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  1. If you're doing some real ghetto shit for money, maybe a tattoo isn't the wisest choice for spending what money you have?
  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. really like the combo cross-hatch/whip shading in this one. Welcome to the forum
  4. can do whatever's needed with 8 layer coils. 1", 1.25" depending on what balance you like. prioritize geometry
  5. I have on liner that'll do 3's to 7's; another that's for loose 5's to loose 9's. One machine for 7 mags; one for 13's. Adjust gap for B&G or color.
  6. So, after taking a look, I can only hypothesize (with a fair amount of info supplied by the artists involved) that not a single one of them tattoos. Then, is this a service for people looking to get tattooed who don't know that the person doing the tattoo should be the one designing the tattoo...for free, I might add. Or, is it for tattooers who can't draw?
  7. That's a lot of liners. So you want small, medium and large grouping liners, and a script liner. What's your definition of a script liner? I've never really differentiated between outlining an image and lining text.
  8. ok, nice to meet you. fire away
  9. Good throw with some proper weight behind it. Trying to be helpful and cryptic at the same time, Framey...how'd I do?
  10. That got funny, fast.
  11. Itchy or burning sensation without infection is usually an allergic reaction. Bumps (also, not infected) can be clogged pores or ingrown hairs.
  12. welcome to the forum
  13. beautiful work. Enjoy the new view