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  1. Kat Von Dyke


    love it!
  2. Kat Von Dyke

    Stussy Tattoo

    well done! i like it
  3. Kat Von Dyke

    Portrait - Vincent Price

    it really awesome!! i love your portrait! a tutorial would be cool
  4. Kat Von Dyke

    Hi From Portugal, I'm André

    welcome! cant wait to see your art
  5. Kat Von Dyke

    Who Is It

    very nice lettering with the portrait!
  6. Kat Von Dyke

    Who Is It

  7. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    yes i did more tattoos since this one but since all the hate i decided not to post my work. Maybe some people learn a lot from bashing and everything but I DONT.Biyoku seams the only one who understand me here lol anyways..i am done with this topic so if anybody want to continue in that negative wave i am not. Im trying to focuss on positive things
  8. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    of course i would wear that tattoo! i dont have a problem with it at all.
  9. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    thanks Noz for the link i really like the guy's style!
  10. Kat Von Dyke

    Allergic To Green Soap...

    Brandon Bond use distilled water while tattoing so it cut down the redness instead of using green soap. I tried it while tattoing today and it works real good
  11. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    thank you mouthalmighty and Biyoku i think you guys understood my point
  12. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    well first of all its not a couch or a pillow its just we put it there to take the picture. I really like the design and i took it on the web! sure the tattoo need some touch up for the black but i think i did a good job
  13. Kat Von Dyke

    New Tattoo!

    New tattoo done on my friends (dont remember what needles i used) but was my first time using a mag! Overall very happy of the result! will need some touch up! http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb174/a...nt=IMG_1136.jpg
  14. Kat Von Dyke

    Another One...

    My 2nd piggy. I had trouble with the lines im trying different voltage and see how the machine react. Im thinking about the 90degree angle for the lining and going straight as possible its much harder then it look anyway heres my daschund tattoo! Sorry for the mess but im having a hard time cleaning this pig skin ! http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb174/a...nt=IMG_1117.jpg
  15. Kat Von Dyke

    1st Piggy

    thanks a lot! im gonna do another one soon