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  1. S.Longfellow

    Pr Rattler

    I can understand how you guys are seeing that. Quite honestly, I was using the BG more to allude to different tones in the snake's skin (without use of color). Appreciate the feedback!
  2. S.Longfellow

    Pr Rattler

    Agreed. It was part of the original design and didn't notice until after I had outlined it Good eye and thanks for the feedback.
  3. S.Longfellow

    Pr Rattler

    Paul Rogers acetate design turned tattoo. Client has no color on them so we stuck with B&G. Feedback always welcome.
  4. S.Longfellow

    Hand Tat

    Really like the contour/angle of the eyes. Sweet as usual. Did client come up with design idea?
  5. S.Longfellow

    Best Dark Brown?

    Classic color systems chocolate brown. You can also add a little blue to any brown to make it cooler (ie, more chocolate and less burt siena).
  6. S.Longfellow


    Real nice, JD. The white highlights really give it a realism "pop." And the blue, red in the wings really goes a long way to balance the yellow.
  7. Just paint, paint, paint flash. And show them what you've been up to...You'll need to forget everything you know about machines when you land an apprenticeship.
  8. S.Longfellow

    Use 5Rl With 7Diamond Tip

    5RL in 7 diamond is typically AOK. Depends on the size of the size of the needle and the size of the tube. If there's too much room, you'll get ink spittin' and too much flow.
  9. S.Longfellow

    Roll Call!

    Ochenta y seis
  10. S.Longfellow

    The Joeswanson Tattoo Design Contest!

    Sleep, your design rocks. GREAT, rich colors and love the wood grain backdrop... Here's my take. Based on some old flash references (top eagle, flags) ad some modern photos (Humvee, oil rigs). Hope you enjoy.
  11. S.Longfellow

    The Joeswanson Tattoo Design Contest!

    Now you're talking my language. It shall be done.
  12. S.Longfellow

    New To Watercolours

    Black India Ink first, spit-shade, stain paper if you choose...then color over that. Nice work BTW.
  13. S.Longfellow

    Racer Skull

    Really like the symbols on the white of the flags. Agree with above comments on the flaps.
  14. S.Longfellow

    Clever Snake

    Great job! I wish the Einstein head was a little more cartoony and traditional to balance out with the rest of the piece, but really nice work.