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  1. Penis tattoo

    Want a penis tattooed on you? Realistic or traditional?
  2. Which is the Best Shower Brand

    This should definitely incite a healthy dose of heated debate; as this is the exact forum for this to be heard on.
  3. There ya go; could've run that by Mark's response. Glad you came back out of your safe area to be pampered into a reasonable response. Answer number 3: Don't get tattooed on vacation, dope!
  4. Yellow scabbing?

    What he said. It's easy to overwork small corners like that when applying solid color. It's just a little beat up from a heavy hand.
  5. Not sure why you got sarcasm and rudeness from Mark's statement? 1: It's difficult to overwork a simple tattoo such as yours, but it can be done. An overworked (badly applied) tattoo would do just what you have there. So it's not an infection, or allergic reaction, or anything else to be concerned about - if it were poorly applied. It's going to heal looking faded and possibly with a scar over it. 2: He's also asking you if it's possible that you've applied too much aftercare; which implies the question: what did you do for aftercare? Most first-timers overdo the aftercare ointment/lotion process, which causes heavy scabbing and inflammation. A third question would be, have you scratched or picked at it at all? Not trying to be presumptuous or accusatory; but it's a legitimate question the answer to which would be pertinent information These are points of concern for the current condition of your tattoo. And as Mark also stated, a tattoo like this should have healed very quickly. How do you "fix" this issue, now? You don't. You leave it alone to see how it heals. Now, back to Mark's initial answer (which was way more concise than this ramble). Had you replied with either, "the tattooer seemed to be having a hard time"; or, "I put extra ointment on thinking it would heal better" we would have had some relevant solutions for you. 1: If it was poorly applied, don't go back to the same tattooer to fix it because he/she severely sucks at his/her job if this design tripped them up. If it scars, let it be for a few months, then go find someone else who can fix it in less than a minute. 2: If the tattooer did apply this in a quick and accurate manner (not having to go over each line multiple times to make it "dark"; and not crossing the center with each line - which would have overworked the small area of intersection), then whatever you did for aftercare didn't work for you. Go back to the same tattooer, tell him/her exactly what you did for aftercare and pay for them to rework it. Keep in mind that the "free touch-up" policy generally does not apply to work that wasn't appropriately cared for; so even if they offer it at no cost, at least tip them for their time, materials and generosity.
  6. Tattoo Design Help

    Black shading in the green to give it dimension and contrast.
  7. Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Already unhappy with one tattoo and didn't think the cover up through? Oops.
  8. Prison Tats

    This is true...but Bunny Boy is not in possession of that quality of work. And "by the way, I got these in prison" adds nothing to "I want to get better; how do I improve these efforts?"
  9. Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Let him finish as planned. Once the sky is toned - maybe with a cloudy texture and a distant skyline - the overall effect will look nicely balanced.
  10. Prison Tats

    That you have "prison tats" is irrelevant to any discussion, here. It's a qualification that comes up now and then and I'm not sure why as it should be an embarrassment of which sharing is reserved for close friends. Doing something worth going to jail for is an indicator of a person being stupid or an asshole. And as far as tattooing is concerned; it's as relevant as telling us you learned a lot about romancing women by jerking off to lady-boy porn.
  11. Cover up or removal

    If you were going for color, that could easily be reworked.
  12. Infected Tattoo?

    best to ask a doctor, which we are not. If there's puss coming out of it, it's infected. Keeping it "covered with cream" is usually not recomended. It keeps the skin open too long and causes inflammation. From the photo I can't tell if it's seriously overworked; soggy from overkilled aftercare; or inflamed due to infection.
  13. Alternative to green soap

  14. If you can't come up with an appropriate design, don't force it. Some of the worst tattoos are a result of, "I want to add on to this..." Not all tattoos qualify as a work in progress. Want a sleeve? Plan a sleeve, and get to work on the there arm.