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  1. silvercat

    Impossible Coverup?

    A lot of good suggestions in this thread, not an impossible cover up at all tell your client that tribal is not an option and see which of these ideas he likes the most.
  2. silvercat

    Impossible Coverup?

    I don't think a tribal design would fit well with this. Since the center of this tattoo is pretty light and the tribal around it (doesn't really seem like a tribal to me though) looks almost like hair, I would go with something realistic, like a face of a lion or a monkey. That's the first thing I saw when I looked at it..
  3. Omg is that nail polish? He's cute but with the right kind of attitude for sure!
  4. silvercat

    Improving Tiger ..or Is It A Bear?

    Damn you Paul, after comparing the tiger you linked to the tattoo I did, I feel I did a really lousy job with this one. I must admit I did get so overwhelmed with this project, that I thought it would be impossible to make it look more like a real tiger, but now I see possibilities like the way stripes could have been drawn on the forehead. I wish I would have at least searched for this kind of reference before drawing this out The teeth bother me too, but honestly I don't think they could have made even with the existing tattoo being so damn dark and bold around them. Or they could have, but they probably would have turned out grey instead of white. Next time I'll do better and use references no matter how hard the job would seem I actually started another tiger-coverproject this week, I think I'll post the process to woodshed.
  5. silvercat

    Improving Tiger ..or Is It A Bear?

    Thanks Paul for your critique, I really needed it! I also feel that this tattoo could have been done way better than I did (and it would have if it was done by someone with more experience and vision), but can't quite put my finger on what should have been changed with the design. Could you give any pointers?
  6. Busy busy busy... :P

  7. silvercat

    Improving Tiger ..or Is It A Bear?

    Thanks guys so bearcat/kat it is then! Cool to hear about your experience with white dead bird, would you happen to remember what brand of ink you used?
  8. silvercat

    Cover Up Trouble

    Hi Numbnuts, thanks for the tip I haven't heard about Ed Weston before. I have used white to certain types of things when doing cover-ups, but I'm still somewhat skeptical of how it covers black over several years. You can only put a certain amount of ink in to skin, and there it will blend with already existing ink. So when adding white over black, it will most likely turn into grey, and possibly darken over time because white fades faster than black. Thankfully black ink as well as white also fades, so it should be easy to fix when needed.
  9. silvercat

    Improving Tiger ..or Is It A Bear?

    Ok here they are: The transparencyfilm-sketch that I made from the tattoo, and the drawing that I did based on it. At first I thought that I might figure out something to cover up this thing, so I also marked some measurements as well as the shape of his arm on the film. I overlapped these two in this third picture so you can figure out what covers what. About the tattoo: I'm pretty sure that some of the white ink that I used on those cables will turn into grey when this tattoo heals, which is the reason why I used white instead of grey. I used a lot of white and grey (along with black, of course) to cover up those skin rips with the box and paws. And the box.. to be honest I don't know what it is. I just couldn't figure out anything else that would fit in there, and after giving it some thought my client decided that it might be some sort of a fuse or detonatorbox. We left the screen empty in case he figures out some number or initials that he would like to add to it later.
  10. silvercat

    Improving Tiger ..or Is It A Bear?

    Thanks guys and yes, my client was really happy with the outcome. Since the tattoo was 10-20 years old, it was faded enough to make these changes -I'd say that the photo shows it pretty accurately, when you compare it to the after shot. Oh, and I used silverback black and white, other colors are intenze. Now I'm really bummed because usually I always take photos of stencil/sketch over old tattoo, but this time I thought it wouldn't be necessary I do have the sketch I did of his tattoo on transparency film that I can place over the drawing I did based on it, I can overlap and scan them tomorrow if it would be of any help?
  11. silvercat

    Cover Up Trouble

    Finished product ready to be sliced and diced:
  12. Some of you might remember this tiger that my client wanted to cover up or improve, I finally got to tattoo it yesterday and thought you might want to see how it turned out. It might not look like a tiger anymore, but did it really look like a tiger before? After looking at these photos today, I found some stuff that I could have done better. Oh well..
  13. silvercat

    Week 129 Contest Poll

    Ok ok I'll vote.. and my vote goes to Letaali
  14. silvercat

    Ridiculous Requests From Clients

    OMG that's genius! How didn't I come up with something like this I don't know, but I seriosly need to talk her into it Thanks for the great ideas mike and natebot, I laughed so hard that I almost broke my neck.. Seriously, good stuff
  15. Excuse me for I must rant a little after my todays consultation with a client. She's an older lady who wants to have cat's paw prints tattooed around her ankle, but not in a way that they form a closed circle. First off, she wanted them to be no larger than 7 mm of size. She also wanted them to look realistic, no black fill. She refused to believe it's not possible to do so small, but when I told her that they look a lot bigger on paper than they do on skin I managed to talk her into 1 cm of size. Ridiculously small still, but manageable. So I drew her some 1cm sized paw prints, and she gave me a new request regarding her pawprints: She wants them to be illustrated in a way that they start from the past and are going to the future. She didn't know how it should be done, she thought I would know since I'm an artist and creative. So how can I draw pawprints that are going from past to the future?