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    neck scars vs tattoos

    So I know neck tattoos are often usually frowned apon but... How often does someone go wide eyed jaw dropping won't even reply or talk to you and run away.. I have brutal looking neck and forearm scars and I'm not sure what to do. They don't bother ME per say but.. on the other side of the fence I might want to exemplify them. ie.. make them more pronounced.. if i'm fucked either way. Not sure whats worse a tattooed 'felon' or a unstable suicidal maniac.
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    I'm going to be brutal and honest as that is the only way any of this is worth anything to anyone. However without you asking I would never do such things especially not being able to share my own. maybe moon just explained it, I couldn't wrap my head round it. regardless.. the straight lines of the fabric bugged me.. and the circular vine hoopes are as well.. I know live vines would never follow such paths but since they are so close to being perfect circles the slight imperfectness bugs me that much more. though this is just design and has nothing to do with realism. otherwise keep it up.
  3. Hey someone is sending me a ITS bulldog.. its in the mail now. I'd like to set it up as a shader running 14-35? mags? I'm wondering If anyone has their measurements on them. I was looking at pulse and eikon. I also had time machine springs recommended. I didn't really make this thread for 'what springs bars to buy' so much as whats compatible with what. though If you would like to mention how you have yours setup and how you like it I think that would be cool too. thanks.
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    Machine Listing Apature Bar And Spring Sizes.

    Thanks. You are right, and deathtones I believe you were just trying to help. I am maybe over zealous. and not very good at communicating what it really was I was looking for. I should have known I'd get jumped on for trying to race before crawling.. I have this school of thought in almost everything I do.. guitar,glass. there is no right way to learn.. there is orthodox ways which many know to work.. even possibly well. its as rediculous as "he's not as far in life as I am" everyones experences are different.. everyone knows what they know.. there is a lot to explore in any genre. On the glass forum I'm a part of everyone always said "don't do that, you have to do this first" I say fuck that (not fuck linework). so many of you came from a 'scratcher' background where you just got the stuff and ran with it.. you were doing things you shouldn't have been and breaking boundries.. learning what people don't think you should know and teaching or understanding what some 'seasoned vet' hasn't quite figured out yet. So maybe concentrating on technique to do what you want isn't the basics.. but what is basic is all subjective anyway. so I'm a newbie.. I'm in the wrong.. I'll figure it out... eventually. thanks everyone.
  5. observe

    Whats Up?

    Hey, young buck here 30, came out of highschool not wanting to work for any company I've ever delt with.. Desired to make it playing music played in a punk band 7 years 3 recordings broke up, sold my music gear after 2 years of denile, bought lampworking equipment.. went to town.. 4 years persuing glass later I started doing 2d art again. Met some body mod people.. picked up a amsco dynaclave, picking up some 2mm white foam and going to do my tattoo 'flash' on there. Studing BBP and cross contamination, hooking up with the local shop and learning all I can. Planing on getting off the east cost (yea i know home is where the homies can help most) traveling out west.. hoping to hook up with a laid back atmosphere where people draw and do skin art. Willing to trade trade skills with anyone willing to share. .. and one day I'd like to finish designing my own (empty canvas) and load it up. If anyone has any shop recommendations in Eugene, Portland area with possible 'apprentice' or the like openings I'm open to listening as once I get my practice sheets filled up I'd like to share them with the world.. as art often meaningless without the aspect of sharing it. 10 years of art and still trying to 'make it' (just like everyone else heh). As some may know OR also has some of the best glassblowers in the world which I also plan on studying under. I also heard it was one of the best places for getting the health departments approval for tattoo work? I don't know how long it will be when I know everything I need to before working on live skin I haven't done much research. I don't know If I should sell the autoclave or if I even can go all disposable but as of now I'm not sure I'll need it.. especially since I have no aspirations of opening my one shop only working under one. I'm not interested in a lot of line work.. I know some will be necessary for strong contrast areas but I mostly want to learn shading technique and gray wash so I can jump right into replicating whats in my head/on paper. Anyway, I'm all ears here.. Nice to meet all you.
  6. observe

    Whats Up?

    Thanks I'm on it.. I've seen your sig after many good readings now.. thanks for looking out, Already got HEP vacine, always a student though. good things. yea late start eh? It seems just like yesterday... I read to a lot, maybe balancing study with practice though I haven't quite figured.
  7. observe

    Machine Listing Apature Bar And Spring Sizes.

    I don't think you understood the pros of the request, or even what I was asking for? I realize it was long winded but you don't have to pretend like you read it. in the search function find me armature bar measurements for my machine, Now since my machine isn't the most pleasureful ride in town its getting a rebuild. Armature bar and spring sets now.. coils and possibly cap later. I looked at ITS's website I didn't see any mesurements.. I went to buy a new bar.. I see mesurements.. If the bars to long the needle will ride on the end of the tube causeing to much friction/bogging unregulated speed changing.. if its to short the opposite.. possibly causing exsesive needle bending and bounce/tearing.. I'm trying to learn my machine. I understand setup and tuning for many different application already.. the question was one of size.. how long is your dick? will it fit my hole... not your dick is bigger then mine because I automaticly assume a new member doesn't know how to use the search function, and i'm playing babysitter cop to make the forum a little more intuitive.. Yea it was a short term memory slip/typo. yea thanks for the heads up I know.. the coils are decent could be better.. I guess i'll see what its capable of pushing soon enough. I thought this could have been a cool thread guess I shouldn't babble so much when its late impatiently excited. Ive seen the posts with spring sizes, duty, voltage, gap, hrz, (not exactly) cps and so forth as well as what people think of there machine.. really I just wanted armature bar measurements as to not but I guess I can use a measuring tape and then call 15 different suppliers and then maybe the size range i need.. or the built quality I want MIGHT ship to me.. OR my request to better gather/consolidate data could be considered valuable by someone and the info will start to appear. Or am I really that way off and none of this is pertinent as everyone just buys whatever machine they want prebuilt. sorry if I came off like a dick.. i dont' feel like editing