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  1. That's your advice, Dumbfuck? Lotion will protect it from infection? Dangerous misinformation right there. If you're going to be a pathetic salesman, at least be remotely accurate - or even relevant - to the topic. So exactly how does a healed tattoo become infected? Again: fuck off
  2. Chest tattoo for male

    Any large, single image will distort as your body changes. Getting in shape doesn't change the actual measurement of your body too much. Getting "big" does. Not only in the growth period; but mores in the, "exercise sucks" deflation part of your life. Something to consider: the younger you are when you get tattooed, the longer you'll go through life with old tattoos; especially if you put your physique through extreme changes.
  3. It doesn't look like leaves. Cover it, remove it. Either is doable.
  4. Added onto, reworked, partial cover up (are those butterflies): all doable. I'd compliment you on the side-boob; but as a sedentary middle-aged man, my side-boob looks about the same. I'll be sure to include a glimpse of it when i get around to showing off my old tramp stamp.
  5. tattooing at Home by yourself?

    Two posts with spam links. If you're unaware and just trying to be helpful, I'll let you know that links to generic E-Bay/Amazon equipment doesn't go over big here. If you represent a tattoo supplier: fuck off.
  6. bruise or blowout ink

    blowout. That line work's having a hard time healing; but when it does, have a background tone put on it.
  7. glyn flew

    Are we getting into the whole non-binary gender neutral jargon, now? Ask Glyn Flew what pronoun he/she prefers and leave it at that. Or are you not supposed to ask? Everybody's so fucking sensitive these days. Glad I'm married. Never was a big fan of the jack-in-the-box surprise!
  8. 3/8 Or 5/16 Coils

    The difference: they're noticeably heavier! Never really noticed a stronger pull off of them. Even the T-topped cores didn't seem to make a difference. When making my own, I just cut off lengths of 5/16" stock, flatten the ends, (and do a few other things) and they worked as well as T-tops I purchased or other 3/8" cores that I made.
  9. Get some 5B, 2B, and HB pencils and a kneaded eraser. Find a simple object. Put it on a table. Shine a light on it. Draw it to the best of your ability. Find different objects and repeat the process thousands of times. So that's the moment I realize I'm an ancient relic, huh, guys? Never even thought the first step in learning to draw would be sorting out youtube videos on how to use photoshop. I am shamefully old
  10. I don't believe for a moment that this isn't mac_1au flicking matches at straw from a fictitious account. You'd've been my first suspect Mark, if you hadn't responded....unless you're being sneaky!
  11. You got a response of, "don't exfoliate at all". After you explained that you don't until it's fully healed, the follow up explained how a lot of people come on here and don't really read through entire posts (with a little joke added about you should assume your audience may not be that bright). Not really "chastised", I'd say. After which you could have responded with one of those little winking smily faces. But you didn't; and this is a quiet forum, so now we're just seeing where this will go just to keep it lively. Your turn ;P
  12. oh, well....
  13. Re-fucking-lax. There's usually a certain amount of jest amongst tattooers on this forum. My input would be: you put too much shit on your tattoos. Just let 'em heal by leaving them alone. I think there's a safe room here somewhere if you need some cocoa and a support animal after Mark's horrible tongue-lashing.
  14. Glad I 'm too funny looking to be a model. Seems to suck all the fun out of getting tattooed.
  15. Tattoo and Holiday!

    two months is plenty of time. Done properly, a tattoo should heal over in less than two weeks. If it gets scabby, it may take a month.