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  1. night0wl

    So I Noticed This Today...

    Re the 1% club involvement ... There are new laws in this year to supposedly stop club members and associates from owning or operating and tattoo shop but they have already found a way around that.. As far as interest free loans, it is theoretically no different to getting an interest free loan at Harvey Norman to get yourself a new lounge or TV ... but at least debt collectors can take that lounge or TV if you default on payments... these shops wouldn't care though, they are getting paid straight away. It's easy enough to get this setup going in a shop. I owned a small music shop a couple of years ago and it was simple to set up and account and get going with these loans.
  2. night0wl

    Tattooed Mah Penis Tonight

    Not enough black....
  3. night0wl

    Just Picked This Baby Up

    My new toy, '80 FXE Shovelhead with a few added goodies....
  4. night0wl


    good luck finding him mate. I had an Olive Python escape on me once... turned out he was in shed mode and he just curled up on top of one of the other snake tanks (I had about 24 pythons) thank God!! I'd mainly check anywhere warm like around the TV, fridge, etc... anywhere generating heat.
  5. night0wl

    Hi From The Uk!

    G'day from Australia, Ruth
  6. night0wl

    Your Opinion?

    fuck her off.
  7. night0wl

    First Post Of Art

    yeah contrast and also some flow is needed so the designs don't look so "stiff", for want of a better word.... Try using a light source and add some highlights and shading. Maybe try and imagine where on the body the design would go, then try and make the elements flow with the body shape.
  8. night0wl

    Cover-Up Techniques!!

    well it all must work!! The internet doesn't lie!!
  9. night0wl

    Are Rotaries "better" Or "easier"

    I bought a cheap Swashdrive copy a couple of months ago and love it! It puts in colour like no coil I own, although I haven't lined with it yet.... been in hospital for a couple of weeks with heart problems and vertigo, so it may be a while before I get back into tattooing
  10. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    Or as we like to call her, Ronald McDonald
  11. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    Too right the NSW cops are corrupt!!! I don't think the licensing will do much, if anything, to stop the extortion, fire bombs and shootings in the shops. You don't have to be affiliated with a club to have all this happen... you just have to say no to their demands! This goes for walk in style street shops and appointment only, IMO. The cops won't do anything to help a legit business against a club, even with the licensing laws in place. Giving permission for dogs to search the premises is ridiculous. But the cops don't give a fuck... I have seen them pull apart the lining of someones car looking for drugs. I mean, pull the door linings off, roof lining out, lifted carpet, etc ... to find nothing and just walk away leaving the car interior in pieces on the side of the road. People wonder why some artists refuse to work in a shop or get a traditional apprenticeship.... who wants to deal with that shit almost every day? I'm all for paying your dues and earning a place in a shop, but being shot at or threatened and extorted has no part in a tattoo apprenticeship or business.
  12. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    a local friend moved to Melbourne (Frankston I think) to pursue a career in tattooing and got a job in a shop pretty quickly. She said it's nothing like up here... before she moved she had a phone call from a local club member threatening to break her legs if she kept tattooing... she was 18... weak pricks
  13. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    I have a friend that worked in a Liverpool shop for a number of years before moving about 800km away to open a shop in a country town in the middle of no where... the day they opened some members were there threatening them. They slept with shot guns under their beds etc for months while being extorted for thousands of dollars... after a couple of years they were left alone but they paid the price. If I was single I wouldn't care but I'm not putting my family at risk.
  14. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    yeah it's definitely a difficult scene to be involved in here in NSW. Which sucks if you are a genuine artist and don't want to get involved in the outlaw stuff. Also, there are a lot of shops run by members and are only interested in the money... stuff the art. I'd love to open a shop in my town but it isn't worth the risk....
  15. night0wl

    Nsw Australia Tattoo Licence

    I'm not in a shop but this looks interesting... http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/Businesses/Specific_industries_and_businesses/Tattoo_parlours.html