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  1. passononewheel

    Little Red Spots

    No it is due to my shorts rubbing. I work construction and am on my feet all day, this is the only place it happens. But then again I have only ever shaved my legs to tattoo.
  2. passononewheel

    Little Red Spots

    Can also be a small Staph infection. I have never thought of a staph infection being small. I have been doing a tattoo on my leg/upper thigh and every session about a week into healing i get pretty bad ingrown hairs. Most of it goes away but a couple hang around for a while. It sux. I figure my shorts rub the hairs in and irratate it.
  3. passononewheel

    Week 90 Flash Competition

    Can I asume you have not used photoshop. lol Respect
  4. passononewheel

    Fake It`s All Fake

    Well done, How did it feel. That fake skin is sooo tuff.
  5. passononewheel

    Demon Guy

    man thats good. got tha 3d feel.
  6. passononewheel

    Big Fucking Rib Piece

    not to metion how clean the linework is.
  7. passononewheel

    Big Fucking Rib Piece

    Wicked shading man. Nice light source. Its a killer piece.
  8. passononewheel

    Alien Attack

  9. passononewheel

    New Tattoos Vs. New Machines

    To me the two options are totally different. If you want a tattoo buying machines won't help. If you want to practise the art getting a tattoo can help if watch him or her. Spose you just have to work out what you really want Do you know what you want to get a tattoo of?
  10. passononewheel

    Alien Attack

    Nice. Man those highlights stand out. I am trying to picture what colour the alien will be, green? purple? Can't wait to see more of this one. Its always inspiring seeing your work.
  11. passononewheel

    Back Again

    The tattoo itself meaning linework, shape and placement look ok. My concern is that you have a positive on positive effect going on with the foreground and background. To me it all blurrs together. When it lightens up it might be better. The actual workmanship as I said looks solid.
  12. passononewheel

    A Few New Ones....

    Apart from what JD said the work looks good. Your lines are crisp, the shading in the leaves look great, they are clean man you have come along way.
  13. passononewheel

    Late Introduction!

    Welcome aboard JD.
  14. passononewheel

    B & G

    3 finger, man that would be a challenge, Yeh time is a killer with me too. As shocker has mentioned all of your designs have just needed more attention, your lining and shading are not as much a problem. I have pretty much put my machines down and am concentrating on my art. I came to realise without being a great artist I was never going to pull off incredible tattoos, no matter how many I did. Even post your design up before tattooing them, everyone here is great here with advise and that will make alot of difference to your end result.
  15. passononewheel

    What's Your Pleasure?

    lol. my wife tried to ban me, I end up doin crazy shit, like jumpin of bridges, climbimg TV towers and just generally run amok.