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  1. Hey

    More of a cake person myself; but welcome to the forum, anyway.
  2. I generally stay away from anything readily available on E-Bay
  3. Since we're total strangers, I'd say do what you'd like.
  4. .018" springs work well. May just have too much tension on them. Post pic's when you can.
  5. A simple background will do the trick as well
  6. Awesome. Hilarious. And very well done
  7. maybe you're a lizard?
  8. or, NO! That would be a losing proposition in almost every case. If someone needs to finance a small tattoo, then they're never going to follow through with payments. And large tattoos get done in sessions. I'm assuming that $4,800 didn't come out of your pocket all at once, which eases the hit on your month to month budget. As much as a like tattooing and getting tattoos, I believe they are a totally unnecessary luxury and the last thing someone should be blowing money on if they can't afford them.
  9. I've had people with dry or scaly skin stain more than others, but that's just a part of tattooing. If you're welting up after each line - that can be awkward to work around; but, again, it's not entirely uncommon. Sounds like he may have just been having a bad day and was voicing his frustration.
  10. that'd be cool
  11. I did; still do on rare occasion. Stopped trying to make 'em pretty and went with strictly utilitarian. Went with the bolted together side wheeled bulldog with a round rod rear upright that got fastened just like the coils. I used to peruse ebay for people who were offloading quality machines. Got my hands on a Dan Kubin rotary a few years ago with a lefty thumb screw. Never made them that way myself. I always went with the sideways vice that kept the screw out front.
  12. Also, I did have one left-handed tattoo machine. Everything being opposite on it put the vice thumb screw on the "wrong" side...which completely befuddled me mid set-up every time I used the damned thing.
  13. I'm left-handed as well. I quit after being ridiculed by everyone who ever saw me attempt to tattoo. I've currently taken up finger painting as I can't seem to find left handed pencils any more? Actually, being left handed, I do prefer bulldog frames. You get a better swing on the clip cord with them. I tend to write/draw/tattoo "overhand", with the tip pointing back at me; so side plate style machines tend to block the cord from swinging around (and occasionally shorts out the machine if the contacts aren't insulated well). My favorite setup is a side-wheeled right handed bulldog, with the contacts on the front binder upright. When holding the machine overhand, it puts all of the weight of the clip cord right next to the needle bar.
  14. He lost out on you?!?! He dodged a fucking bullet, is what he did. You are a hilariously childish brat. Keep stomping your feet; I'll keep coming back for the entertainment.
  15. Best thread in months! I do miss the heyday of the tattoo forums.....*sigh* Having introduced his/herself (there seems to be some question there) as a "canvas" should've given us a clue as to how quickly the wheels were going to come off on this one.
  16. How much coloring...? Could be bold, saturated fields of color; no translucency or noticeable application patterns at all. The contrast should definitely be upped between the colored top and side planes of the pattern.
  17. If your concerns are so bad that your fucking with the dosage of your prescribed med's, go to your physician and have blood work done. No one can accurately guess the sanitary conditions of any one else's workspace based on even the most thorough description.
  18. It may have been overworked, which leads to a tough healing. Or a bit too much ointment. Or a bit too soaked while bathing. Or something else...my skin is easily irritated and all of my tattoos scab badly no matter how applied or what I do to heal them. Yours may heal up just fine; though I would expect it to be a bit cloudy for a bit as that pit closes over. If it stays cloudy long afterwards it may be due to scarring (it'll probably feel slightly raised if it's scarred). In which case let it sit for several months before getting it touched up. If the skin looks normal and the black just looks faded, then it's just that some of the ink was pulled out with the excessive scabbing and it can be touched up in a few weeks.
  19. Soba "pilot" shader. Just replace the coils, maybe.
  20. looks picked at
  21. spam highjack....tisk, tisk
  22. You fall and hit your head? and yes: welcome
  23. A: That design wouldn't cover a damn thing B: That is horribly applied. Love the wrong side of the line mistake dead center
  24. It's the only tried and true way of maintaining contrast between mid tone and shadow in a tattoo. Those subtle tonal changes in the rose work on paper; but in skin, they'd be flat areas of pink and green after they healed and settled in. Deepest shadows = straight black