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      I'm seeing a lot more questions from people who are looking to get tattoos, asking about ideas, healing instructions, etc. These are questions you should ask YOUR  LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST, not random people on the internet. This site is specifically for tattoo artists and those looking to get into the trade by way of an apprenticeship. Don't be shy! Google local artists and drop by a shop or two, check out their portfolio of work and talk about your ideas with a professional who can help you achieve the best tattoo experience. 

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  1. Main concern with "scratchers" is their lack of hygiene. Working out of your home doesn't necessarily define you as a scratcher. Being a slob does. Cold calling for apprenticeships is never received well (unless you happen upon someone who churns out shitty apprenticeships for a lot of money). Approaching the tattooer that does most of your work's usually a good way to go. I never did an apprenticeship. I just researched the process and equipment; practiced on myself a LOT; took a blood born pathogens/cross contamination prevention course - then applied what I learned through that with extreme overkill; then found some friends who volunteered for my first tattoos with a full understanding that I was without experience. I was also acquainted with a few tattooers who considered me to be a competent artist and didn't mind giving me advice (also knowing full well that I was tattooing on my own). After a few years of that, I started tattooing out of a shop. If you have a portfolio of good tattoos, you can pretty much bypass the apprenticeship stage. That being said: learning on your own is a very slow learning process. I'd have much rather been in a shop learning to tattoo.
  2. Help me figure out what this is

    stylized chrysanthemum
  3. Airbrush

  4. Tattoo critique please

    Overall, not a bad start; just has room for refinement. There's a few places where the shading doesn't meet a line. Could use more shading going around the side of the skull to give it more form. And the one piston needs to be darker to separate it from the skull. I have a hang up about illustrated objects have to be able to exist in three dimensions. To that end, those pistons couldn't really be set into the eye sockets at that angle. BUT, I've seen a lot of great tattoos whose imagery defies perspective; so my personal hang up may be to my disadvantage.
  5. Tattoo moisturizer

    nope and nope. Once its healed, any moisturizer will make the outer layer of skin more translucent; making the tattoo seem brighter. Sunlight will fade a tattoo. Age will soften its edges. "Daily Ink Sealer" is about as much bullshit that can be packed into three words.
  6. Maybe post a link to the image on another site. Too small to see.
  7. There's other tattoo forums out there? I thought we were the last group of douchebags on the last ghost town of an antiquated discussion format!! We're douchebags basically of r the sake of amusing each other; and to see who's either got thin skin or a knack for the snake comeback. (You're getting picked on for not introducing yourself prior to asking equipment questions). If you've been using a Stealth - or anything from WWTS, for that matter - almost anything's going to be an upgrade. I've been using John Clark's magnetic rotaries for a couple years now. Dan Kubin's machines are great, as well. Getting machines from both of these guys can be like winning the lottery, though, as they're hand made in small batches that sell out almost immediately.
  8. Pretty much anyone who can put ink in the skin.
  9. Is my tattoo infected l

    Could be an ingrown hair or clogged pore. Wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor, as I am definitely not one and am just guessing.
  10. Does Numbing Cream Effect The Skin?

  11. Fever?

    You let him start on a tattoo design you weren't satisfied with. Never heard of anyone getting a fever without some kind of infection. Or, do you just assume you have a fever because you have the chills. Feeling cold after a session is normal. So is exhaustion. It's a response to stress.
  12. That'll be $25, thank you. I take Paypal.... or you could just give all of your credit card info ..... and your SS#.
  13. Or, put a tree line reflection at the shoreline. Center it on the tattoo - not on the shoreline - and it'll even out the proportions of the mountain and its reflection. After that, if anyone's examining the mountain/reflection line for line, well then they're standing too fucking close.
  14. Ultimately, it's an easy cover up if you just want to start over. Get this tattoo done exactly the way you want it elsewhere, and cover this one with something different. Or, just leave it be. You'll be amazed how easy it is to get used to an imperfect tattoo (especially when you get more)
  15. Whew! Well, I feel a bit older after reading that in its entirety But, it does have the appearance of not-quite-right perspective. If you can't live with it, layering the bottom off and redoing it's an option - but expensive. Finding something to cover the reflection with wouldn't be difficult. The inkblot effect sounds like it would work. How to interact with the tattooer's an awkward situation. I'd tell him the reflection's off and ask him if he could fix it or cover it. Might happen.
  16. New tattoo problem

    Wait until it heals and go to someone who can fix it. That application is very shaky and very blown out.
  17. New Transfer Paper - super dark transfer!

    I"ve started using Spirit's green stencil paper for average sized tattoos that are going to have fine details or are to be greylined.

    The Thunder's the go-to jackhammer of the rotary category. You get one hit for every task, so you have to adjust other factors accordingly. As a direct drive, you can use cartridges with it (which don't work well with anything with an adjustable hit); so you can have one machine on your table for all of your needle groupings. My suggestion would be to look up Workhorse irons, buy a machine set up for B&G and a couple "build it yourself" hardware kits to experiment with set ups. Get a bunch of 5-packs of different needle groupings and some good black ink, pull your pants down and see which set up with whatever needle grouping does what to your thighs. There's "beginner" machine when it comes to quality. A good rotary will run about $500; a good coil machine will go for $250-$400; but you'll need a few of them for different tasks. The build-it-yourself machines from Workhorse are usually about $200
  19. Help with tattoo design

    Replace it with "Incest". It's family-oriented.
  20. New tattoo question

    it'll be fine. Wear loose sleeves over it if you think it'll get sunburnt. Sunlight fades color tattoos over years. It won't erase it in an afternoon
  21. Is there any etiquette to this

    Yup. At the very least, a definitive "go fuck yourself" to the both of them. But the apprentice's move is incomprehensible.
  22. Tattoo question

    Could be a few things. Did you go to a doctor for the infection? If not, it may not have been an actual infection. Excess aftercare will mimic an infection (tender,swollen, red around the edges), minus the puss. The proper amount of aftercare ointment is almost none. If you can see it on your skin after you've applied it, it's too much. That being said; it could just be sensitive skin. I heal horribly, and can't put any ointment on my skin at all without a bad reaction. I also get ink allergies and my tattoos healed scabby and itch and burn for weeks after applied. If that's the case with you, it's just bad luck. And also, it could be poor application.
  23. Tattoo question

    who are you getting your tattoos from? And post a photo.
  24. Can my sleeve be fixed?

    *EASILY* fixable.