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  1. thanks
  2. yesterday,.
  3. I need to apologise to you.. did not realise you were a lady, and thought i was speaking with a guy. I really do need to learn how to read properly after all. please don't mind the guys here, their acting like dicks is their way of getting your attention. even me, i only did it because it was hurting inside.. to look at your profile, without an ice breaker. adm is a good artist, but his tattoos cost money. if you ask me.. fuckin aristocrat, that s not what we look for! i would suggest that you block him. then mark.. only cares about fishing. I d block him too.. dave ... doesn't know shit either, didn't even like my beautiful light house, that one.. I blocked him a long time ago. i think the tatoo artist you went to was a clear cunt, especially since you told him (after him showing useless interest in you and wasting your time).. that you didn't mean to pay jack shit for your tattoo. he was also a jerk for acting surprised that you weren't gonna pay for your tattoo, since you had already mentioned to the busy man that you were lazy and unemployed. as you say, and I agree - you should deffo find another artist, and dismiss the one whose tattoo you cannot afford to pay anyway (small detail). it is all your choice and his loss, of course. another suggestion... might try call the tattooist again and tell him something along these lines - hey dipshit, remember that 15$ offer i made to you? well, it just went down to $7. Donald trump style. perhaps he ll panic, and grovel for you to reconsider. last but not least, don't forget to specify the exact time and day when you re available, for him to make any necessary cancellations / amendments in order to accommodate. hope this helps. xx
  4. beg to differ, he asked what you could afford... which from your part was not even remotely close to reasonable.. and I think you shouldn't even have stepped a foot in the shop. perhaps he was trying to be nice and not overprice, or to see what style to go for in respect to your budget.. till you shat all over it by offering 15 bucks. you asked for advice, and got an opinion. if you cant humble up and take it, I d say cut your attitude and go cry to yo mama. I m not here to cuddle you or fix your ego. you can kiss my balls if you like though.. for 15 bucks.
  5. many times not because a cover is not done well, but because what they wish to cover is scarred and raised..
  6. I hear you, I feel there was a time when those who know would shut up, and those who don't know would talk a lot.. I think for this, many have left. don't mean to hijack a thread tho
  7. no offence, but if you go to buy a bottle of whiskey, then tell the shop keeper, I have a dollar... is like you re jerking his chain. not sure who was rude to whom here. how much d you think he would profit, deducting supply expenses (clip cord covers, machine covers, Vaseline, blade, napkins, bandage, stick tape, Vaseline, tongue depressor, grips, needles, disinfectant, stencil, ink, ink caps, rent, electricity, and his time, from those 15$? I sometimes wonder if these posts are intentionally written to get us going..
  8. not sure if the parallel lines and lamp contour are affected by the photo angle, however the lower red stripe could use some lowering, towards the left, to even up.. i also thought the lettering could be sharper... perhaps a bit more shading on the handle, and lower part of the lamp... thanks for your feedback
  9. as always, feedback appreciated - sprry for crap photo
  10. all shapes are good. it s actually nice to see someone starting small, with the very basics, way i feel it should be. might be good to experiment with different line thicknesses, long throw, shorter throw, - see what difference in results, or what groupings work better with what... pulling a line towards you, away from you.. gain confidence with things of the sort...
  11. hey mark, harsh is good.. only way to learn. (my girl would tell me that after tattooing practice skin, then start calling me names right afterwards) at least you have an ipad lol. call me a dinosaur, but could never feel comfortable using them either..
  12. any comments, as always welcome.. edit : been bustin my nuts with a lot of little things, since the forum s new layout... anyone knows if there s an option to rotate pic?
  13. thanks dave, 2 sessions, top part first, then the lower bit.
  14. dont ask, just put her on your shoulder... and come over i dont know.. personally feel like... yes, a lot - perhaps the majority of realist tattoos will lose the contrast in time - but only due to bad planning. however i do not believe outline is a necessary requirement for longevity.. i mean, outline is only black ink, in the right place, at the end of the day.. it s a safer way, for sure, but i think if one can, through proper use of black, before starting the colour, have appropriate contrast, a tattoo will still hold together in time... shit, i think i just managed to hijack this thread...
  15. 2 questions for you mark; what d you mean by realism tattoos from 5 years back? and...when you comin to malta for a proper holiday and a beer?
