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  1. EvLoNe

    Preparation H

    Works good on hemroids.....
  2. EvLoNe

    Machine Frame Supplier......

    His coils ain't bad but he's a asshole imo....
  3. EvLoNe

    Colour Packer

    You ain't being stupid, your doing what most people do when they first get to the trails. And people are responding the same as always. The info is here in the forum you just have to look hard for it. No body will just hand it to you.......IMO there is no such thing as a color packer, just shaders that put down color well.
  4. EvLoNe

    Colour Packer

    HHHhhhmm...... Baybe a gay african american?
  5. EvLoNe

    Is This For Real??

    X 100 I can't believe anyone could sit there like that. And what is right in a procedure like that??? You would think they would be in a damn hospital room or something.
  6. EvLoNe

    Is This For Real??

    Looks real painful and stupid to me, but thats just my opinion.
  7. EvLoNe

    Large Mag Disposables

    3.99 each they better be bulletproof, or at least autoclavable!
  8. Looking for disposables in 25 and 45 mag, any idea where to get them?
  9. EvLoNe

    What You Make Of This?

    link dont work
  10. EvLoNe

    Just A Peak :)

    Wow!! That is some sharp looking stuff there. Can you weld on it like regular metal??
  11. EvLoNe

    How To Get

    carols pink and kool aid pink by intenze. Thats some bright ass shit.
  12. What are you talking about??? The only adjustment on my fusion is the cotact screw. IMO Probley one of the simplest machines out there.
  13. Sorry about all that. I would go with the flatline or invader.
  14. GO Danny, Go Danny GO GO GO!! I can cheerlead too!
  15. Hey I didn't do anything but state my opinion and andy started in on me. Bottom line is dude ripped me off for alot of money by selling me shit picked off of ebay. Once it was put up on the forum that it was ebay garbage he didn't even offer to make it right. Instead of me blowing up I quietly sold my Forgivens off trying not to lose all my money. And let me tell you I'm not the only one that feels this way I've talked to other members on this forum who feel the same way about forgiven machines as I do they just for one reason or another are scared or decided not to rock the boat. Well I AIN'T ONE OF THEM> Why do I got to be hating on people because I stated my opinion? I wasn't knocking anyone for liking anything just stating my opinion and trying to stop another new guy from riding the same boat as I did. I spent over $1000 dollars with the guy and got garbage off of ebay and after he got found out he never offered to make it right or anything, he just made a statement something like I bought them frames from someone else I didn't know. How does a great and mighty builder like forgiven not know he's building on a 6 dollar frame????? Anyway fuck it I got just as much right to say why I don't like the machines as someone has a right to say why he does like them. Danny Fowler Fusion As First Machine? YES YES YES. The man has a multi million dollar factory been here for years and offers a lifetime waranty. Probley one of the best first machines you can buy.