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  1. David

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Judging by the line work, it appears that your tattooer is a bit hit-or-miss with their application. And, unless that's a shadow, it appears that the red should be as it is at the bottom of the heart. The rest either fell out a bit or wasn't applied properly. Your skin tone is very standard. I've never tattooed an albino, so everyone that comes in is somewhat between tan and brown.
  2. David

    Wonder if I get any replies but hi!

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Sting's the liner...or B&G shader....or color packer if you lose the cock ring.
  4. David

    Do tattoos fade with time?

    No matter what you do, your tattoo will soften and fade.
  5. David

    Questions about my stigma hyper v3..

    Sounds like there's a oil port on either side of the "a-bar"
  6. David

    Help Improve My Tattoo Please

    Get it reworked by someone who has a clue about drawing the human figure. May end up going opaque black and grey to adjust the anatomy properly. The other wing is needed, too. In perspective it would come out behind the angel's head and end about 4-6" directly below your nipple. Clouds and sun rays would fill it out, if that's what you'd like. If the light source was directly behind the angel's head, it would legitimize all of the excessively black shading in the angel's upper torso.
  7. David

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    Light purple with what appears to be a purple background as well, and with only purple shading will all settle in as a very low contrast tattoo. It will be relatively simple to adjust to your liking by someone who's more competent at the style you like.
  8. David

    Aaron Cain

    As it's a seven year old topic, I had to go back and re-read this thread to experience the hate and shit-talking. Found one post out of twenty that had a negative thing to say. I suspect an unrequited man-crush. may be a motivating factor in this much-belated retort. Entertaining, though; so, thank you!
  9. David

    Anyone tried any of the black and grey ink sets?

    you're paying ink prices for bottled water
  10. David

    Help with becoming a tattoo artist please?

    Want to be a tattooer? Don't bother with the university education. You'e not going to do both, effectively
  11. David

    Staying motivated

    Drinkin', whorin', and gamblin' usually fill up the time pretty good! Joking, of course (I'm too cheap to take up gambling). I have difficulty staying motivated, as well. If work doesn't come to me, I have a tendency to do nothing. To keep things interesting I use a lot of different media and have several drawings, paintings and sculptures going at once. If I'm not in the mood to continue one thing in watercolor I may be in the mood to push around some oils. And when I really just don't feel like doing anything I read biographies of accomplished artists. This doesn't really inspire me as much as it shames me into being productive.
  12. Those lines set the pattern. He placed only a few where there will be dozens when it's finished. There is nothing wrong with it. It isn't a shame. It's the first session of a large, densely-packed design. It's actually perfect. I've always wondered how many people tell their friends that I do shitty line work after the first session of greylining a detailed B&G back piece. How many locals have you told about your dissatisfaction with this guy's work?
  13. David

    What Dissolves Old Dried Up Ink?

    Just soap and water, scrubbed with a toothbrush should do it. Rubbing alcohol if it doesn't cooperate. Usually, needle groupings need to be rinsed out during use to keep the ink from congealing. Don't wait until you're finished (I assume you're tattooing many animals at a time). Rinse it out regularly during the process; then shake the water out of the needles so you don't dilute the ink in the next tattoo
  14. Hot damn! A thoughtful question about the function of the tools! Unfortunately it's generally frowned to discuss technical details in an open forum - and I'm not even sure there's any mods left to accept a membership fee. It doesn't equate to a slingshot's "distance equals tension". It's a magnet that shuts off... almost as soon as it turns on.
  15. David

    Grey Wash Probleme

    spend more than a week on it