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  1. David

    I Invented Tattoo Ink Shaking Machine.

    I think I'd murder anyone who ran that thing within earshot.
  2. David

    Help me to get some inspiration (fix)

    Cover the writing with a back ground that joins your various tattoos
  3. David

    Foot tattoo not sticking

    Aftercare's not the issue. Ink needs to be deeper.
  4. David

    Problem with disposable tubes

    You might have to put up some photos, because I can't follow what you're trying to say.
  5. David

    Where to start

    You might just want to follow the modern trend: get a direct drive rotary (preferably with an adjustable cam) and run cartridges.
  6. David

    Where to start

    Nope....unless you can line real slow and real careful. Black Claw sells the best needles...when they're not sold out.
  7. David

    New member seeking advise

    "skin colored" pigment will do absolutely nothing to tone down a blackwork tattoo.
  8. David

    Where to start

    Needlejig, Kingpin, Lucky's, Tatsoul, Workhorse. All sell the basic supplies. May or may not check shop status before clearing and order, though.
  9. David


    Get yourself a decent coil liner. That way you can adjust the force of the hit with the voltage as you work. The majority of your line work is either falling out or blowing out. Thunder's got a 4+ mm throw on its cam. It's a jackhammer. Not suitable for subtle work unless you've really got a good feel for skin tension and needle depth.
  10. David

    Tattoo healing question

    Looks like they barely got the ink in there. The brownish tone is just beat up skin. It should go away in a week or so; but whoever did the tattoo probably shouldn't be the one to re-work it.
  11. David

    Kanji check

    Nope. Translation sites are moderately inaccurate. Find someone who's literate in Chinese and get some first hand information.
  12. I had one client whose skin stayed pink for a very long time after B&G work. She said it wasn't irritated in any way; just stayed pink for a couple months after it healed.
  13. David

    Lightbox setup

    iPad and stylus with Procreate app. Handles everything. Haven't touched a sheet of paper since I got it.
  14. David

    Is this tattoo design well made?

    it's horrible; don't do it.
  15. David

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Judging by the line work, it appears that your tattooer is a bit hit-or-miss with their application. And, unless that's a shadow, it appears that the red should be as it is at the bottom of the heart. The rest either fell out a bit or wasn't applied properly. Your skin tone is very standard. I've never tattooed an albino, so everyone that comes in is somewhat between tan and brown.
  16. David

    Wonder if I get any replies but hi!

    Welcome to the forum.
  17. Sting's the liner...or B&G shader....or color packer if you lose the cock ring.
  18. David

    Do tattoos fade with time?

    No matter what you do, your tattoo will soften and fade.
  19. David

    Questions about my stigma hyper v3..

    Sounds like there's a oil port on either side of the "a-bar"
  20. David

    Help Improve My Tattoo Please

    Get it reworked by someone who has a clue about drawing the human figure. May end up going opaque black and grey to adjust the anatomy properly. The other wing is needed, too. In perspective it would come out behind the angel's head and end about 4-6" directly below your nipple. Clouds and sun rays would fill it out, if that's what you'd like. If the light source was directly behind the angel's head, it would legitimize all of the excessively black shading in the angel's upper torso.
  21. David

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    Light purple with what appears to be a purple background as well, and with only purple shading will all settle in as a very low contrast tattoo. It will be relatively simple to adjust to your liking by someone who's more competent at the style you like.
  22. David

    Aaron Cain

    As it's a seven year old topic, I had to go back and re-read this thread to experience the hate and shit-talking. Found one post out of twenty that had a negative thing to say. I suspect an unrequited man-crush. may be a motivating factor in this much-belated retort. Entertaining, though; so, thank you!
  23. David

    Anyone tried any of the black and grey ink sets?

    you're paying ink prices for bottled water
  24. David

    Help with becoming a tattoo artist please?

    Want to be a tattooer? Don't bother with the university education. You'e not going to do both, effectively