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  1. thanks, will check it out.. actually bought 2 uv ones.. which don't match or fit into my lamp lol.. couldn't find different ones locally. malta feels like a 3rd world country sometimes, when it comes to such things. I ll check your references. or hopefully buy a lamp that matches my bulbs lol. thanks again..
  2. haha, indeed...
  3. I ve recently bought some kuro sumi glow inks..never used them before. I m assuming I ll need a uv lamp / bulb to work with.. however been having trouble finding one at local hardware stores.. are there any tattoo suppliers, preferably European, who sell this?
  4. posting in one, foo dog's unfinished..
  5. 2 or 3 days ago,.. comments as always are welcome
  6. no worries, that way I m not the only one top one s not my favourite, but I really like the rest, especially lion and shrimp..
  7. lol lol, would have been even funnier if it did work.. considering ink migration, scratchers or tattooists fucking it up and then fixing it their own way when you re not looking.. perhaps adding a few extra waves for aesthetic purpose... thinking you re getting your baby s first cry, then play back some growly exorcist voice callin you a dead cunt or something. i think the look on tattooist and client would be priceless!
  8. lol, indeed..
  9. check out this link, it s about soundwave tattoos... which could then be played back through mobile app.. is this fake, or would really work? got me curious
  10. wow, looks great love the frame
  11. I don't think she ll be fully retired still love that machine as well. nippy had also sent me different springs / a bar to use as a colour packer... never put them on. yet
  12. already looking at who's gonna be next but thanks haha
  13. my new girlfriend... gonna give lola a break. also the clip cord you suggested, mark.. tried 'em both yesterday. very happy
  14. why would it not be good? curios as to what you heard but... where I come from power supply is designed to work and run with tattoo machine. not sure if you mean might need an extra push, as in.. Cheyenne has its own power supply, or you could alternatively but an additional cable for it to be compatible...
  15. some questions, rather that with an experienced tattooist, I would still consult with a medic or doctor about. in my opinion, as long as you have no running infections, and the body is healed, everything is alright. ink will only be on the skin, and is not such an invasive procedure. what I mean is, if you ask a professional footballer whether it s alright to play with a healed injury,,, you d probably get a good opinion.. but it s a medic that would be in position to properly look into your own particular situation, and better asses the risks....