of rather its tattooing or not nobody has the right to put anyone down but rather help them, coz they could become a great artist (not saying im a great artist) just saying that people deserve a chance and possibly nicer comments to help them along, i was very hur by some of the things that were said here and we are all adults and should be a bit more mature about things regardless of the industry ur in...if that makes any sense haha but thank you all for recognising my improvements and of course my faults i will indeed pay attention to the things i need to improve on X :-D
  2. also for all of you who were kind and understanding, thank you,m it was comments like yours that pushed me. thank you
  3. ahhhhh well after all that and much shitty comments from some people i am now bangin out this...there is potentially a good artist in those that are starting out and cunty shitty comments and smart ass comments are just fucking uncalled for...heres a recent custom portrait i did....the smelly potatoes secret worked ...so go on, give it a negative critique...just fuckin expected of ya anyways..
  4. its been 2 years since the person tattooed this, i wouldnt be blaming it on them, if they did something wrong then this wouldnt have happened 2 years later, for all you know this woman got an insect bite there or something and got an infection out of it and that caused the problem in conjunction with picking and scratching....
  5. if i were you i would steer clear of intenze for your main colors, they are quite watery and heal faded, i would go with fusion or eternal.
  6. nice work, would like to see how you color them.......:-D
  7. hey there, go to www.smdesigns.co.uk and look for simon murray, he is the owner of the company and a fantastic airbrush artist, skulls are his forte so to speak......he is a real nice guy and very experienced deffinetly check him out, if you cant get simon check out beej curtis of organic image, he is good too... best of luck....
  8. cheers for the replys guys, i wouldnt really be looking for time lapse videos but cheers anyways for posting will have a peek,, i wana see the actual tattoo being done. pictures are cool too as long as there is like a shitload of pics, not like "heres the end of the first session" the end of the second" and the end of the fourth" hehehe, detailed shit i need, ......my main goal is to get what i would get from watching someone tattoo me, so i can learn some things. now for those of you who will say :"go get a tattoo then" i need to let you know that i live in kerry ireland (serious lack of up to date tattoo talent), i am a single mother and im flat broke. the artists i wana get tattooed by are mostly american, i respect my body and i only want good shit on me that means something, the only time i can get tattooed is when the artists i like are in europe,thats usually only like once a fuckin year they usually only announce their schedules a couple months in advance and trying to find the money is very difficult for me, and a babysitter so by the time i do get all that organised to fly to wherever the convention is, the fuckers are gone and the conventions over so im shit outa luck for another year, so this is why i wana get videos/pics of tattoos being done, good tattoos.......so keep posting, cheers
  9. hey people, im on the search for pics or videos of one large tattoo in progress, any tattoo, as long as its large and takes a few sessions, i wana see pics of it as it progresses session by session and if im real lucky maybe if anyone knows of any you tube videos of one being done. even if anyone knows of any videos of a decent tattoo being done, and intricate one preferably.... cheers....
  10. cheers for the advice, nicely put and to the point, here is a few links to my albums on facebook....thanks again eric for your advice. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1517&id=100000452688869&l=6bb9f1163b http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=39318&id=100000452688869&l=cd0d0a3926 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=49012&id=100000452688869&l=b8049d8554
  11. like i said done on my fiance (someone close to me), i didnt get paid, im done with you now because your just a big dick...im not an apprentice btw. peace out to you too.
  12. may i see some of your artwork?????
  13. noi i dont believe its enough and believe me i have no ego, if you knew me , ego is not something i have, im very negative on myself and everything i do,Depending on what a persons oppinion of a scratcher is then no i dont like "my oppinion of a scratcher", which is someone who buys off ebay and tattoos eveyone and anyone with no care and thought into improving, i work my ass off every day to imrove in any way that i can, i have said already that i want criticism but i dont want shittyness and bitchyness and shitty sarcasm in answers, i was so consumed with the rockstar comment you gave me that no i didnt see the hands comment, so i appologise for that but there was no need to take a shitty tone with me......
  14. so mister im not a pro, dont comment on something you know fuck all about.....
  15. jeeesuusss christ, what is with the attitiude, i never said i was a rockstar,wtf like .....i admitted the faults with the tattoo but nobody gets better without faults in the beginning, does no tattoo artist in this world remember how they started??? my tat is not the worst tattoo to be fair,there are good points to it too, thats all im saying, it would be nice for someone to comment on the good things you have done instead of always picking out the bad, i want the bad but i dont want it in a cunty tone thats all , people just throw comments around without the respect to think them through first, if a persons gona critique im happy with that but for god sake will everyone stop being pricks with the attitude,