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    Back After 5 Years

    Good morning! I'ts been a long while since I have browsed ink-trails. I'm picking up my pens and brushes again after a long break and I look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge that resides here. I hope everyone had a great holiday and your new year will be fantastic! c
  2. crrreature

    How Are We Doing?

    Has the forum died off? I've been gone a while and it looks as if many of the regular crowd has disappeared.
  3. crrreature

    Tattoo Basics

    So I did it. I got the book and tried out the website. The book is fairly informative. I love the breakdown of cold/warm/hot zones when setting up. Compared to a lot of book it covers more a lot of things in more detail. I would consider it on-par with mad hatters black book. Better in some areas and less so in others. I was hoping that the web site that the book pushes would be a really good resource and make up for what the book lacks. My final impression is that it was set up with high hopes, but falls short from lack of users and lack of information. For a book that pushes the idea of "you need to have an apprenticeship!" it gives no information on what you need to do to acquire an apprenticeship. While the book answers many questions that i had, it leaves other open and the web site might develop into something given time, however if the only people that have access to the site are those that buy the book then I don't think that the pool of knowledge will ever be that deep. Final thoughts: The book is worth it for the description of zones of contamination alone. There are a few additional nuggets of info, but the black book covers most of it better. The web site that you get access to with purchase of the book is severely lacking, so you are better off sticking with ink trails. I think this would be a great first time buy for someone wanting info who had not purchased another resource already.
  4. crrreature

    Allergic To Green Soap...

    Just make sure it is safe for use on an open wound. If the package says to not use it on mucus membranes (like hibiclense) then it is not ok to use on open wounds.
  5. crrreature

    Allergic To Green Soap...

    I have a friend that is the same way. She is allergic to the lavender in the green soap. Her artist uses a solution of Technicare diluted with distilled water. It's one of the few products that was made for putting into (debriding) wounds.
  6. crrreature

    Eat It

    Where is the wasabi and ginger? Gimme some background. Pleferably some wasabi ang ginger! Other than that fuc*ing awsome. I would get this done....if i had some wasabi and ginger.
  7. crrreature

    Trad Rose Tutorial

    Ready and waiting! patiently
  8. crrreature


    It's called a Jacob's ladder
  9. crrreature

    Swashdrive Or Stigma

    So I know you can adjust depth and speed of the swashdrive. I also know that the Stigma hyper has an additional adjustment for "Give". Does the Swashdrive 6 have any sort of adjustment? If not how do you do shades comparable to a coil machine?
  10. crrreature

    Ink Purchase Question

    The same guy that sells foreverstained re-sells products for bucket loads more money than you can find them from other suppliers. Shady deal at best. If I had to guess, he is re-selling china crap at a similar price as well known quality brands. I would recommend you steer clear of him. Just my 2 cents. Oh, and the guy that pushes his product basicly bombed this forum with product placement. He didn't seem to have a good grasp of proper forum etiquette, kinda like using caps lock all the time .
  11. crrreature


    Would a light spray of gun oil after cleaning help?
  12. crrreature

    For My Friend.

    Excuse me....has anyone seen my jaw. Seems I dropped it 'round here somewhere. Damn. Da'aaamn nice man.
  13. If I had to make a guess it would be based on excessive movement of the rear spring. I would say maybe the armature bar making contact with the rear coil causing a double flexing of the rear spring. Possibly running the machine to hard with a very wide gap. Of course these would be guesses.
  14. Mark101, Any reason not to share the solution for the group's benefit?
  15. crrreature

    Roses And Shattered Cross

    Kinda...here is a good description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepal
  16. crrreature

    Wow... I Know We All Start Somewhere But Damn!

    It would be interesting to see how people responded to a video on how to do dentistry at home, or "do-it-yourself" boob jobs. I think that there is a disconnect. The problem is that people somehow fundamentally know that you "shouldn't" do surgical procedures at home. But they don't see drawing on someone as a surgical procedure. Any idiot that can draw can tattoo. That is the belief. When in reality it is cosmetic surgery. Artistic, but still surgery.
  17. crrreature

    And So It Begins...

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I have been a tattoo junkie from the age of 14. I am now 34 and working on my portfolio. "What took you so long?" you may ask. Many years of distractions and sub-par choices. I am 2 months from graduating nursing school (the medical field is my other love). My goal is to work 2-3 days a week as a nurse and keep working on my art. Eventually when the debt is reduced and the bank is padded I will take my portfolio and what I have learned in this forum and try for that elusive apprenticeship. I have recently picked up Joe Swanson's flash instruction videos and have fallen in love with watercolor and ink. Thank you Ink Trails! So I payed for a full membership to show my gratitude. Excited, happy, and humble to see what the future brings. Daniel
  18. crrreature

    Just A Tease >: D

    I just picked up a Wacom intuos 4 with Autodesk Sketchbook. It has a bit of a learning but not to bad. Somethings take longer, but being able to do layers and erase and not to have to scan and make copies to test ideas is awesome. I just put this together plinking around in the last 2 hours. Still learning some of the functionality. But having a ball.
  19. crrreature

    Who Did The Banner?

    I was just wondering what fine artist created the logo banner for the website?
  20. crrreature

    2nd Mcguyver Tattoo Design Contest

    The BDSM cow is in the lead by a head....a hooded, bat winged, penis horned head. That's just wrong...funny as hell, but so totally wrong.
  21. crrreature

    Who Did The Banner?

    Joe Sleepy or J.D.?
  22. crrreature

    What's The Best Tattoo Youve Ever Seen

    Nick Baxter is awesome, but he made me fear vaginas.
  23. crrreature

    2nd Mcguyver Tattoo Design Contest

    This is all I am going to have time to do for this contest. I have exams on Wednesday and have yet to study for them. This bad-boy is on my Arches block, so it will be finished before anything else gets touched. Rock out with yer.....you get the idea!
  24. crrreature

    Work In Process

    Thank you! But this piece is on the back burner while I work on my entry for the Magyver #2 contest. Long live the flying penis!
  25. crrreature

    Work In Process

    I wanted to do something along the traditional American, old school vein with a bit of modern flair. As I am still very new to water color I am a bit scared to lay down the shading until I feel I know just how I want to do it. It's not like acrylics that you can just paint over. Once I get a few more pieces under my belt I will probably get over the fear. References: The pistol - Weapons: A visual history of arms and armor (2009) pg. 116 The blade - Misc. Sailor Jerry The Rose - Frames on a Sailor Jerry rose. The skull was inspired by TattooTy's pic (http://forum.ink-trails.com/Dagger-Skull-Flowers-t14775.html&hl=dagger) Let me know what you think. *Helmet on and in fetal position*