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  1. Doesn't matter what it actually says. If you got text that small as a tattoo, that's about how clear it would look in a rather short while.
  2. welcome to the forum. Your situation sounds familiar. Keep looking and learning. Ask a lot of questions and expect some cryptic answers
  3. first forum I found. How many years ago was that?
  4. welcome to the forum
  5. Don't know, Mark. Been hiding in an air conditioned enclosure for the last few weeks
  6. that one works. or, maybe your tattooer could be the one to draw it up for you.
  7. Joking, right? If not, maybe you should just wear socks with cute designs on them
  8. If you're tattooer strikes you as being incompetent, don't get the tattoo. What makes you think he's not making the right choice?
  9. If you're going to go e-bay, buy brass. Even shitty brass won't ever magnetize the way shitty steel or even shitty stainless will. Worst case is bad geometry; which can usually be fixed with a selection of files and a drill or two...or three. I've seen frame blanks somewhere on ebay.
  10. dark background; then, anything you want. And make sure your tattooer has a plan for the whole thing, based on how much coverage you want. You don't want something that looks patched together.
  11. welcome to the forum
  12. Nice work. Welcome to the forum
  13. I didn't have boobs at the time of my chest tattoo; but now, closing in on 50, with a preference for good food and booze along with a job that has me sitting on my ass most of the time, I'd say Ive developed quite a nice set. But I'm a guy so exercise would matter. I take it your a woman (not an out of shape middle aged man); in which case no amount of exercise will maintain your breast tissue. They're gonna drop an wrinkle just like my nuts. So there's that. Get a design similar to a henna style, or lace. Those will move with your body and look good even if movement or posture distorts them. A "picture" such as a butterfly is just going to be twisted looking unless your standing perfectly straight. Besides, butterfly tattoo's are for your crotch, not your cleavage. And, most importantly, if you're just here to spam us with boob enlargement links, how about you just get some advertisements tattooed right across your nice new shiny plastic bubbles and walk around naked. That could appear really hot as well (to a teenaged boy perhaps)
  14. I like turtles
  15. floral background
  16. Large fields of black don't really cover all that well. Black is dark, but still mixes with the color it's being added into. No texture = no camouflage.
  17. Hey

    Welcome to the forum
  18. Easier said than done; but you've just got to find a way to relax. If your getting shaky from the start, then it's just in your head. Bring your phone and watch a movie, or just listen to something distracting. In the past I've found that "focusing on your breathing" when anxious just reminds that I'm trying to not be anxious....which then makes me anxious.
  19. welcome to the forum. Got questions? Ask 'em. Got info? Fork it over. Not too many people keeping this thing going, but somebody'll put their two cents in. You tattooing or getting tattooed?
  20. Photo?
  21. Doesn't matter. Get ready to get requests....I mean demands by the Pinterest tattoo design shoppers
  22. I usually have twisted vines, leaves and small buds throughout the background in floral sleeves. I make a flowing pattern that carries through the whole design with the vines. The small colored flowers would look good, too. My criticism of what you already have is that it lacks texture. The leaves and stems have the same line weight and smooth shading as the petals. And the roses are somewhat randomly shaded. What you have is a good start, though, and can be easily refined.
  23. post a photo