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  1. yup
  2. Doesn't matter what it actually says. If you got text that small as a tattoo, that's about how clear it would look in a rather short while.
  3. welcome to the forum. Your situation sounds familiar. Keep looking and learning. Ask a lot of questions and expect some cryptic answers
  4. first forum I found. How many years ago was that?
  5. welcome to the forum
  6. Don't know, Mark. Been hiding in an air conditioned enclosure for the last few weeks
  7. that one works. or, maybe your tattooer could be the one to draw it up for you.
  8. Joking, right? If not, maybe you should just wear socks with cute designs on them
  9. If you're tattooer strikes you as being incompetent, don't get the tattoo. What makes you think he's not making the right choice?
  10. If you're going to go e-bay, buy brass. Even shitty brass won't ever magnetize the way shitty steel or even shitty stainless will. Worst case is bad geometry; which can usually be fixed with a selection of files and a drill or two...or three. I've seen frame blanks somewhere on ebay.
  11. dark background; then, anything you want. And make sure your tattooer has a plan for the whole thing, based on how much coverage you want. You don't want something that looks patched together.
  12. welcome to the forum