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  1. David

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    There really should be some sort of a prize for that accomplishment.
  2. David

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    I'm sure it's infected. Face the music and ask your mom to take you to the doctor
  3. Shart, huh? I don't know about your neck of the woods; but here, "shart" means shitting your pants when you thought you only had to fart.
  4. Hilarious or evil....or a bit of both!! I foresee an hours-long consultation; followed by an indeterminate number of sketches, emails and late night phone calls; all for a minimum fee "tribal" pot leaf. Steer clear of the Netherlands, Mark: there may be a comeuppance, and it's two against one!!
  5. David

    What is this tattoo??

    It means that someone doesn't know how to do a simple black fill properly. No idea. I won't even entertain translating for customers. They want something they can't read, then spelling's their problem.
  6. Reason for practicing on your thigh is that you need two hands to tattoo properly. While you're out looking for an apprenticeship do not tell them that you did that chewed up shit on your wrist/hand.
  7. David

    Phoenix Ink by Valen

    This is a poorly designed and poorly applied tattoo. Sound advice would be to start with much smaller designs until you know exactly what each machine, needle grouping, and pigment color are going to do to various types of skin. Just announce, "free single cherry blossoms - by a complete amateur - to the first two hundred people that respond" on your favorite social media account. That should do it. Thanks for serving your country; it's a very noble endeavor. But then using it as an excuse for doing shit work just makes it irrelevant. And anyone who would kill themselves over a critique of their work is probably making the right choice. Life's definitely got some tougher hurdles than the occasional, "you suck at this".
  8. Odd question. So, you are aware of a "special" pigment - that is toxic - that tattooers prefer to use over standard, nontoxic ink?
  9. David


    Welcome to the forum
  10. David

    Tattoo Brainstorming

    I don't usually condone the suggestions of tattoo flash spammers; but in this case I'd say this jackass's link is exactly what you're looking for.
  11. David

    Ink cleaning from plastic tips

    this guy has "students?"
  12. No. I'm lazier than you.
  13. Main concern with "scratchers" is their lack of hygiene. Working out of your home doesn't necessarily define you as a scratcher. Being a slob does. Cold calling for apprenticeships is never received well (unless you happen upon someone who churns out shitty apprenticeships for a lot of money). Approaching the tattooer that does most of your work's usually a good way to go. I never did an apprenticeship. I just researched the process and equipment; practiced on myself a LOT; took a blood born pathogens/cross contamination prevention course - then applied what I learned through that with extreme overkill; then found some friends who volunteered for my first tattoos with a full understanding that I was without experience. I was also acquainted with a few tattooers who considered me to be a competent artist and didn't mind giving me advice (also knowing full well that I was tattooing on my own). After a few years of that, I started tattooing out of a shop. If you have a portfolio of good tattoos, you can pretty much bypass the apprenticeship stage. That being said: learning on your own is a very slow learning process. I'd have much rather been in a shop learning to tattoo.