  16. it s a halo f a lot of money, if you ask me.. i am not to dictate how much an artist should charge, if he can earn so well and keep busy, it s all good for him. i know world famous, very talented yet humble artists who charge way less for such work.. but if you like his work, money comes and goes mate.. tattoo will stay there
  17. knowin you have a lot to learn is a good thing. i tell that to myself every day, and hope i keep doing that... i think you are attempting to chew many things at one go. nothing wrong in itself, as it s just practice, and on a throw away skin.. but it could make sense to make slower steps, as in, get the lining right... practice lining on it s own. that thing you did is good practice but has too little lining. try doodling, writing freehand, straight lines, curves... try shading on simpler shapes.. sphere / cube.. leaves, cherry. do them as long as it takes... i know it sounds boring, but if you focus on too much at one go, then everything gets diluted. i would read a lot, or take a course on bloodborne pathogens / cross contamination etc.. never touch real skin before you know your shit on this one, and well.. what machines / needles are you using?
  18. hey mate, apologies for late reply, as saw this before but had a client over.. then this forum log in change kept busting my balls.. and i couldnt access.. thanks, i like your work, as well, and look up to what you do. as regards what you asked- i honestly think nothing would happen, as needles are still in packaging and the madacide would further help. however, and here s where i shit on your birthday cake - even with this opinion in mind, i would personally still not do it. for various reasons - besides the one that i could potentially lose my licence for using them instead of discarding. if anything goes wrong - tattoo gets infected through client negligence and by no fault of yours, your ass wont be covered. madacide and paper towels will not be 100% safe, and the fact that they are expired means that, theoretically, neither are the needles, in their present state. i would not compromise, just not worth it. hate to sound like a fuckin geek, or to say what you dont wanna hear lol.. i would also understand that others may disagree.. but since you asked...anyway, hope this helps.
  19. to be honest not sure i know exactly what you mean.. however wondering whether it s a technique issue or skin one.. as in, sometimes hitting capillaries may result in a slightly different reaction. i am not talking about veins, but the really, really thin shit that carries blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin. sometimes when lining, and in rare instances, you will see that some clients would immediately need a much lighter hand, as thin hair line looking ink will slightly but very fast spread under the skin, almost invisible, deviating off the main line- even if touched with a 3rl, and barely scratching their skin. sometimes it could even be a single millimetre, and so light that you have to make a real effort to see it, but it s as if some people s skin bursts the second you pierce.. and i would say, ok, i will work differently on this client. not sure if you know what i mean, but wondering if it s bursting of extremely superficial blood vessels that you are referring to. mine is just a guess, but if that s the case, surely not your fault or anything you can do about.. also wondering if you use vaseline, or any other lube / moisturiser during tattoo application...
  20. thanks mate
  21. did these at the malta tattoo expo.. the dog could have used a bit more finishing, as ran outta time.. meeting again for a second hit after it heals, but thought id share.
  22. hi shadows - just my 2 cents, for good or bad: yes, i feel a normal 7mag, as opposed to curved, will do more damage if not used properly, due to the acute angle. are you talking same thickness of needles though? rather than just use less power i would play also around with skin stretching / throw length, perhaps giving more leeway and working on a bit more passes instead, building it up slowly and better monitoring the progression. a long throw on tight skin areas may have a role. also paying attention as to where the pressure lies. many speak of mags angle in relation to skin as in, up / down towards and against you. but something i notice very few pay attention to is the pressure as applied to left, central or right.. where the slightest, hardly visible angle would have an effect. might sound silly or too small to give a shit, but movement of wrist in order to make sure all 7 needles are flat, as opposed to giving pressure on left or right, unless intentionally focusing on corners. to the naked eye, all this shit would probably look the same, yet has different results on skin. not sayng it s what you do, just throwing the thought out there, but whip shading with a very slight corner, as opposed to a flat hit could be the reason. when one is used to working with curved mags, it is easy to pay less attention to this, as the effect would be the same, and creates no consequences..
  23. ops : how the fuck do you rotate this shit? feel free to adjust the dog, thanks
  24. thought that bewb was a neck, for a sec...
  25. anyone ever came across this, or used? just curious.. looks like bullocks to me... but gonna bite my tongue, find out more before giving my reasons.. might be a good selling novelty though.