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  1. Chef-Ink

    Back And Trying To Get Back In The Saddle

    Hello again folks, thought Id check in and give a small progress report. I tattooed for time first time in over a year today, nothing special in any way; just ran some basic shapes on grapefruit. It felt great to be running a machine again, and i forgot how much I missed the smell of green soap. Gonna bang away on fruit and such for a week or 2 and then do a couple simple self inflicted designs on my legs if things keep progressing.
  2. Chef-Ink

    Back And Trying To Get Back In The Saddle

    Hey E, good to see youre still here, thanks for the kind words....hope all is well with you and your family. JD, Damn your tattooing has come a long way man, my hat is off to you....when I was last around you had just started w/ Mark....Makes me very happy to see your progression, you have talent man. ....say hello to Mark for me Rich, I remember you also (LOL My memory isnt completely shot yet).....the other forum I presume is NJ's......that seems like a life time ago. Gotta run, my 4 year old is ready for Crayola madness time
  3. Hello everyone, For those that dont know me im one of the original members on the Trails. Ive been away for a while and am hopefully back to stay. I talked w/ Andy a month or so ago and let him know what was up with me, I felt like should do the same for you guys too. Last summer I was at work and didnt feel right, was kind of spacey and generally out of it. Had an insanely strong headache and couldnt handle the heat. I collapsed and was taken to the hospital. I woke up in the ICU with all kinds of machines, tubes and wires connected to me. For the first couple days things were not well. I couldnt remember my B-Day, address or most important and basic shit. I also had a hard time moving my right arm and hand. After a bunch of tests they diagnosed me w/ having Viral Meningitis, when they did some of the brain tests and scans they found more. I have a 12 MM cyst on my brain, right on my right temple......It isnt cancerous or anything terminal, but it isnt going away without surgery....After talking w/ my wife and neurologist I made the decision not to have brain surgery....too much of a risk for me personally. So instead of surgery Im just dealing with the headaches and muscle spasms in my eye and arm.....the spasms are pretty much gone, I only get them when I get reall tired now. So, I obviously havent touched a machine in quite a while now. With my hand and arm starting to fell somewhat normal Ive been doing some drawing finally. To be honest, it takes me a while and my hand gets tired quickly; but it is getting better. My goal is to be able to use a machine again this summer. PLEASE, dont sympathy type of shit for me. ....I dont want or need it. Im happy, I learned alot about what really imp[important lying in that bed, especially when they asked what religion I was and if I wanted a priest/preacher if things got worse. :blink: If I cant tattoo again, I cant. Yeah it will hurt, but after this summer, im honestly just happy to still be around and able to spend time w/ my wife and kids. So when I start posting drawings, please remember Im starting over at square 1 all over again..this is gonna take some time and work just to get back to being the mediocre tattooist I was. Mike
  4. Hola boys and girls. It's been a while since Ive posted, but been reading when I get a chance. I've been fishing, just got back to shore day before X-mas. Gotta admit it's nice to be on solid ground again, had a VERY hellish trip; 25 foot seas, freezing spray, 50 MPH winds, -20 w/ wind chill and barely any lobster. What fun :-) Spent most of our trip below deck due to the shitty weather and insane seas. The storm right before XMas was insane in the Gulf of Maine. So anyways, hello to my old friends and to the newer members I havent had the chance to "meet" yet.
  5. Chef-Ink

    Pro's Only Section

    bah, rubbish!! There's enough of those kind of forums already, wasn't that the whole idea behind this place to begin with?? Before you hop on me for being a "scratcher" looking for a free ride or knowledge that I "havent earned", lemme note that I apprenticed, Im licensed and have shop experience. However that doesn't matter, learning is learning. Period. i started off on my own with help from some kind and talented people here and at NJ's site. While everyone here isnt a "pro" there are more than a few that earn a living from tattooing, building etc. Hell, ive seen members here (non pro's) that have more talent, drive and smarts than some "pro" artists that i know or have worked with. No offense man, but it kinda sounds like youre looking down on the members here from a high horse.
  6. Chef-Ink

