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  1. dead bird singing

    Tattooing over dark spots

    by more controlled, I meant... free of the metals that you mentioned were present in the deodorants etc.. referring to kuro sumi, or any other carbon / plan tbased inks. yes, I see the patch now, at first I thought it was a shadow, from the photo. and was looking for tiny spots.. red is the most common one to get allergic reactions. I ve read some even contains, or used to contain arsenic, in very small doses. cant you, instead of focusing on the ink, just straight away make an allergy test, as a more generic one? then you could better know what will not agree with you.. or specifically know what you need to avoid. as is, you seem unsure whether it was the aluminium, alcohol, anything else in the sprays you used.. just to narrow it down, then better know what to avoid. just a thought.
  2. dead bird singing

    Tattooing over dark spots

    as mac said, a dermatologist would be your best source., and if theyre at a loss, a tattoo artists should not override a skin specialist. mark and mac know their shit.. but just asking online, puts you in a position where you can get all sort of answers, even from a 14 yr old kid, acting like a know it all, and not giving a shit whether you fuck up your skin. here, no one is accountable as a professional that you can actually have proper access to, should something go wrong. my opinion is.. you re being fuckin paranoid I can hardly see the spots from the photo. I d either live with them, or get a tattoo because I want one, and not to cover anything. but if you walked in my shop, I would personally have no problem tattooing you. 1. cant know if the ink will show through or cover, but it s very easy to hide, just the same. if you decide to go ahead, I d suggest you do something that has a texture.. in those small areas. the colour will help hide them, but in the eventuality that you see a darker patch underneath, that would blend with the texture, as opposed to a clean, flat area. as an example, patchy feathers on a bird, or dotwork, or any thousand and one other things that would help the eye look collectively, rather that on the single spots. that way you d be fine both ways. 2. I don't know why your brown hasn't faded away, because I don't know what it is. but tattoo ink in that area would need double care and attention, for the simple reason that sweating, moving the arm back and forth causing friction wont help the healing. definitely not to do any workouts, jogging etc for the first week or two.. 3. anyone can be allergic to ink. not sure if you were thinking of a coloured tattoo or in black / black and grey. your odds are way better with the last. I had once written to kuro sumi to ask as I had a client that was allergic to nickel. they texted me back and confirmed that it is all carbon / plant based, I would not be worried. you could check with the artists or the suppliers, or look up the ink, colour / brand's msds sheets up, if you have to. at one point, painful pleasures used to supply them, I think. id say many inks are subject to more stringent control than the deodorants you used, unless it s cheap, china crap you re getting inked with. however, what happens if you disinfect your skin with a 70% alcohol wipe? since you also mentioned alcohol... tattoo inks contain a small amount of alcohol too. personally I don't think that s what the problem was, but it s good to keep it into consideration, as well. 4. nahh what I say is not religion, just how I feel about your situation. however I hope the mentioned facts might help you come to a more informed decision. merry fuckin ho ho
  3. dead bird singing

    Tattooing Feet

    same side though hahaha
  4. dead bird singing

    Tattooing Feet

    haha, busy as hell.. but all good. recently bought a house so when not tattooing bustin my balls renovating.. looks like a bomb site as of now. hope all good with you too mate. how much were the slippers again... ?
  5. dead bird singing

    Tattooing Feet

    but he made me log in after having been away for so long... as for some reason got a notification on this orthowhat??
  6. dead bird singing


    hi dave, apologies as only saw this now.. yes, there is.. it s gonna be part of a whole sleeve. will see how it healed, and pump up some contrast too..
  7. dead bird singing


    there goes..
  8. dead bird singing


    thanks mate
  9. dead bird singing


    recent one I did..
  10. dead bird singing


  11. dead bird singing


    lowering pic quality as only allowed 190kb upload...,
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    haven't posted in a while. recent one.
  13. dead bird singing

    What does this mean?!

  14. dead bird singing

    What does this mean?!

    hate to break it to you, but that sounds like an alien is incubating / living in your body.. probably injected from a tattoo needle, starts to grow through your skin.. like in the Sigourney weaver movie... however, if you think that s not the case, it might also be just a simple skin irritation, clogged pores from either dirt or too much sweating / aftercare lotion. does it get excessively hot where you at? could be an infection / staphlococcus... an ink allergy... I m shooting in the air since I cant see what you speak of, but these may be something you may want to research or look up. a photo might do wonders - not sure if it s on the tattoo as well, or just outside of it. best advice, don't trust anyone on a forum... speak to a dermatologist. hope this helps.
  15. dead bird singing

    blacklight / uv lamp ?