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  1. portrait

    hi dave, apologies as only saw this now.. yes, there is.. it s gonna be part of a whole sleeve. will see how it healed, and pump up some contrast too..
  2. portrait

    there goes..
  3. spiderrrrrrr

    thanks mate
  4. portrait

    recent one I did..
  5. spiderrrrrrr

  6. spiderrrrrrr

    lowering pic quality as only allowed 190kb upload...,
  7. spiderrrrrrr

    haven't posted in a while. recent one.
  8. What does this mean?!

  9. What does this mean?!

    hate to break it to you, but that sounds like an alien is incubating / living in your body.. probably injected from a tattoo needle, starts to grow through your skin.. like in the Sigourney weaver movie... however, if you think that s not the case, it might also be just a simple skin irritation, clogged pores from either dirt or too much sweating / aftercare lotion. does it get excessively hot where you at? could be an infection / staphlococcus... an ink allergy... I m shooting in the air since I cant see what you speak of, but these may be something you may want to research or look up. a photo might do wonders - not sure if it s on the tattoo as well, or just outside of it. best advice, don't trust anyone on a forum... speak to a dermatologist. hope this helps.
  10. blacklight / uv lamp ?

  11. blacklight / uv lamp ?

    hey mark, forgive me I m 2 months late on this. life s fuck ups got in the way and havent been on the trails since then. just to thank you for your trouble. I m looking online, and have called a couple of light shops, here locally. if this doesn't work out, and if your offer still stands, I ll text you. thanks again
  12. blacklight / uv lamp ?

    thanks, will check it out.. actually bought 2 uv ones.. which don't match or fit into my lamp lol.. couldn't find different ones locally. malta feels like a 3rd world country sometimes, when it comes to such things. I ll check your references. or hopefully buy a lamp that matches my bulbs lol. thanks again..
  13. 2 more.. foo dog, jane s addiction cd cover..

    haha, indeed...
  14. blacklight / uv lamp ?

    I ve recently bought some kuro sumi glow inks..never used them before. I m assuming I ll need a uv lamp / bulb to work with.. however been having trouble finding one at local hardware stores.. are there any tattoo suppliers, preferably European, who sell this?
  15. posting in one, foo dog's unfinished..