    Working Artists/parents

    Ill be honest when i read your post Clutch and it made me smile, the only other post i read was most of Bubbas, well because he's Bubba and I like Bubba. Man, i understand your situation, it was mine too; almost exactly. I have a wife and 2 young sons (then 1 and 3 years old), they mean more than the world to me . I, like Bubba had to downsize. We moved into a smaller place, I left a good career, took a job that paid me a little more than 1/2 of what i made. It wasnt easy, i worked/ apprenticed ALOT of hours, at least 80 hours a week for about 7 months straight. It bugged me not seeing my boys and wife, but it was worth it...it wasnt forever, it was 7 months. I used to lug my ass to a job i HATED, and when I was tattooing I couldnt wait to get into the shop. It was the first time in my life i was happy with work, it wasnt work. When I was done apprenticing I had a somewhat normal family life, we all know tattooing isnt a 9-5 mon-Fri kinda gig. I got to spend mornings with the boys and Sunday was family day. I wouldn't even answer my phone on Sundays, nothing but family. It made me a better Dad and husband because I was happy. I wasn't miserable going to work or a tired, angry dickhead when I got home. Things didn't work out for me in the long run at the shop. But it was worth it. I learned a lot, saw a lot and took a lot from it. I now know it can work, i just should have waited for a better situation for myself. I actually was considering apprenticing again, but now I dont think I would. I couldnt put my family through that again, i dont mind working 40-50 hours a week; but 80 isnt gonna happen again. Great quote from a great movie: "Dont live in regret ese"
  7. Chef-Ink

    Roll Call!

  8. Chef-Ink

    1 Yr Anniversary ..

    congrats fellas, good stuff
  9. Chef-Ink

    Just Got A New Job In A Shop!!

    Congrats E, im truly happy for ya man
  10. Chef-Ink

    About Salary

    I apprenticed and tattooed for free while I apprenticed, any $ i made as an apprentice went to the shop owner. When I got my license I supplied all of my tattooing gear, the shop only provided cleaning supplies. I got a 60% cut of whatever I did, but the shop owner got the lions share of the work. If i didnt tattoo i didnt get paid. If someone walked in w/ a recommendation for me and I wasnt there he took the work. If someone called and I wasnt there I never got the message. If I was dumb enough to leave a drawing for a customer around the desk and the customer came back when I wasnt there he would do the tattoo, i wouldnt get $ or a simple thanks for doing the drawing. I left because of that and some other bullshit going on. I would probably not get back into a % situation again, Id rather rent space or just do my own thing.
  11. Chef-Ink


    Lots of stuff been posted here on 'em..i remember one getting outta hand and a rep. from the company posting. try the search tab.
  12. Chef-Ink

    Yakuza Tattoos

    Next time you shade try not stretching the skin much and not at all....makes soft shading easier for me.
  13. Chef-Ink

    Down The Drain..

    Sam, pretty sad way to go about things. I remember talking with Andy and him being bummed how things were going with you. It was more than 1 occasion and lasted a while. He was bummed out, not angry or being a dick from what I know. Remember talking with me? I remember our conversation...I was at the end of my apprenticeship and finally tattooing in the shop and were just starting your apprenticeship Look, you had an apprenticeship and it didnt work out. Doesnt sound too rough to me, sounds typical. His post (from how long ago?) wasnt "dickish" either, yours and your bosses are. If your post is indicative of how you deal with things it dosent surprise me that you didnt last.
  14. Chef-Ink

    I Think My Studio Job Is Over :s

    I dont agree that you cant tattoo. I know you can because I did it. At my day job I worked 6 AM - 2:30 PM 6 days a week, I had Sundays off. I tattooed 4 nights a week from 4 PM until close and all day on Sundays. I went 3 1/2 months without a day off. All I did was cook, draw, tattoo and sleep. Went a stretch of 9 days without seeing my 2 kids while they were awake and barely saw my wife. It can be done, it sucks and isnt easy; but it can be done if you really want it bad enough. Why not just tattoo a few nights a week and all day on 1 weekend day? This still leaves you with a full day off from school and the shop and a few free nights. Theres gotta be a way you can still tattoo at the shop, be creative with your schedule, you'd be surprised how much time we all waste. Either way best of luck to you.
  15. Chef-Ink

    What Breed Of Dog Is This.?...

    Ive been around Pitbull and Am. Staffs my entire life including doing rescue work. I see alot of Am. Staff. in the dog. My oldest was a mix of Am. Staff and Boxer, i see alot of similarities between my "Boots" and yours in the pic. Great mix, brains, brawn and an unstoppable heart for human companionship. Dont get sucked into the media bullshit stereotyping of the breeds. Absolutely GREAT family dogs when trained by a responsible person like yourself Joe. If the local city/town makes you register the dog, save yourself some "problems" and call the dog a Boxer X....trust me, saved me alot of hassles where I lived at the time.