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    Hey Guys I'm definitely still around. I really appreciate the concern!! I've just had a ton of BS pile on me all at once family, work etc.. John and Jason your machines are coming and I apologize for taking as long as I have. I am normally on it with deadlines I have just been running around day and night trying to get things back to the norm. Again I appreciate all you guys here and I am still building and will be back in full force very soon
  2. Hey Eddie. Wanted to get a regular a bar from you for that liner cutback you made me. I'm tired of that true spring setup. I don't like the angle the springs are being made to keep. How much would it run me to get one sent out? Thanks Anthony.


    How Many Of You..

    Its not gonna stop, as long as china or india or any other mass producing, slave laboring, money hungry corporate giant has a hand in this globalized market theirs nothing any politician or lawmaker in his right mind will do anything to impede the flow of goods, regaurdless of what they are. Those little $5.00 lead filled tattoo guns make more for the importing country in tarifs and taxes than any handmade $200+ machine. While it sucks and goes against the standards and morals of this industry as long as thier is a demand thier will be supply. The only thing that can be done by the people who care is to try and educate the ones that don't or don't know why the should.

    Need New Liner And Shader

    Any machine is a paperweight in the hands of someone who doesnt know how to use them. and a great artist can make great art with any machine.

    Another Machine Q

    just give FC a little time and he'll get back to you, his coils are worth the wait.

    What Machine Is This?

    becarful posting your email on a public forum, bots and all that fun email your about to get.

    What Machine Is This?

    absolutely, /\/\ hit up Fatcount for a great set of coils!!!

    Green Apple

    WTF!!! Whats next a pilates ball?!?! "reference" huh?

    Boxer Briefs!!!

    I made the switch aloooong time go brother welcome to the club!!
  10. STEELE

    Stop Smoking Thread

    I quite in oct 2004 and think i've smoked maybe 5 or 6 cigs since then, my only problem is i give up one for another so now i chew tobbacco, its fucken disgusting but harder to quit then cigs!! I NEED TO QUITE!! one day.
  11. STEELE

    U.s. Why Were Poor?

    Wheres FC at!!
  12. STEELE

    U.s. Why Were Poor?

    let it rip!! thiers probably nothing that can be said that aint true or already been said!
  13. STEELE

    "live At The Aragon"

    >>SPAM<<< 3 posts and two of them about this band and thier CD?!?
  14. STEELE

    U.s. Why Were Poor?

    Americas not broke because we help people, were broke because we fuck people! end these ridiculous ass wars and stop spending a $1,000,000 on a single missile head and we would have no problem helping others aswell as ourselves.
  15. STEELE

    Swimming W The Sharks ...

    MMMMM!! Eggy soup!