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  1. David

    Overworking Skin

    fewer needles; less solder.
  2. David


    What was the original plan for these images?
  3. David

    Unstable needle

    sounds about right. keep practicing
  4. David

    Ink of choice?

    that's application, not ink quality
  5. David

    Help With A Tattoo Design Idea

    Honestly, when I have a good idea for a common theme, I keep it to myself and charge someone a fair amount of money to tattoo it on them. That being said, though, I'll give you this: cupcakes. When I feel down in the dumps (evil) I like to have a cupcake and then I feel happy (good). So, my chest piece idea would be to have my health insurance bill on one side and a cupcake on the other.
  6. David

    professional opinion

    Beautiful work.
  7. Unfortunately, that looks like it does because the tattooer hammered it in there. It can be cleaned up with a background color.
  8. David

    Is this normal for a new tattoo?

    Don't know what the tattoo was supposed to look like; but from what I can see, it was poorly applied. So, no, that's not normal
  9. David

    Is this normal for a new tattoo?

    post a photo or link
  10. David

    Applying to new shops

    Try reaching out to other shops for short guest spots.
  11. David

    Alternative to green soap?

    Why not just use green soap?
  12. David

    Tattoo apprenticeship

    spend more time drawing from life with a pencil. Figure out how light and shadow shape an object and how to maintain clarity with more than one object in a greyscale drawing
  13. David

    Need advice

    Yup, fuck him. You give someone a fixed price, you stick to it (which is why I don't give fixed prices!). Unfortunately, you'll still pay more to get it finished by someone else; but I'd switch artists on principle alone.
  14. David

    Need advice

    how is he ripping you off?
  15. A basic knowledge of it is good enough. You never use any of the penmanship skills, since varying thicknesses in line work are built up rather than accomplished in one fluid stroke. But, hand written lettering always looks better than some "Word" font.